Why I won’t be in next year’s SA

As a student leader who feels responsible to GW students, I would like to make a public statement of the fact that I will not play a role in the GW Student Association during the 1998-’99 academic year. During the campaign, I made many promises on the contingency that I would win the presidency. Unfortunately, not enough people supported those ideas to see those promises and that vision come to fruition.

One unqualified promise was made to the near 20 percent that voted for Sabina. That promise was that no matter what the election results, I would make myself a part of the SA and would carve a niche for the vision that we shared. I will not be keeping the promise.

I felt obliged to write this letter to let people know that this promise will go unfulfilled, but not because of empty campaign promises. I never make a promise that I don’t keep. The promise will go unfulfilled, but not because I played a hollow actor. I always put my entire soul in every endeavor I make. The promise will go unfulfilled, but not because I was a slimy politician who uses promises as a means to an end. I do everything for its inherent value and pleasure. The promise will go unfulfilled, but not because I was disheartened by the election results.

I always take things in stride, and even went to the extent of throwing my full support behind one of my opponents for the second round. But the promise will go unfulfilled.

I applied for a position in the SA, completely (and falsely) sure of the fact that the voices I represented in my campaign would not be ignored. I was sure that the SA would be more open to varying opinions and ideas. After all, isn’t that what democracy and a healthy government are all about?

The application said that they were looking for a diverse cabinet, diverse not only in colors, but in ideas. Unfortunately the metaphorical fine-print stated that the diverse ideas had to all fall under the singular vision with which my own did not resonate enough for the selection board’s approval.

I was told that though qualified (more than 600 people believed me qualified for the presidency), my vision wasn’t compatible with the SA’s. I was told thank you playing, we have some nice parting gifts for you.

I was told thank you for your support, your hard work, your sincerity and your obvious dedication to GW, but you are not who we are looking for to fulfill the position of vice president of student activities. If you’d like, though, we’ll place you in a nice directorship-of-keeping-scissors-sharp-in-the-SA office. We probably will not fund this directorship and will completely ignore your existence, but at least we’ll somehow acknowledge the three years of service and leadership you have provided GW students.

Granted they may have felt that they were placing me where they best saw me fit in their master scheme, but too bad it was where I would be ineffectual and stifled.

I would not be fulfilling my promise if I were to take the nice parting gifts. I wanted to make a difference in the SA, and I promised to make a difference in the SA. Unfortunately I feel I was rebuked and rebuffed. I apologize to all the people who came out and voted for me. I apologize to all the people who worked for me. I apologize to all the people who believed in me. And I apologize to all the people who did it all over again, a second time, when I asked them to. I am sorry that I was unable to keep that promise, but I did try.

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