Spring Break ’98

Spring break is fast upon us. For seniors, this may be your last week of freedom in the middle of March. For some lucky ones, or those just lucky enough to have money to spend, a trip someplace warm is planned. Some will spend their spring break “alternatively” building homes for families in South Carolina. For all students, here is a list of things to remember during the next week. GW basketball – Remember to check your local TV listings to see the men’s and women’s teams play. The men’s team faces Oklahoma State Friday; the women’s team faces Georgia also on Friday; Drinking – Imbibe responsibly. While many students return from spring break priding themselves on how much they drank and how little they remember, others return after a stay at the local jail or hospital. And some don’t return at all thanks to drunken “fun.” Enjoy home – Many broke students will return home looking for family donations. Take some time to just hang out with your folks. Enjoy home cooking. Visit friends you haven’t seen in a while. Your folks are footing the bill for you to go here. Make them feel loved; Beware the Ides of March – Julius Caesar didn’t and look what happened to him; St. Patrick’s Day – Everyone is Irish on St. Paddy’s Day! Remember the food of the day: corned beef and cabbage. And remember drinking warning from above. Schoolwork – Some will be free from any sort of schoolwork. Others did not have such fortune when they received their syllabi. At the very least, read the paper to keep up on what is going on in the world. Isn’t the Weimar paper do soon after Spring Break? Don’t let El Ni?o get you down – If your house is in an area that is flooded or snowed in, ignore this. If not, make the best of the crazy weather. It could be worse. Enjoy D.C. – For those who remain in D.C., either by choice or necessity, take time to enjoy quite residence halls and apartments. If you find yourself roommate-less for a week, invite some friends over and have a party. Hang out with some of the athletes who must stay here for spring training; make new friends.That’s it. Enjoy Spring Break. Stay safe. Say hello to the folks. See you all March 23. That’s a Monday. That means it’s back to the same routine again.

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