Safety: key GW issue

Because of the 68 percent increase in use of the campus escort service from 1996-1997 to 1997-1998, the Student Association will introduce a resolution to increase resources given to the University Police Department.

One of GW students’ main concerns is the inability of the campus escort system to escort students from one off-campus location to another off-campus location, within approved campus boundaries. Another main concern is the amount of time students must wait for the escort service.

Lacking resources keep these important issues unresolved. The security resolution encourages the University to allocate resources to implement off-campus to off-campus escorts, in addition to reducing the time students wait to be picked up. UPD has shown a genuine concern for all students with the quick implementation of the Campus Lighting Improvement Project, sponsored by the SA director of security affairs, Scott Levy.

In order to make sure the optimum level of security is achieved, cooperation between students and UPD must take place.

The resolution also encourages a continued improvement of the Community Service Aide program, and more student education about campus safety.

Schedules for the shuttle buses, as well as signs outside designated shuttle bus buildings, are yet another aspect of the campus escort service that can be implemented. Also encouraged are continued improvements of GW’s physical security infrastructure.

Campus security is an issue that affects every single student at this University.-The writer is a SA senator and a member of the Student Security Advisory Team

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