Good times exist beyond drinking

You’ve searched far and wide for your long lost look-alike who just happens to be 21 years old. But alas, no such person exists. Believe it or not, options for fun exist for people under 21.

The only thing you definitely need to have a great time is a big group of friends willing to admit they aren’t 21. After you have ousted those still in denial about their age, the fun can begin.

Many dance clubs are 18 to enter, 21 to drink. Yes, you will be stuck with huge Xs on your hands that scream your age to everyone. But you’re not there to impress drunkards leaning on the walls. You’re there to have fun.

First, don’t go running into the bathroom to wash off your Xs. You thought they looked bad? It looks even worse to have huge black smears on the backs of your hands. Instead, hit the dance floor immediately.

Tequila Grill on Saturday nights is a good option. It’s close by and bursting with GW students. A dance floor and a DJ will be waiting. Try to arrive a little early because after the 21-year-olds and “21-year-olds” get a few shots in them, the dance floor gets jammed.

Odd’s also allows in students under the legal drinking age. But be careful. A dark dance floor sparsely lit by strobe lights beckons strange looking people to start grinding behind you. Definitely head to Odd’s in large numbers, and girls, make sure you bring along some guys.

If you don’t like to dance, life beyond clubs is for you. Movie theaters are a few blocks from campus and – or just a short Metro ride away. With the Oscars sneaking up, a ton of great flicks are playing at the theaters.

Going out to dinner may sound boring, but trying new food can turn a mundane outing into an exciting experience. Georgetown alone offers a variety of ethnic foods, ranging from Vietnamese to Ethiopian to Italian. Get a group of friends together and head for a late-night dinner. You would be surprised how much time it takes to eat a full meal. If you eat enough, you’ll be so stuffed that by the time you head home, you won’t want to go anywhere else.

While life does exist before your 21st birthday, times can get rough.

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