Brooks pleases country music fans with release

Record stores in Nashville, San Francisco and even the District are being overrun by hordes of anxious music lovers, searching for their own copies of Garth Brooks’ latest release, Sevens (Capitol Records). This soothing masterpiece is sure to be a chart-topper including several melodic masterpieces.

Highlighting the album, “In Another’s Eyes,” a duet featuring Trisha Yearwoord and Garth Brooks, recently reached the top position on Billboard’s Country Album Chart. Their powerful twang might possibly be the best combination of lyrical power in country music history. Mixing their presence with emotional lyrics, “In Another’s Eyes,” brings a twinge to even a cold heart.

“This is a very personal album. I only wrote six of the songs, but there are many that are so `me’ that people I work with every day thought I wrote them,” Brooks said in a press release.

While all of the songs will be favorites of Garth fans, a sure bet for a future hit single is “Do What You Gotta Do.” The exploding sounds make this one of Brooks’ better up-tempo pieces.

Sevens also features musical performances by some exceptional artists. The album cleverly combines both the chromatic ring of the steel guitar and beautiful electric chords, pleasing any audience.

Brooks’ works are favorites not only of country fans but all music lovers. Anyone could sing along with Brooks’ appealing lyrics and emotional songs. The country music legend is the best-selling solo artist in U.S. history, earning more than $62 million in sales.

Brooks’ much-publicized dispute with Capitol Records slowed the appearance of Sevens to the music store shelves. The album was completed almost a year ago, but the country signer was not sure his label was ready to properly promote it.

Brook’s first self-titled album, Garth Brooks, was the top selling country record of the 1980s. The singer’s continued success is welcomed by his fans worldwide who hope Sevens is not Brooks’ last album.

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