Bar Belle

Bar: Old GloryWhere: 3139 M Street Crowd: 30-35Getting in: Really do need to be 21Prices: A little priceyFood: It’s really goodDancing: NonePick-ups: None for younger college studentsPluses: Near campusMinuses: The crowd

Being carded at the door feels more like a strip search, not simply a presentation of an ID. The bar is packed after peak eating times with older business people still dressed for work. Either that or they pulled a suit from its dusty dry cleaner’s bag and put it on to impress people with real jobs.

And a real job is needed to finance the drinks, as it is with every bar in Georgetown. Do not order a high ball because they will ask what it is, then card again. They claim that no one over 21 has ever ordered that drink before. Well, mark it down in your log, Old Glory. Someone just did!

Don’t expect to be served on a 21st birthday either. They ask the time of birth and refuse to let the birthday partier in until that time has passed. Being the seasoned Bar Belle, I can safely say I have NEVER heard such a ridiculous rule in any bar before.

But Old Glory is great for dinner, featuring all the best foods for happily full stomachs and, later on, heart attacks. But, hey, it was good while it was being eaten, right?

Because of the packed-like-sardines atmosphere, no one really dances. The generic bar music only adds to the din of “important” people talking.

Do not expect to meet a life-long love or even a night-long love. Everyone is a little too old and plastic to touch.

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