Koul and Rogers ready to lead a GW revival

Leadership and heart are two intangible aspects of athletics. The ability of a leader to motivate the entire team and bring the players to another level is a vital aspect of a winner.

This year, Shawnta Rogers and Alexander Koul will have their leadership skills put to the test as by the GW men’s basketball team. Koul and Rogers will be looked to for leadership both on and off the court by a GW team that fell short of its goals last year.

Rogers has dreams of glory for his team. He says his personal goals are tied to those of his team, and that he plans to provide the spark to achieve those goals.

“I want to run the team. We can win the division and take it all,” he said without an ounce of doubt in his voice. The confidence and focus that Rogers brings to the Colonial team on and off the court will be a huge factor in its success this season.

Alexander Koul is also a man of impressive mental and physical strength. The 7-1 center is entering his senior year in a do-or-die situation with regard to the future of his career.

“My future depends on my performance this year,” he said. However, Koul maintains a level-headed demeanor. “(Pressure) is something I’ve gotten used to. I’ve played with it throughout my life.” Koul also values the success of the team over his personal quest for greatness.

“My goals are the goals of the team. We want to win every game and improve step by step,” Koul said. Rogers and Koul both exude optimism about the capability of this year’s team.

“In my years here I think this is the best team I’ve been a part of,” Koul said.

“We’re looking real good, practicing hard and working as a team,” Rogers said.

If one consistent problem plagued last year’s team it was sporadic play. Rogers said this will not be a problem in the upcoming season.

“Last year we had chemistry in spurts, not all the way. This year we’re working together and helping each other out. We can play well as a team all year,” he said.

Koul cited one other factor that should weigh heavily on the outcome of this season.

“Last year we came into it (season) with a lot of expectations,” he said. “We don’t have that this year, so we have to go out and prove ourselves. It’s a good motivation to go out and play hard.”

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