From California dreamin’ to D.C. reality

I always know when it is spring time in Foggy Bottom. It’s not just the beautiful cherry blossoms or the blue sky, but the countless STAR tour groups that circle the campus like clock work. You can’t miss them. In fact you can’t get around them. I always seem to be coming out of The Hatchet office when they are walking by. “The Hatchet is the student newspaper on campus, you do not have to be a journalism major to write for it, just stop by next year and tell them you want to write,” the STAR says.

The Hatchet is much more than that. The twice-weekly paper represents the work of 15 editors, an ever-changing but talented business staff, Steve, Todd, Timmy and the irreplaceable writers and photographers who fill the paper. To work for this place takes a great deal of dedication.

From the beginning of this year, the editorial staff has spent every Sunday and Wednesday working late, even missing “Law & Order” and “X-Files.” Their hard work often goes unnoticed by their peers and is sometimes met with criticism.

No one here has it out for the Greek-letter community, the SA, gymnasts or any other group. We try to recognize all of our fellow students’ efforts. We work our tails off to print a paper twice a week filled with the news, sports, arts, features and opinions we think other students need to know about. Yes, if we had unlimited resources we would love to write about and photograph every student group, but oftentimes the editors are forced to pick which story they think is most important, unfortunately leaving some groups upset.

Yeah, we make mistakes! All the time. But the dedication and commitment these editors have is unmatched in my opinion by any other student group on campus. And I thank the entire staff for their countless hours of work for this publication. I hope that you have learned as much as I have in my time here.

This is an excellent school with a multitude of opportunities for everyone. Dive in and enjoy your time here, get involved with a student group, organize a boycott, meet the U.S. president, support your fellow students.

Enough of that stuff. Here are all the people who got me through four years of The Hatchet and this school.

It was only a year ago I began to get to know you, Lee, but throughout the school year you have proven to be an invaluable member of The Hatchet and a great friend. You have always been there for me this year, and I will never forget it. Whether it was at a board meeting or on the TV news, you stood by me and we managed to get through it – despite the many doubters in the audience. I know that you will be successful at Austin and in your future. You are the kindest person I know. Thank you for your tremendous support and friendship.

I still remember the first time I met you, Claire, four years ago in the old Hatchet office. We were both hired as assistant photo editors our freshman year, and you have been my best friend since. Some of my fondest memories at GW will be the dance parties in the darkroom and our crazy parties at 900 25th. You have a kind heart and always think the best of people no matter what the situation. I will tremendously miss seeing you every day.

Monique – You have always helped me to see things in a new way. I appreciate your consistent efforts for The Hatchet and wish you the best of luck in your future.

Heather – This might get me in trouble but I had a crush on you too. I will always remember our fun production nights and listening to country music. You have tackled the arts section successfully. I bet you are glad to escape all those dumb phone calls.

I feel cheated to have only know you for a year, Megan. You are an amazing person whose writing prowess and friendship go unmatched. I know you will succeed in your future endeavors. I just hope your best-selling book will get translated so I can read it, too. Thank you for your amazing section and dedication.

Becky – I have never seen such devotion from one person. I know you will be a great editor next year. I’m just glad I got to work with such a talented person. Your support through the rough times helped me stay sane. Thanks.

Dave – I have enjoyed your friendship and your commitment. Although sports has lacked dedicated writers, you would never know it looking at your section. Sports has consistently been great all year. Although I know you will miss being a sports editor, The Hatchet is benefiting from your leadership as managing editor. Go Sabers.

Helder – I will not miss Japanese class and the stupid pornographic movies we had to watch, but I will miss your humor and friendship. This is assuming I will pass Japanese class. I realize I sometimes expect too much of you during ed meeting, but I have appreciated your hard work all year. Long live Timmy!

Shruti – I am glad that you transferred to GW, you have always worked hard for The Hatchet. Thanks for the popcorn.

Matt – You amaze me. I don’t think I have ever met anyone quite like you. At times you have me pulling out my hair, but I am always grateful for your dedication and friendship. I wish you luck in your future but I know you will succeed.

Alison – I can remember how impressed I was during your interview. Your excitement and dedication have inspired me and the staff.

Jay – Your creativity and talent has pushed me all year. I know you will take over the photo department with success and passion. I missed a lot of ed meetings too.

Dustin – You are an exceptional writer and have a bright future. Your success in the sports section this year leaves no doubt that you will be terrific again next year. McGwire’s got 10 and on pace for 70, so get some retraction space and your five bucks ready.

Stacey – Thank you for being a great copy editor and friend. I know it is hard to stay sane when you’re here so late.

Dave Adler – Thanks for providing me with a reality check every once and awhile. I look forward to Fenway and the Vineyard.

Margaret – Your patience and dedication never went unnoticed by me. You have been there for me numerous times this year, and I know you will visually and virtually take this paper places it has never been before. I owe you some blue pencils.

Peggi, Tej and Annie – You always kept smiles on your faces when it got late. I thank you for putting up with the upstairs all year.

Jody – You have always provided a needed comic relief or insight to downstairs. I have enjoyed working Fridays with you.

Frank – Yes there is room on the back page (maybe not this issue though). Although I have not known you long, you’ve done a fantastic job downstairs.

Jenni, Megan, Jen – I realize you sometimes have to deal with the crap stirred up by the editorial content and for that I apologize, but I thank you for your work.

Kate – Your excitement is missed around here, but I know you had to move to bigger and better places. Thanks for working so hard for The Hatchet.

Todd – Intel is up a quarter point. Thanks for your patience and guidance through the year. The Hatchet is lucky to have you.

Steve – I have learned so much from you. Your vision and dedication makes The Hatchet what it is today. I am amazed by your respect for and distance from the editorial side. I’m not sure I could do the same. Thank you for your support and candidness, often it opened my eyes to the right decision. I hope you are successful in taming World Web.

I also would like to thank those who came before me. Jared, Kynan, Elissa, Abdul, Ben, Justin, Karen, Kevin, Donna, Jim, Dave F., Matt, Jack and Dave L.- thank you for believing in me and giving me this opportunity.

More than 30 people all have worked hard for The Hatchet this year. Their dedication, friendship and ingenuity make The Hatchet a reality every Monday and Thursday. I thank all of you for your support of me and my decisions and wish The Hatchet a successful future.

Now for the people outside of 2140 G.

People sometimes laugh or question when I say “I’m majoring in art,” but this department is like no other at GW. I am tremendously thankful that Professor Lake and Dr. Robinson thought my work high-quality enough to
get me here.

Professor Lake – You are the greatest teacher I ever had. It is to you that I owe my GW successes. You always made me feel good about my artwork, and that has gotten me through this school. I am humbly grateful for your tutelage and friendship. My aspirations and goals for a profession in photography are only reachable through your guidance. Thank you.

I have enjoyed and learned from my art classes and thank all of my professors for their help in shaping my work. Professors Beverly, Hasbun, Paradiso and Molina, thank you for sharing your knowledge. Mia, I have always been impressed by you and your beautiful work – thank you for putting up with me.

Professor Stern – I know that you never envisioned being a part of The Hatchet, but I am tremendously thankful for your support.

Rick Bloom – The opportunities you opened for me are unforgettable. I learned so much from you and am forever thankful.

The entire Leo’s staff, thank you for feeding me when I was hungry and explaining things to me when I questioned.

To all my friends thank you for being supportive of me and understanding my commitments to The Hatchet.

I am lucky to have a wonderful and supportive family. My sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandmother and animals have all made my years at GW special.

Jamie and Erin – Thank you for being the best sisters in the world. I will always try to support you as much as you support me.

Grandma – I always enjoy your holiday cards, thank you for thinking about me.

Aunt Anne and Uncle Dan – You have always supported me like I was one of your own. Thank you for giving me a shot at management, Jamaica and the countless dinners and advice you have given me.

And finally my parents. I could not image what more supportive parents are like. No matter what I wanted to do or become, you have consistently been there telling me I could do it. Thank you for putting me through school, although you will probably be paying for it for years. Dad, thank you for all the times we had together – Idaho, Alaska. I will always remember those experiences. Mom, your success has always been an inspiration to me. I love you both and am excited to spend the summer with you on the Vineyard.

Last but not least, Gina, thank you for putting up with me this year, I know that my time at The Hatchet has not done wonders for our relationship, but I will always love you for supporting me. I know you’re tired of listening to my Hatchet problems and stories. You are an amazing person, running a marathon, mentoring, painting and cleaning. I am lucky to have you. Thank you for staying here with me this year, and being my best friend. I can hardly wait to enjoy our future. I love you.

-Tyson Trish will be leaving for Martha’s Vineyard, where he will manage the newest campus branch of GW. His title will be assistant vice-associate director of operational institutions at GW at MV. He also will be teaching a course on cat psychological disorders.

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