President Potter

With the election of Carrie Potter to the Student Association presidency, we hope the same openness and motivation she exhibited during the campaign will translate into inclusive, driven goals and policies.

Now important issues await her – tuning in the SA to student concerns, making it clear to administrators that academic programs are most highly valued by GW students, keeping pressure on the University to listen to students and bolstering GW technology, among others.

As was evidenced with the Ditzian campaign, many students are fed up with the SA. They are frustrated with the way the SA oversees student groups, stifling creativity and inserting Big Brother where he doesn’t belong. These students’ gripes should be addressed by Potter’s presidency. Without student support, the SA is nothing.

Potter also should make sure her Cabinet is diverse and representative of the student body. Sabina Siddiqui’s campaign showed many traditionally non-involved students are ready to take an active role in student government. These students must be included for the SA to live up to its claims of being students’ representative.

Also, a good working relationship must exist between the Senate, Potter and Executive Vice President-elect Jesse Strauss. Many claims were made during the race about what all the candidates would do if elected. Students will be watching to see if their leaders keep these promises. Next year’s SA could be one of the most representative, diverse and effective. We wish all newly-elected members of the SA good luck.

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