Course offerings mistakenly left out of Schedule of Classes

Editor’s note: Unfortunately, many courses were left out of the schedule of classes (Spring 1998). Tryg is off chasing windmills with the whole graduation thing, so we will be utilizing his space this week to offer the unlisted courses for the next semester.

*Art 112 – Basket construction (TR 4:10-5:25)

Build large basket-like contraptions all across campus. Utilize leftover two-by-fours to create artistic visions that make people wonder why the hell you built it. (3 Credits, CRN 012476).

*Women’s Studies 775 – Overreaction (MWF 1:00-1:50)

Learn the fine art of overreacting to everything written in The GW Hatchet. Study old English common law and get upset at life’s most common phrases.

Learn to stigmatize your generally effective student group so that no one takes it seriously in the future. Fight every conceivable battle so that your effectiveness is ruined for future endeavors. (4 Credits, CRN 112646).

*Exercise Science 001 – Women’s Basketball (TBA)

Meet at the Smith Center at every women’s home game. Cheer our Lady Colonials on to victory. Watch as the best athletic team GW has to offer wins at an obscene pace. (1 Credit, CRN 012746).

*Colombian School 002 – Freshman Partying Workshop (R, 9 p.m. to last call)

Held in conjunction with freshman advising workshop. Held for second-semester freshmen. Learn Foggy Bottom night spots; do beer bongs, shooters, rails. (No credit, CRN 041077).

*PSC 001/2 – GW Politics (Every other Tuesday, 9 p.m.)

Learn the intricacies of GW student politics. Compare and contrast GW student government with U.S. government. Meet “Q.” Discover cliques and factions within factions in the SA Senate. Waste time. Waste money. (3 Credits, CRN 9947100).

*ECON 230 – Murder 2 (Time Served)

A little-known course, part of the home economics minor offered in the economics department. Learn the differences between murder 2 and manslaughter. Figure out that “time served” is the best phrase in the English language. (1 credit, CRN 676952).

*COUNS 500 – E-mail (MTWRF, every 10 minutes)

Not a class, but a new group offered by the Counseling Center. Meet weekly with fellow e-mail addicts. Learn to cope with your ISN. Know that it’s okay that people don’t write you every 10 minutes. Find out about IRC love. Giving up your newsgroups. (Semester-long group session, no academic classes allowed.)

tryg *HONR 001 – Sleep (TBA)

Class only given to students in the University Honors Program. Learn what sleep is. Know what the bed is for. Buy pillows. Actually attempt to put your work aside and get a good night’s sleep. (1 credit, CRN 90210).

*JOUR 199 – Column Writing (MR, all day)

Determine the best way possible to be redundant on a weekly basis. Tick off your Grandmother. Try to be funny at all costs on a weekly basis. (1 credit, CRN 2140G)

*PSC 245 – Economics of the Presidency (full-time class)

Try to determine what GW’s president is thinking. Learn how to balance angry students with 48 offered scholarships. Tick off the entire student body. Delegate responsibility to “committees.” (This class is a prerequisite to EDU 001 – How to become Secretary of Education.) Meets in Rice Hall, 8th floor. (CRN 9946500)

*TRDA 999 – Economics of Theater and Dance (full-time class)

Get shafted by the school as your enrollment increases and your budget shrinks. Learn how to have three students play the same part in the same play, at the same time so no one feels left out. Try to make ends meet as more and more students come in. (CRN 9946500).

We hope that this helps you when you’re waiting for the phone system to come back online at 6:00 a.m. Tryg will be back next week, once he’s done being mad at the University.

He does urge everybody to go to the town hall meeting tomorrow at 8 p.m. in Funger Hall, though.

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