South Park

The popularity of Comedy Central’s hit cartoon “South Park” has raised concerns among parents and teachers throughout the country. Adults complain of children acting rowdy, using foul language and misbehaving after an episode of “South Park” airs.

Some are calling for Comedy Central to take “South Park” off the air because of its negative impact on impressionable children. But the ultimate responsibility for what kids see rests with their parents. Parents always should exercise their right to monitor and limit what their children watch on television.

“South Park” airs at 10 p.m. Wednesdays with a TV rating of “M” – mature audiences. This is the strongest rating for television shows; “NYPD Blue” receives the same rating for its use of language and partial nudity. Before each show, a notice forewarns viewers of the type of programming they will see. Responsible parents shouldn’t be oblivious to these warnings.

“South Park” is not the first show to be criticized for contributing nothing positive to society; it will not be the last. While parents have the right to write letters and boycott advertisers of shows they feel are detrimental to children, they must recognize the only sure-fire way to affect what kids see is to be vigilant in their own homes.

Morals and values are something each family must teach its younger members.

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