Finding love and life in three years

I’ve never really been a big advocate of GW. But I’m not one of those angst-ridden students who hates that I ended up here instead of Georgetown. I transferred here as a sophomore from the tiny college Westminster. Maybe that’s why I don’t hate GW. I’ve actually experienced something else, and I know that, though this isn’t the best school, it’s one of the best. So my only negative rant is about how they treat transfers: We should have more help.

Otherwise, I’ve loved my years here. I’ve had a lot of really great experiences and some hard ones from which I’ve learned a lot. I’ve made some great friends and, unfortunately, a couple of enemies.

Professors McAleavey, Folkerts, Roberts and Puff – I’ve learned so much here. Thank you for all the caring and time. I always thought college professors were going to be cold and untouchable. You’ve taught me they can be friends too.

Some of the best times were at The Hatchet, though. They all scared me so much when I worked in production downstairs – Kynan and Jared with their super-intelligent conversations that broke down into strange dances and altered song lyrics. I thought the editors were all too smart for me, and I knew nothing. Ah, those were the days of innocence. Maher would define terms like “hooking up” and “24/7,” so I wouldn’t be totally lost. And he always kept my spirits up by telling me stories of his weekends while listening to “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” for the fifth time in a row. Kristian was ever-amusing. Dave Larimer, did I beat you to graduation?

Working with Tyson in production was great. You taught me a lot about country music, for which my mother will hate you, I’m sure. I learned a lot about visual design by osmosis. And while I couldn’t quite figure out your sense of humor then, I’m glad because it made our long nights interesting.

I want to thank Karen for recommending me for arts editor. It’s shown me where I want to go in this crazy world of journalism. I was worried about where I would fit. Ali has been a great help this year and has taught me a lot more than I could claim I taught her. She should have never been called my assistant. She should have been called “arts godsend” or “Heather’s lifesaver.” I’m jealous of all the students who will benefit from her arts section next year.

Helder has always been a bastion of good advice, and Margaret and Annie have been great story-tellers and listeners. Claire and Justin are half the reason I ever came to work at The Hatchet. I was beginning to get worried that GW was as straight-laced as Westminster until I met you guys here. Megan, you’re a great desk, love and family-woe sharer. Lee, I admire you so much. You are so intelligent and capable. Don’t worry too much about the future. It always works out.

Greta and Ellie, even though you guys don’t really know each other, together, you’ve kept the nice side of me alive. Thank you.

Greg, Dave, Kevin and Wil have always been bright spots in my days. Whenever I see one of you, I know life will be okay. And I’ll never forget our all-night talks about religion when we would cringe if the mass of clothes that was Ariel would start to twitch. Greg, we’ve shared so much. And Dave, I’m glad we’ve become so close. I never thought it would go from me trying not to wake you as I left your roommate’s bedroom in the morning to being such good friends. I’ll never forget Chicago, everyone. Becky, good luck. You’ll do great.

Binh, Alissa, Josh and crew – you’ve opened my eyes. I wish we’d all have gotten closer earlier. This year has come to a delightful close because of you.

Adam, though things between us have gone downhill since this summer, I know that you’ll always be the reason GW was any good at all. Your humor and relentless way of talking about music have entertained many of my hours. You were the one thing that kept me happy all those hard days. I’m sorry I cried on your shoulder so much.

Nate, I still can’t believe you tried to get me drunk all those years ago at Mr. Henry’s! Thank you for Texas and all the noise you make everyday. I really don’t mind it as much as it seems. You have been a great friend to me. I hope we’ll always stay in touch no matter where the Navy sends you. Jeff, I don’t know why you put up with my rants, but you’re the only one who does anymore. Take care of my house next year.

My family (that includes Zach) has been so encouraging. I hope you know how much your support and love has meant to me. It’s been hard being so far from you. Edie, you’ll always be the best thing in the world to me. And I can’t wait to get home to spend one last summer with you. I don’t care if we can’t spend it on the beaches and in the temples of Greece.

I guess I’m saving Eli for last. You are pretty much my whole experience here, even if you were gone for this last year. Talks with you bring out the best in me. I never think so much as I do with you. If I never see you again, it’ll still have been worth it. I love you.-30–Heather Hare is throwing caution to the wind this summer. If the folks in the SMPA are nice and give her a fellowship, she will be here next year. Otherwise, it is back to sunny, tropical Lockport, N.Y., where the beaches are great, but the hunting is better.

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