Board ensures paper’s business

The Hatchet, as a corporation and not just a newspaper, has a board of directors like many other companies. This board of directors has made many of the important decisions and faced the issues of The Hatchet moving out of the fourth floor of the Marvin Center to its own townhouse at 2140 G St.

The board of directors consists of a variety of people, some of them with Hatchet connections and some without any. The board consists of three members of The Hatchet’s editorial board; one being the current editor in chief, a Hatchet alumnus, a professional from each of the journalism, business and legal fields, one faculty member and one student member who has no connection to The Hatchet or any other major student organization.

? Steven Morse, the general manager of The Hatchet, acts as treasurer of the board but does not vote as a member.

The board, which meets at least four times a year, primarily deals with The Hatchet’s budget, but has recently dealt with the issues of employment as well as the current contract of independence with the University.

Members of the board attended The Hatchet’s ribbon cutting ceremony and open house held on Oct. 14.

Non-Hatchet student member Erica Collins, a junior, said the move represents a great opportunity for students directly involved with The Hatchet. Some staff members may not view The Hatchet as a business, she said.

“Many times staff members are writing and not really understanding,” Collins said, adding that working at The Hatchet is equivalent to a “hands on internship.”

Berl Brechner, a board member who was involved in The Hatchet during the late ’60s, said the major differences between then and now is the technology of The Hatchet and that many Hatchet staff are paid.

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