Letters to the Editor

Piece meal plan

A GW meal plan doesn’t exist, more like a GW snack plan. Where I come from, two pieces of rice and one piece of cartilage doesn’t constitute a meal. No wonder so many people at this school smoke, anyone with a body fat count over 2 percent will starve to death on a GW meal plan.

Please, who ever runs this school – fill our plates. I’d like to see one of GW’s administration heavyweights get by on a meal plan. I guarantee it wouldn’t take long before those mutant dwarfed bananas were replaced with some Amazon “Big Johnson” ones.

There should be a statue of a gazelle, not a hippo at 21st and H streets. I like the laziness and lack of initiative the Hippo represents, but three days on a GW meal plan and that Hippo is luggage.

I finally figured out why we have such a poor fitness facility at George Washington University. If more space were allotted for exercise equipment, then meals would have to be anted up to five grains of rice and two pieces of cartilage. It would be impossible to budget those kinds of increases in rice and cartilage, especially with the recent trade embargo. Zeus knows, all hell would break loose if one of those packed Friday night J Street Jams was canceled to allocate funds for a more practical form of exercise.

We all must make sacrifices to keep tuition at the bargain basement price where it presently stands.

-Adam Kaerchersenior

Gore equals punchline

In The GW Hatchet’s Oct. 23 editorial (“Gays are normal,” p.4), it praised Vice President Al Gore and proceeded to attack former Vice President Dan Quayle for making “ridiculous” claims and being the target of jokes on late-night television.

“Quayle gave late-night talk show hosts plenty of ammunition for jokes,” writes The Hatchet. This statement is true, of course; Dan Quayle was consistently among the top late-night targets during the Bush administration. But it should be noted that the same holds true for Al Gore during the Clinton Administration.

In fact, according to the Center for Media and Public Affairs, Al Gore has been the target of 81 late night jokes so far in 1997, behind only O.J. Simpson (196) and Bill Clinton (550). It looks like Al Gore provides late-night shows with plenty of ammunition, too, particularly the “ridiculous” claims he has made regarding the various Clinton fund-raising scandals.

-Michael Passeyjunior

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