Letters to the editor

Missing the point

I am writing in response to the commentary on The Hatchet’s publication of “U.S. needs black holocaust museum” (“Vexed by vocabulary,” March 26, p.4).

I would first like to say that I find it extremely sad the writer was so embroiled in the petty argument over the exact meanings of capitalism and mercantilism that he evidently overlooked the real argument being made.

Whether or not slavery was capitalistic or mercantilist is absolutely beside the point! The fact remains that slavery was and will always be an abominable part of our country’s history. The writer was simply saying that the United States should establish a monument in memory of the millions of lives lost because of slavery.

Of course, the responding writer was too busy looking up the definitions of capitalism and mercantilism in The American Heritage Dictionary to have grasped all that. It is quite clear that this opinion piece was not trying to “denigrate capitalism” as the responding writer so eloquently put it, rather it is recognizing the fact that this country has yet to dedicate a monument for all those who were forced to sacrifice their lives for it.

Finally, I do not understand why the writer or anybody else would question the publication of this article. I believe that as college students in the nation’s capital, we should be interested in the thoughts and concerns of our peers around the country.

So, to the writer, I suggest that you appreciate the message of the entire article rather than focus on the insignificant and the petty.

-Jeanette Ortizsophomore

Horoscope hatred

I was reading the horoscope section on March 26 and was totally appalled! My horoscope read:

“It’s time you pulled your head out of your ass to realize what is happening. If you are so stupid that you can’t see no one likes you, you are actually as dumb as everyone says. Start sucking up to people soon.”

All the other horoscopes were just like this one – nasty and derogatory. I am surprised The GW Hatchet lets someone write these things in their paper! I wouldn’t be amazed if other people think this way as well.

I suggest Madame Viva clean up her act a little and not write this trash anymore. At least have her prove she has some talent left.

-Alison Hoffmanfreshman

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