Jackson’s album explores musical genres from jazz to spiritual to rock

With the release of her self-titled album, Sherri Jackson hits all aspects of the musical spectrum. Her songs incorporate a multitude of styles – from alternative rock and ska, to smooth jazz and spiritual hymns. Jackson fans find themselves bouncing around and singing her songs out loud.

On Sherri Jackson (Hybrid Recordings), the members of the band bring elements from their backgrounds to the album. Bass guitarist Glenn Esparza brings reggae beats, and drummer Brian McRae adds African rhythms. With Jackson on vocals, violin and guitar, the talented trio has the worldly knowledge to create the most dynamic songs.

“World Away” tells a sad story about a woman reaching for a distant relationship. An acoustic guitar accompanies Jackson’s sweet voice as she sings lyrics about her yearning for a stronger bond with her lover. In the refrain, an electric guitar kicks in as Jackson lashes out and yells, “Life is moving so fast things are working for me/you know we’re both putting our careers on track/both so busy I hope we never look back.” The song then smoothly returns to Jackson on the acoustic.

Surprisingly, Jackson picked up the guitar for the first time only three years ago. In that short time, Jackson mastered the guitar. She now is learning to play the cello and harmonica.

Jackson was named Best Regional Singer/Songwriter by Westword Magazine, a recognition she clearly deserves. With an artists as well rounded and diverse all in one album, Jackson deserves even more.

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