Typical Sandler humor makes film a success

With or without a Valentine, The Wedding Singer (New Line Cinema) is the perfect movie for this weekend. Sad about being alone, deliriously happy with a relationship or just plain indifferent – it doesn’t matter. This is a fun flick.

Former “Saturday Night Live” comedian Adam Sandler (Happy Gilmore) has just made his best movie. Sandler is quite adept at using the 80s backdrop to create instant jokes with each phrase, piece of music and article of flashy clothing. And the audience can laugh even though the comments about the last decade are a bit painful – when you realize how long ago the 80s really were.

Sandler plays Robbie, a guy who always aspired to be in a successful rock band. But Robbie settles for being a wedding singer until he can make it big. Working a wedding and looking forward to getting married the following week, he bumps into Julia (Drew Barrymore, Scream), who is on her first day as a waitress.

Julia, excited about working at her friend’s wedding, gets to the reception in enough time to see Robbie completely embarrassed. His fianc?e never shows.

To occupy Robbie and get a little help for her own upcoming wedding, Julia enlists him as a wedding coordinator. While spending so much time together, the inevitable happens.

Great for a light night out, The Wedding Singer’s plot is simple and a little juvenile. But that’s what it’s meant to be, so it doesn’t matter. It moves along pretty fast with quick one-liners and 80s history to further keep the audience’s interest. The only problem with the script is that many jokes have almost no set up and catch the watcher by surprise.

The Wedding Singer does not try to stimulate its audience with intricate dialogue and intellectual allusions. Instead it amuses with great reflections on what everyone was only 10 years ago.The Wedding Singer opens Friday.

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