1998 Candidates Statements

Student Association President

Sabina Siddiqui: The issues are not debatable. What’s debatable is who is the most effective leader. The effective leader will be the one who’s gotten results, who’s hard-working, and who’s also remained in touch with students. I will never lose sight of the fact that we are students searching for solutions together.

Patrick Macmanus: There are real problems at GW and we need to find real solutions. We must ensure that issues such as student services, academics and technology are the focus on campus. My goal is to ensure that these problems are addressed and that GW is a better place to call home.

Carrie Potter: Leadership is about reaching out to the average student. In sincerely and earnestly representing your needs, I have and will continue to bring about positive change. My platform – academics, service, community – includes the right issues. My heart is in the right place. Carrie Potter is the right candidate.

Jason Ditzian: I’m just an average student running for the $11,000 stipend the SA president gets. While trying to pay my tuition, I’m making a statement: The students of this school are sick of SA politics. Stop wasting our money and let the student groups of GW be great!

Student Association Executive Vice President

Jason Haber: I believe that the Student Association is only effective when it has the ability to directly impact GW students. Through programs like the Colonial Card, the Student Organizational Newsletter and a toll-free number for students to check their grades, we will make that impact on GW students.

Jesse Strauss: Tuition, academic value, student services, the meal plan and technology – these are our issues. We need an EVP who will work diligently and advocate forcefully on our behalf. I have been doing that for the past two years. We must take ownership in GW and I will make this a priority.

Program Board Executive Chair

Brian Nathanson: A friend once said, “Life is measured by the cool stories you can tell.” While there’s more to life than that, it’s rewarding to have exciting experiences to share with our families and friends. PB has the potential to create such “events,” not just programs. I will unleash that potential.

Marvin Center Governing Board

Scott Levi: Over the next three years, almost $20 million will be poured into a renovation of the Marvin Center, including a new conference center. As your representative on the MCGB, I will ensure that the Marvin Center is here to serve the students. Let’s keep the “student” in the student center.

Undergraduate Senator At Large

Alan Elias: Pride. Protection. Productivity. As the Campus Spirit Director, CSA, and student, I know that these are the important issues to us. We need major entertainers and improved campus security. More importantly, we require a strengthened student voice, and that is what I, Alan S. Elias, can bring to us.

Amina Chaudary: The SA must learn to cater to students’ needs and concerns. Aside from all of the promises made during the election season it all boils down to one thing: representation. The students need an active voice in the Senate in order to unify the student community to reclaim what’s ours.

Jonathan Nurse: I am running for undergraduate senator at large because I want to be a new voice for students attempting to maximize the GW experience. I offer new ideas and perspectives, those of a GW student that has not made and does not seek a career out of involvement in the

Cat Sadler: Next year I hope to continue to work on campus safety and security issues affecting all students. I want to work on funding for student groups. Most importantly, I want to advocate for the needs of all students at GW and make sure your voice is heard.

Vote David Burt! Vote David Burt! Vote David Burt! Vote David Burt! Vote David Burt! Vote David Burt! I promise you won’t be disappointed for I will be your voice and represent your concerns in the SA next year! So I ask, Gee Dub are you with me?

Melanie Witte: Technology, a Student Advantage metro card, the arts, housing and graduation on the Ellipse are the issues that I, Melanie Witte, will focus on. As an undergraduate-at-large senator, I will be a doer and not a talker. I have energy, passion and a plan, and I will succeed.

Undergraduate Columbian School Senator

Aaron Chacker: At GW we have an incredible amount of potential. Our national ranking in U.S. News, our meal plan, our course registration system, our Greek reputation, all remain as undeveloped potential. As a CSAS senator, I will work to make our potential no longer a frustrating optimism but a satisfying

Amanda Uliano: If elected my goal is to actually be there for the students. I will make sure that EVERY Columbian School student knows my name, e-mail address and office hours. I can’t know every problem, but I can promise to be available to hear them. Thanks!

William Serwetman: Right now, GW is teetering on the divide between first- and second-tier schools and the smallest push either way will probably decide the future value of our degree. If elected, I’ll work to make GW the school it can be and force the administration to recognize our needs.

Zach Radford: 1.) Improve the housing lottery; 2.) Assure Commencement stays on the Ellipse; 3.) Take sophomores off the meal plan requirement; 4.) Expand the MC Store; 5.) Put the Metrocard onto Student Advantage; 6.) Return a Sports Bar to the Marvin Center; and 7.) Bring Coke and fast food to GW.

Alexis Rice: Demand more, get more! CSAS students deserve to have quality: advising, services, technology. We should be proud of GW … not ashamed of it! We are the customers of GW and its time to speak up and make sure our concerns are addressed.

Jared Hosid: Sick of SA politics? Do you think your student leaders have completely lost perspective of reality? It is time to demand that our SA become a strong, clear and loud voice to the administration insisting that our needs be met. Only then will this truly be our GW.

Lonnie Giamela: Experience and issues are why I’d be a great CSAS senator. My issues: establishing the television station on campus, improving academic advising and bettering communication between the Smith Center and students. I’m a freshman workshop advisor, lead staff at the Smith Center, acting V.P. for Academic

Sheandra Clark: I want to become your CSAS senator. If elected, I will strenuously fight to carry out your needs and concerns. During my tenure, I want to work to see that our advising system is more responsible to students, increase our access to the deans and develop our pre-professional programs.

Faisal Matadar: My job as a CSAS senator will be to do for my constituency what they will hopefully do for me: VOTE. Why? Because my constituency is represented as members of student organizations. By advocating for student organizations, through my votes in the Senate, I will be advocating for my constituency.

Joe Bondi: It’s time to put the “student” back in Student Association. That’s what my campaign is about. It’s time for the SA to represent not only the administration’s views, but also those of the student. Communication is the key to achieving this goal. Please vote tomorrow, and vote for Joe Bondi.

Sandra Gutierrez: Hi! As a GW freshman and a candidate for a Columbian School senate position, I want GW alumni for student advising, a campus newsletter of student activities, 24-hour computer experts and more escort safety vans for campus safety. Thanks for your support!

Peter Littleton: One of the major topics which is important to my campaign is the spending of the $23,000+ which we spend each year on tuition. I, as an everyday student, have no idea where my money is going and this is an idea which does not sit very well.

Elliott School Undergraduate Senator

Tim Beresford: If elected, my goal over the next year will be to make the University more responsive to its students. The time has come for the students of GW to be heard by the administration before any more decisions are made. Vote Tim Beresford on March 3 and 4 for ESIA

Philip Meisner
: We are indeed one of the best international affairs schools in the country and there is tremendous potential within our faculty, students, facilities and location. The lack of a substantial study abroad program befitting our status and deficiencies in the advising program worry me. As your senator I intend to

Anthony Martinez: Currently, I’m chairman of the International Affairs Society. Through this job, I’ve learned a lot about Elliott students and I’ve had the opportunity to bring their concerns to the dean and administration. I’d like to continue to represent Elliott students in the Senate next year.

Caity Leu: Striving for academic value and a sense of community. Why don’t we have faculty advising or better peer advising system? Why are the majority of our requirements CSAS classes taken mainly by CSAS students? Why don’t we take advantage of our alumni network? Demand answers! Demand action! Vote Caity Leu!

Patricia McGaa: I want to make the lives of my fellow Elliott classmates better: academically, socially and for our futures. As a senator, I would establish events which would benefit us: enhancing the Embassy Row Walk, establish scholarships, international fairs, strengthen alumnae links, showcase Study Abroad and expand the test drive.

School of Engineering Senator

Grant Franklin Guthrie: Visibility – As SEAS Senator, I will work hard to make the students and projects of SEAS become more prominent on campus. Experience – My experiences as vice president of the Engineers’ Council and as co-chair of the Engineering Career Fair uniquely qualify me to get the job done for SEAS students.

Shelley Marella Mountjoy: SEAS may be small but we still have a voice. Let me represent you and I will fight for better labs, longer hours in Tompkins, more technical assistants and curriculum revisions. Your needs, your dreams and your ideas are my goals. Vote March 3 and 4.

School of Business Senator

Megan Huszagh: She is running for SBPM senate because she wants to bring change to GW. By taking action, she will fight to have student demands met. Her leadership skills and dedication prove her to be a woman of integrity and a hard worker. You will not be disappointed, vote Megan Huszagh.

Derek Grosso: I am running for a seat on the SBPM Senate because I believe that the Student Association should be all about representation. I will make myself available to all students of the Business School so that I may represent their best interests. Vote Derek P. Grosso – I mean business.

Jonathan Rosen: I am running for the SBPM-U senate seat because I want to see the business school well represented in the Senate next year. This past year, legislation and programming specific to SBPM has been non-existent. I WILL change that! Vote Jonathan Rosen for SBPM-U senator!

Matt McGrath: I’m betting that everyone else is complaining about advising and the meal plan, so, while I do have ideas on these issues, I’ll spare you – for now. My election means more than rhetoric; it means proactive leadership through consistency and communication. I will listen as much as I talk.

All candidates were invited to submit a 50 word statement. The above statements are representitive of those who took advantage of the opportuity.

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