Stupid is as.

Last year, students were promised that this year’s Student Association Senate would be a mature, responsible group of adults who would listen to what students want and act accordingly. In fact, its slogan for this year is “Your Voice, Your Choice, Your SA.”

So you would think that a subject such as Homecoming, which affects most of the student population, would be petty-free and would sail through the Senate. Yeah right! The Senate proved this year will be no different than years past. Students were guaranteed a more student-friendly SA. They should get their money back.

The main sticking point is whether the Senate would give the Program Board $7,000 (promised under SA bylaws) unconditionally, or whether it would line-item what and how the PB could spend its money. Certain senators, due to their extraordinary levels of immaturity and refusal to compromise, made a point of proving their lack of commitment to GW students.

Instead of making sure PB can plan a Homecoming that will rival those of years long past, those same senators were intent on sticking their noses in places they do not belong. It is not the job of the Senate to do Homecoming; that is why we have PB. It is PB Executive Chair Soraya Tabibi’s responsibility to plan the details – not certain senators who have been glued to Senate seats for years and stomp, pout and rip up papers when things don’t go their way. Too bad there’s no Senate rule that calls for children who act up to sit in the corner wearing a dunce cap.

PB now has the money it needs. Or does it? It is not clear whether the compromise agreement will be challenged by those same senators who have the most minimal of involvement with GW campus life. They miraculously know what is best for all involved without having any detailed knowledge of the subject.

Students who attended Tuesday’s meeting left feeling disgusted and frustrated with the pathetic old pettiness. Here’s an idea: Since some of the senators seem quite out of touch with students’ opinions, students should call their representatives, ask them how they voted and why they did so. Go ahead, it’s a free call (on campus, anyway) – 994-7100. Ask why some would rather screw over all GW students because they don’t know what compromise, accountability, maturity and foresight are. Make your voice known to your choice, your SA.

Sayegh, finance chair clash over Homecoming funds

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