Letters to the Editor

THIS! isn’t for real

Recently, the humor publication Protest THIS! came out with its third and final issue of the year. And while the issue was considered by many to have been our best effort to date, a great number of people have come forward to address how parts of the issue offended them.

I wanted to address this in a forum that would have a larger readership than our own magazine, so that it will hopefully become clear to all that Protest THIS! is meant in jest. Each aspect of Protest THIS! from the articles, to the photos, to the fake advertisements, is intended to entertain and is in no way attempting to advocate racism, sexism or various other -isms that reflect a viewpoint.

Protest THIS! has no viewpoint. It is comprised of ridiculous assertions and inaccurate statements. It is comprised of falsehoods and it has no place in being considered sincere or a legitimate messenger of news.

It is comedy. And sometimes comedy has a tendency to leave people hurt. I would like to state for the record that the purpose of Protest THIS! is not to offend, but to entertain or even make light of serious issues that should be discussed openly.

I would like to further address the issues brought forth in a setting that allows for greater interaction and the exchange of ideas. As such, James Allen Jr., president of the Black People’s Union, Patrick Ledesma, president of the Asian Student Alliance and I, the editor in chief of Protest THIS! have scheduled an open discussion about these issues for Monday, April 27 at 4 p.m. on the H Street Terrace.

I thank you for being open-minded about our purpose, and for giving us the benefit of the doubt that our purpose is worthy. If you have an interest or a complaint about the issues involved with comedy on campus, you are more than welcome to attend the discussion and offer your opinions.

-Patrick Prestoneditor in chiefProtest THIS!

Screwing students

The GW administration is on another sadistic kick to destroy the academic achievements of its students. During the last week or so of classes, residence halls are being upgraded into the next century, but with that comes loud drilling, banging and live wires.

In case the administration forgot, students actually come to GW for an education. In the week when final projects, exams and theses are due, it is impossible to put 100 percent concentration into school work when construction workers enter rooms, take down posters, move furniture and bang away.

Once again, the administration is thinking with its pockets. It can charge summer residents higher fees but in the meantime, screw current residents and future alumni.

-Raanan Weintraubsenior

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