Greed and jealousy snakethrough Devil’s Advocate

Greed and jealousy snakethrough Devil’s Advocate

Andrea PhilpotWeekend Writer

Greed, hubris, jealousy, competition, lust and dishonesty run rampant in Devil’s Advocate (Warner Brothers) to create a unique film.

The movie springs from the coming of the new millennium – and with it, the Apocalypse. With scenes in which people turn into monsters, walls come to life and blood flows like Niagara Falls, Devil’s Advocate will affect the faint at heart.

Kevin Lomax (Keanu Reeves, Chain Reaction) is a small town, hot-shot attorney who has never lost a case. He is lured to New York City by a job for one of the most powerful law firms in the world.

At first things appear to be perfect, with a great apartment and incredible salary. But soon, Kevin and his wife Mary Ann (Charlize Theron, Two Days in the Valley) realize something is horribly wrong.

Upon his arrival, Kevin is assigned a triple homicide case in which he defends a real estate tycoon (Craig T. Nelson, “Coach”) accused of killing his family. Kevin becomes obsessed with winning the case. Absorbed by his work, he ignores his wife’s failing mental health.

The people in the firm surrender themselves to appearance, possessions and social status. By their own free will, they sign their souls over to the devil, the head of the prestigious law firm, John Milton (Al Pacino, Scent of a Woman).

Pacino, true to form, gives a delightfully ghoulish performance, combining humor, cruelty and sarcasm. He forces the audience to alternate between clutching the seat and rolling with laughter. Reeves gives a sturdy performance as a young, talented attorney obsessed with winning.

While Devil’s Advocate contains suspenseful scenes, the film is not an action movie, as the previews show. However, the film has a superfluous amount of blood and guts.

Devil’s Advocate combines a variety of elements to make it unique. The film ranges from funny to suspenseful to scary. Dizzying with twists and turns, the storyline remains interesting and will leave many gasping in amazement.

Devil’s Advocate is now playing.

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