The new Barbie

Barbie is going to start looking more like a real woman. Instead of having a body that, if on a living person, could not possibly contain her internal organs, little girls now will be able to play with a toy that actually resembles women. It’s about time.

Many little girls own a wide variety of Barbie dolls. Each time a holiday or birthday comes around, girls’ parents and relatives are made aware of the season’s favorite Barbies. The problem was that many girls grew up thinking they had to resemble the plastic dolls with which they played. Now instead of having to worry about each iota of weight, they will have a more realistic toy to enjoy.

Hopefully the glorification of unrealistic and unhealthy body image icons also will change. Both boys and girls grow up with toys that are based on the stereotypes of what society thinks they should be. Perhaps it is time kids be able to play with toys that will help make them comfortable with who they are.

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