Letters to the editor

Special ingredient?

I read in a recent Hatchet that DJ’s Fastbreak was selected as one of the eating places for students. (“Students face fallout from GWorld card glitch,” Feb. 12, p.1)

On Feb. 18, I purchased a cheeseburger from DJ’s. I had taken one bite of the sandwich and was just about to take another bite when I noticed a squashed bug on the lettuce. I felt totally sick and took the sandwich back to show it to the owners.

After showing the owner the bug, she stated that the bug was only on the lettuce. I informed her that the lettuce should have been soaked and cleaned also. She never apologized and I told her I wanted my money back, which she returned. I also called the Health Department and they are going to send an inspector.

I feel that it is only fair to warn the students to check their food before eating over there.-Florence SmithGSEHD staff member

Successful Starr search

Wow. I was very impressed with your editorial on Starr (“Starr quest,” March 9, p.4).

However, you did not mention that Starr’s investigation has already been a tremendous success. Already, 13 people have been either convicted or pled guilty to charges brought by Starr, including the former governor of Arkansas, Jim Guy Tucker, and the number three man at the Justice Department, Webster Hubell. Not bad for a guy the Democrats are trying to smear as “out of control.”

Further, if Starr was really overreaching his boundaries, Attorney General Janet Reno would simply relieve him of his duties. A week ago I met Reno in her offices with a class and asked her why the president doesn’t simply ask her to remove him if he is doing such a poor job. To that, she responded, “Why don’t you ask the president?”-Matthew Martin Braynardsophomore

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