GW Hatchet Bar Guide

Originally Published 01/29/98

Bar: Capitol City Brewing CompanyWhere: 1100 New York Ave. N.W.Crowd: Diverse, mostly corporateGetting in: Must be 21Prices: $3.75-$7.00Food: Burgers to pastaDancing: Music onlyPick-ups: Not really for college crowdPluses: Fresh beer, no coverMinuses: Older clienteleA big trend toward local breweries exists for good reason. Capitol City Brewery is one if the best around for good beer.

Bar: Tequila GrillWhere: 1990 K St. N.W.Crowd: College students on weekends, business people during the weekGetting in: Allows under 21 only on Saturdays, they sayPrices: $3.00-$6.00Food: Tex-Mex, pretty goodDancing: Thurs.-Sat.Pick-ups: Pretty much a meat market Pluses: Really close to campusMinuses: Crowd can seem a little young, cover $4, under 21 $6The people who frequent the bar changes, but a familiar face always is hiding in there somewhere.

Bar: The Front Page Restaurant and GrilleWhere: 1333 New Hampshire Ave. N.W.Crowd: Young professionals and some college students on the weekendGetting in: Under 21 not allowed in bar areaPrices: $2.75-$4.50Food: Tons of appetizers, famous for crab cakes and ribsDancing: DJ Thurs.-Sat., jukebox coming soonPick-ups: PerhapsPluses: No cover charge, good selection, good pricesMinuses: Not as lively as some barsIf news is your thing, the walls will attract you. They are plastered with famous front pages.

Bar: Sign of the WhaleWhere: 1825 M St. N.W.Crowd: Older crowd during the week, college-age on weekendGetting in: Need to be 21 Prices: $2 and upFood: American stuffDancing: DJ Tues.-Sun.Pick-ups: Kind ofPluses: Calm atmosphereMinuses: Calm atmosphere”You haven’t been in D.C. if you haven’t been to the Whale!”

Bar: Old Glory All American BarbecueWhere: 3139 M St. N.W.Crowd: Young professionals, mostly, with some college students on the weekendGetting in: MUST be 21 after 11:00 p.m.Prices: $2.95 and upFood: Great barbecueDancing: Live music three nights a week, with little space for moving muchPick-ups: Not reallyPluses: On the Georgetown run of barsMinuses: Really picky about agesUnless you look like an avid bar-goer, you may have a little trouble getting the bartender’s attention. But they do have a 10 percent discount for students if food is ordered.

Bar: Champions of GeorgetownWhere: 1206 Wisconsin Ave. N.W.Crowd: Mostly college studentsGetting in: Need to be 21Prices: $3.25-$5.50Food: Burgers to ribsDancing: DJ Thurs.-Sat.Pick-ups: If you like the sporty typePluses: Beer specialsMinuses: A little off the (Georgetown) beaten pathThe music is good, even if no one dances.

Bar: Kelly’s Irish TimesWhere: 14 F St. N.W. Crowd: Mostly students, with some young professionalsGetting in: Under 21 can eatPrices: $2-$7Food: Served until 10:45 p.m.Dancing: Live music Wed.-Sat., but not much for dancingPick-ups: Pretty rampant for womanPluses: Outside of GW’s normal rangeMinuses: Kind of a hikeThe live music is really fun, but if you’re looking for dancing, you are barking up the wrong tree. P.S. You may find your crowd downstairs.

Bar: Polly Esther’sWhere: 605 12th St. N.W., between F and G (Funky and Groovy)Crowd: 21-35Getting in: Wed. is college night – 18 and overPrices: $2.50 and upFood: NoneDancing: TONS!!Pick-ups: Pretty good on both sidesPluses: MusicMinuses: Very busyThis place will make even the youngest of college kids feel old. The very fact that our Cabbage Patch Kids are retro can make a person feel a little weird. But really, this has to be one of the best places to go dancing in D.C. With lighted dance floors and drinks called “Purple Rain” on the 80s floor and “Brady Punch” on the 70s, you can’t go wrong!

Bar: Garrett’sWhere: 3003 M St. N.W.Crowd: 21-30Getting in: Need an ID, thanks to the Bar BellePrices: $2.00 and upFood: full menuDancing: Very little, but the music is good enoughPick-ups: Lots if you’re lookingPluses: On the Georgetown runMinuses: Very crowdedBecause the Bar Belle was dumb enough to open her mouth and claim that the doormen were nice, they are no longer. But that doesn’t detract from the fun atmosphere inside.

Bar: Buffalo BilliardsWhere: 1330 19th St. N.W.Crowd: 25 and olderGetting in: Not really for under 21Prices: $2.75-$8.00Food: SouthwesternDancing: A jukebox, but dancing is not the focus of the barPick-ups: SomePluses: Pool tablesMinuses: Kind of far away, but not badThe smoke is not too thick, so for pool lovers, the 30 pool tables are visible. Great time for talkers.

Bar: One Step DownWhere: 2517 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W.Crowd: Eclectic, to say the leastGetting in: Anyone can come and hear the jazzPrices: $2.25 and upFood: Very short, but delectable menu of American foodDancing: More of a sit down place, but not unheard ofPick-ups: A little too intimate for itPluses: Jazz! Blues!Minuses: $5 cover on weekdays and $10 on weekendsIt’s a groovy little space. Being the oldest jazz club in town and the second oldest continuously running in the nation, it tends to attract a good number of talented musicians. It’s the most happening little spot on the most important road in the city.

Bar: Mr. Days’Where: 1111 19th St. N.W.Crowd: Sport fans, mostlyGetting in: Only over 21Prices: $2-$3.50Food: Serves sports bar food until 1:30 a.m.Dancing: Not reallyPick-ups: If you like the typePluses: 68 TVs, three satellites, free buffet on Thurs.Minuses: No diversityIf you like sports, this is the place to be. It claims to be able to show any sporting event, even soccer games in Brazil. And it can book private parties.

Bar: Froggy Bottom PubWhere: 2142 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W.Crowd: Mostly GW people, more students on weekendsGetting in: Under 21 only until 10 p.m.Prices: $1-$3.25Food: Bar foodDancing: Very littlePick-ups: Very littlePluses: Very closeMinuses: Not very bigThough it has great drink specials, it is not a major hangout of GW students. The pub closes at 1:30 a.m., so get there early. It has the best pizza around.

Bar: District Chophouse and BreweryWhere: 509 7th St. N.W. Gallery Place or Archives Metro stopsCrowd: MCI Center attendees, Georgetown fans and young professionalsGetting in: Under 21 can even hang out in the cocktail loungePrices: $4-$100Food: Great food, from cheap to expensiveDancing: More mingling or eating or pool playingPick-ups: You’d be lucky if you couldPluses: Not your typical bar, freshly brewed beerMinuses: Kind of far away, not too many studentsThe food is exceptional and the service is wonderful. It’s too bad it is so far away and not very college oriented.

Bar: OddsWhere: 1160 20th St. N.W.Crowd: 18-25Getting in: 18 and over any timePrices: $1 and upFood: American food until 11 p.m.Dancing: A lotPick-ups: A lotPluses: Close to campus, GREAT specialsMinuses: Very young crowdIt’s too bad not many 21-year-olds frequent the bar because the specials are really a deal and the dancing is tons of fun. Though the crowd can get a little aggressive at times, in all it’s a good time.

Bar: Mr. Smith’s of GeorgetownWhere: 3104 M St. N.W.Crowd: College students to parents’ generationGetting in: Under 21 can order food until 10 p.m.Prices: $1 and upFood: AmericanDancing: With live music upstairsPick-ups: SomePluses: Fun music upstairs, piano bar downstairsMinuses: A little too crowded for what it’s worthThough the beer of the month is not so great this time around, the month is ending soon. For $2, you can get the new one starting Feb. 1. Take advantage of the music, free of cover charge!

Bar: The Crow BarWhere: 1006 20th St. N.W.Crowd: Very diverse, myth that leather hoards the placeGetting in: Allow limited numbers of under-21ers on weekendsPrices: 50 cents and upFood: Bar burgers, burritos, etc.Dancing: Jukebox with everything from Beasties to Ol’ Blue Eyes, DJ upstairs on weekendsPick-ups: Dare itPluses: Close by and differentMinuses: Only if you’re afraid of a couple of bikersThe Crow Bar needs to prove itself to you. So, there’s a few hogs outside, the inside is only speckled with bikers. GW grad runs the place and loves students. He claims the bar is “the most diverse of any bar in D.C. It’s the closest thing to Greenwich village in D.C.”

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