House Mad Lib

GWobe Mad LibsThe University’s decision to ____________ (verb phrase) is incredibly short-sighted and ill-advised. It is difficult to believe that in this day and age, _____________ (administrator’s name) still does not understand students here are more than just ________ (noun). We are also _________ (noun). This decision is just further proof we attend a ________ (disparaging adjective) University. It must not come to fruition.The last time we checked, students paid $_________ (big number) to attend this _________(numeric tier) school. To make matters worse, the ___________ (adjective) service we receive is comparable to a ___________ (scary place). How dare ________ (administrator) treat students this way!Our student leaders bear much of the blame for this ______ (adjective) decision. Their leadership is ________ (adjective) at best, ______ (adjective) at worst. Where were they when we needed them most? If students cannot _______ (verb) their elected leaders, who can they _______ (verb)?It is time students took decisive action. We must ________ (verb) to fight the __________ (adjective) administration. The best way to vocalize our ________ (noun) is to ________ (verb). This will let the University know we are serious. By _______-ing (verb), we will put an end to the administration’s belief that all students are ________ (adjective) _________ (noun). This University decision is _________ (adverb) ridiculous. We all should sign a _______ (noun) to let the University know this is a campus-wide concern. Imagine what _______ (administrator) will say when he/she sees ________ (number) signatures, most of them actual students here. This is our _______ (noun). It is up to ______ (noun) to _______ (verb) and fight for ____________ (noun).

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