The Board meeting

This Wednesday, students will have the rare opportunity to interact with some of the people directly responsible for GW’s policies and direction. Members of the University’s Board of Trustees will attend a town hall meeting in the Marvin Center Ballroom at 9 p.m.

The meeting is especially important because it comes two days before the Board will decide next year’s tuition cost. Rather than last year’s steep 6.9 percent increase – which sparked student protest after the Board had approved the hike in principle – students now can let Board members know their thoughts before the deal is done. This is an opportunity students should not pass up.

This meeting is an uncommon event. While some of the Board members are well known in professions, most students can barely name one or two members. By meeting some of the Board’s members, students will be able humanize the seemingly faceless Board – and Board members likely will appreciate an opportunity to interact with those most affected by their decisions.

The impression they get from students may be able to influence their votes 48 hours later.

Since the Board also determines the tuition of the law and medical schools, all students should make an effort to attend the meeting. It is a chance for students to let the Board know how tuition increases affect their lives.

Some may argue that this meeting will be pointless – that tuition will be raised regardless of the emotions and opinions of students. But this meeting is a significant accomplishment. For the first time students will be face to face with key GW leaders. It would be a terrible missed opportunity if students fail to show up in large numbers at the meeting. Wednesday, 9 p.m. at the Marvin Center Ballroom. Be there and make your voice heard.

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