Letters to the Editor

Thank you Q

With longevity as a resident in this community, I have witnessed many changes. One of the nicest changes is the progressive development of the healthy meeting of the minds in a happy, constructive way between GW students and residents. One of the major role players responsible for this mutual bonding is the president of the Student Association, Kuyomars “Q” Golparvar.

Those of us in the residential neighborhoods surrounding GW who have had the honor and privilege to know Q want to wish him joyful graduation congratulations and a fond farewell. May our Creator’s guidance and blessings be ever present in his future adventures and ventures.

I want to take this opportunity to personally express my sentiments about Q. It is a pleasure to extend heartfelt accolades to “our” Q. Many residents have embraced Q with admiration as our genuine friend – like part of our family. If I had a son, I would be proud if it were Q.

He has tirelessly been a quiet spoken, strong and stable leader always on track with hopeful foresight, innovative planning and reaching out to our residential community in numerous projects and functions sponsored by the Student Association. Even with his heavy schedule, Q always found time to attend, inform and contribute to our West End Citizens Association, Foggy Bottom Association and ANC-2A meetings.

With his keen sense of understanding, selfless giving, gentle humor, gracious countenance and dedicated participation presence, he has dispelled adverse attitudes among students versus residents. He has recognized and pursued the need to be unified, living side by side, seeking equal balance and not being made to feel like an outdated dust ball swept under the rug. Q and his associates have enriched my life with optimistic faith in our leadership into the 21st century in our country.

My sadness is when these wonderful, serious-minded students graduate and leave us, but I realize they must move on, making their mark in society with their academic knowledge, hands-on productivity, humanitarian focus and social graces.

My wish is that as graduation approaches, present friendships will always be remembered and we march forward with the spirit of camaraderie and communication continuing next year. Our relationship with caring students compares to various types of flower seeds planted together to be nurtured, grow and bloom in the garden we share.

We shall miss you very much Q, however you will always have a special place in my treasure chest of memories. Thank you for your inspirational dedication and contributions so generously given.

-Lucille MolinelliFoggy Bottom resident

Divine intervention

Fellow Colonials: Please, let us unite, diverse peoples of all races, religions, nations and sexes. Let us unite in prayer over the next month for a sunny, 75-degree day May 17, 1998. Thank you, and may God bless you all.

-Michael Brown,senior

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