Shrinking GWorld

The GWorld card program was initiated with much fanfare at the start of this school year. It promised to make students’ lives more convenient by offering them access to a variety of off-campus eateries, as well as lessening the necessity of walking around with cash or making repeated trips to ATMs. Unfortunately, what was promised and what is actually the case are two completely different things. While plans for the future of GWorld continue to grow, its effectiveness keeps shrinking. The ones that lose out, as always, are students.

Currently, only one off-campus location, Hunan Peking, accepts GWorld debit points. Mick’s was kicked off the plan in December because of its muddled use of students’ debit points and Subway’s on K Street closed during winter break.

One must wonder why more restaurants aren’t jumping at the chance to become a part of the GWorld universe. Adding eateries could be a boon to students and local businesses, but it seems no coordinated push is being made to secure off-campus partners.

The first phase of GWorld implementation was designed to handle only three or so off-campus eateries. Though the GWorld program was billed to revolutionize GW dining, students only have seen their options dwindle.

Now, doing laundry will be similarly revolutionized. No longer will students have to search high and low for quarters, they will be able to use debit points to do their laundry. That’s nice, but if so many problems exist with Phase One, why should anyone expect Phase Two to be any different?

It also seems as if students’ opinions as to what eateries should be persuaded to join the program are being overlooked. Wouldn’t it make sense to listen to the folks who will be using and “benefiting” from the program? Is the addition of off-campus eateries being avoided to keep J Street students’ best option?

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