Singles don’t have to spend Valentine’s Day alone and sad

It’s February and love is in the air. The love bug is buzzing around campus, but it hasn’t bitten everyone.

For singles on Valentine’s Day who wish Cupid would shoot arrows through their hearts – snap out of it. Valentine’s Day is the day of love, not the day of wallowing in self-pity for those who are single.

Believe it or not, girls, single men are out there. And guys, there are single women. Now a little simple addition would lead one to see the endless possibilities with this one statement.

One way to combine friends and romantic possibilities is to throw a party for singles only. Invite everyone’s crushes and play matchmaker. Valentine’s Day was intended to be cheesy, so go along with the idea. Buy conversation hearts and other Valentine’s Day goodies. Make the house look like a Hallmark store. Granted, it may not be the ideal night of romance, but with singles cramming the room, the possibilities are endless.

Of course, one may be looking for a more mellow evening. A night out to a quiet coffee shop with friends is a great idea. Here, friends can talk of failed romances and new crushes over a cafe au lait. Keep on the lookout for singles of the opposite sex lurking in the corners.

Coffee shops also are great places to take a crush. Of course, that requires a little courage. Look at it this way, Valentine’s Day happens once a year. Take the chance – and it may turn into an amazing Valentine’s Day.

Of course, if one prefers to wallow in self-pity, go ahead. Tower has a great selection of sappy old romances. An Officer and a Gentleman, An Affair to Remember, Love Story and Say Anything are the ultimate tear-jerkers. If a woman and bitter, First Wives Club, Waiting to Exhale or Boys on the Side may be the best choices. Men, the choices are a bit less varied.

Whatever the plan, Valentine’s Day can be full of romance or full of despair. It is whatever one makes of it. Just remember, it only comes once a year.

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