GWhat a GWonderful GWorld GWhen GWorking

Tokay Liquors is the newest off-campus partner to join the GWorld card program, Program Manager Wesell Tires announced today.

“GWe are pleased that Tokay has agreed to join the program,” Tires said. “They’re a GWonderful establishment that really exists to serve students.”

Tires said Tokay will be the first partner to use GW’s new system for determining GWhether students have adequate funds to charge a meal to their debit accounts. The new system GWas created after glitches in the old system severed the relationship between the University and Slick’s Restaurant.

Under the new system, Tokay GWill require students GWho GWant to charge a purchase to the GWorld card to fill out a form in triplicate three days before they intend to make a purchase, GWhich GWill then be Federal Expressed to the GWorld card office.

GWorld staff members will review the requests, and send GWord back to Tokay about GWhich students have adequate funds in their accounts.

-GWonderful GWriter

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