Red Storm rumors

In what seems to have become an annual event, GW men’s basketball coach Mike Jarvis is talking with another school about a possible job. St. John’s University in New York is reportedly seriously considering offering Jarvis its head coaching position. News reports filled with speculation and rumor say Jarvis will supposedly be offered somewhere in the range of $800,000 to coach the St. John’s team – the Red Storm.

Rumors of the deal have been circulating for weeks and St. John’s is reportedly in the process of putting together the money. But then again, it is reportedly also planning on hiring Sienna College’s coach instead of Jarvis. GW also has already drawn up a list of replacements for Jarvis should he choose to take the new job, according to the New York Daily News.

Enough is enough. After weeks of rumors, St. John’s officials must make a decision. The fact is that no one – St. John’s officials aside – really knows the facts. All anyone knows is the latest rumor being circulated in the media. One day the Jarvis deal is reported as “imminent,” the next day it is “on life support.”

If St. John’s is indeed interested in hiring Jarvis, it’s time to get the ball rolling. Instead of keeping everyone waiting for weeks wondering who will coach GW this fall, St. John’s should either make Jarvis an offer, or say it is not interested. Either way, it’s time for everyone involved to get on with their lives.

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