Costly party – Staff editorial

In what has become a tradition at GW, another fraternity lost its University recognition earlier this summer after it violated both University and Interfraternity Council rules by throwing a party during Colonial Inauguration. Sigma Chi now is considered an “off-campus” fraternity after its members threw what they said was a “closed party” during the first session of CI. The fraternity says its suspension is unwarranted, but the rules are clear – no parties during CI.

Fraternity members argue they get recognition only when something negative happens in the Greek-letter system. They say they are tired of the stereotypes typically linked with fraternities. But the best way to combat the stereotypes that plague the entire Greek-letter system is to behave according to the rules established by the University and the Interfraternity Council. Knowingly breaking those rules by throwing a prohibited party only reinforces the stereotypes that fraternity members repeatedly say they want to fight.

At a time when several fraternities are making strides to become alcohol-free nationwide by the year 2000, it is a shame that some people are still intent on maintaining a fraternity reminiscent of Animal House. If fraternity members want to create a better public image – touting their houses as philanthropic organizations – they will have to shed the keg-party image of the past. When an individual fraternity breaks the rules, or even tries to bend them, the entire Greek-letter system takes a blow.

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