D.C. offers frightful fun for Halloween

Halloween has sneaked up and stolen more than half the semester. Those busy with midterms have not gotten a spare moment to think about what to do for Halloween. But, never fear, The GW Hatchet GWeekend is here.

With a limited college student budget, costumes need to be cheap, but they can still be good. Searching a roommate’s closet and grabbing supplements from CVS can produce a creative ensemble. Take an old prom dress, add a little fake blood and, voila!, Stephen King’s Carrie. Or steal an old suit from an unfashionable friend, jazz it up with a bright shirt and gaudy sunglasses to make a pimp. To be a devil, dress in all red and buy a pair of horns and a trident for less than five dollars at CVS. For a vampire, dress in all black, etc. If all else fails, get a white sheet and cut some holes in it.

When all dressed up, trick-or-treaters can bring their empty pillowcases to Embassy Row. There, each embassy will distribute candy from its country. Regardless of the creativity of the costume, all trick-or-treaters can be sure to come home with a bag full of multinational goodies. Be sure to arrive early; the embassies do not stay open late.

Next destination: Dupont Circle. After dusk, the community comes out all “dolled up.” The annual drag races draw some of the most attractive of transvestites, reminiscent of Pricilla, Queen of the Desert. Even if the races are missed, there is a lot to see.

On to the bars. Georgetown is a hotspot for Halloween partying. Almost every bar in the area has Halloween drink specials and costume contests. Though it may seem to be all fun and games, go with a buddy because no one is ever sure what lurks under those costumes.

If not in the mood for a night on the town, other festive ways to celebrate await. Devil’s Advocate, Kiss the Girls, Gattaca and I Know What You Did Last Summer all are playing in area theaters.

If leaving home at all is not appealing, a plethora of great horror films are on video. Scream is about the only recent film of quality. But try a classic: The Shining, The Serpent and the Rainbow, any of the Friday the 13th films, Halloweens, Nightmare on Elm Streets, Child’s Play or Leprechauns.

Whatever the plans for Halloween, a frightful night is possible. Think about it, D.C. is a pretty scary town every night.

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