A new creation attempts to rouse fans at the Smith Center. It was given life earlier this semester by the GW behemoth known as Student and Academic Support Services. The creature runs around during basketball games, sometimes adorned in yellow paint, other times with blue paint. It sports a variety of different things as headgear – a bright yellow afro, a bandanna, a wig reminiscent of that of our Founding Fathers.

What is this creature? Is it the band? No. Is it the cheerleaders? No. Is it our traditional and beloved mascot George? No. It is Superfan. And it is wrecking havoc at the Smith Center.

No one doubts the intensity and devotion of Mike the Superfan to the Colonials. In fact, fans like him make the Smith Center one of the hardest places for opposing teams to play. The fans are passionate – chanting the mantra of “Mark! Mark!” when rooting for a personification of hard work and an underdog, and spontaneously singing the band’s banned “You Suck!” song.

But a “superfan” is not something that a bureaucracy can hold contests to create. We already have a mascot. Poor George must be having an identity crisis! He used to taunt the opposing teams, battle their mascots, crowd surf and still have time to pose for pictures with the kiddies. What is he to do now? It is a good thing that GW has such a good counseling center to deal with his problems.

We need better coordination among those assigned the task of getting fans rowdy. This weekend was not a shining moment for the rooter rousers. Plenty of room remains for improvement. Similarly, a good amount of space at the games this weekend was unfilled by fans. Fans need to show their support for our teams on a consistent basis. And not just at basketball games either. GW has a large number of sports teams. Go out and watch a couple of them play. Be your own superfan!

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