Broncos win the Super Bowl, what’s next?

Hell must be freezing over.

Not only did an AFC team win the Super Bowl Sunday, but it was the Denver Broncos. The Denver Broncos, the team that always chokes, finally won the big game. You had to smile, though, watching John Elway celebrate like a kid in a candy store when he finally was handed the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

But all happiness aside, this was a strange occurrence. After watching the Broncos stun Green Bay, I started thinking conspiracy. It’s not just the Super Bowl. Maybe I’ve been watching too much “X-Files,” but it seems many strange things have happened in the world of sports so far this year. Strange and disturbing occurrences which aren’t supposed to happen. It’s frightening.

The Broncos winning the Super Bowl? That’s not supposed to happen. Do you know how many jokes that ruins? Well, at least we still can make fun of Buffalo.

But the oddities range far beyond just football. Have you noticed the NBA season is half over and the New Jersey Nets have a winning record? What’s up with that? Yeah, I know about Keith Van Horn and John Calipari, but the Nets and winning basketball are two things that just don’t go

Strange things happened in baseball as well. An expansion team from Florida, which wears teal of all colors, won the World Series. In hockey, Detroit, which hadn’t won a Stanley Cup since 1955, swept the Flyers in the finals. (I still can’t accept my beloved Flyers got SWEPT).

Could all this be coincidence? I think not. Strange things are happening, sports fans – and I don’t know why. Where are Mulder and Scully when you need them?

Maybe it’s not all bad. Maybe this strange phenomenon could affect GW somehow. No GW basketball team ever has been to the Final Four. Hmmm. The Colonials are 17-3. They won three games without Yegor Mescheriakov. Mike King can’t be stopped. THEY’RE AWESOME, BABY! RESERVE YOUR TICKETS TO SAN ANTONIO NOW!

Well, maybe not. But how many of you really thought Arizona would win the National Championship last spring? The team finished fifth in the Pacific 10 and then won it all.

It’s a strange year. Teams I could always count on being bad or choking in the big game are suddenly having championship parades and raising championship banners. Who is a sports fan supposed to make fun of? There’s always the Clippers, I guess.

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