CI Guide

Physics major turns to tech at Wired magazine

by Kierran Petersen

Chris Anderson was at the perfect vantage point to witness the unfolding force of the Internet in 2001.

Finding a future in Facebook

by Kierran Petersen

How to GW: Quick tips to answer freshman FAQs

by Jenna Bernick

Where does all that money go?

GW Fact or Fiction

by Cory Weinberg

With almost 200 years of history, there’s plenty to learn about GW. But sometimes it’s tough to tell if a piece of GW lore is true or false. To help sort out which bits of information to ditch and which to share, here’s a guide of GW fact or fiction.

Piecing Together: The D.C. Food Scene

by Julie Alderman

You will notice D.C. cuisine trends after just a few weeks on campus – food trucks lining H Street, a cupcake fad and more frozen yogurt shops than you can count. And when parents or high school friends start to visit campus, you will learn the tradition of taking them out for mid-morning, mimosa-soaked brunches.

Piecing Together: Off-campus GWorld spending

by Chloe Sorvino

Snap 1062 Thomas Jefferson St. NW

Piecing Together: Your GWorld budget

From top to bottom, The Hatchet is here to help you balance your GWorld spending. You will likely use up the majority of your GWorld money on items at the bottom of the pyramid, while the top shows once-in-a-while indulgences.

Piecing Together: How to extend academics beyond the classroom

by Cory Weinberg

GW students might have a tendency to shun academics for a prized internship or a leadership slot in a student organization. It is almost inevitable at a school that boasts a downtown D.C. location, touted as a beacon for hands-on learning outside the classroom.

A more modest Colonial Inauguration

by Cory Weinberg

It has been five years since the University retired the laser light show that ran up a $75,000 bill for Colonial Inauguration, and cost consciousness is now integrated into the programs' planning process.

Piecing Together: Your new city

by Jenna Bernick

Foggy Bottom has a lot to offer, but after hopping to different Welcome Week events, try to leave the GW bubble. The Hatchet compiled a guide to help you find a neighborhood to match your mood.

Piecing Together: Last year's news

by Brianna Gurciullo

Piecing Together: Best of the crime log

Piecing Together: How to make the most of general requirements

by Cory Weinberg

Freshmen majoring in political science may be pining to jump into courses on the Israeli and Palestinian conflict, but class registration gets a little more complicated in a liberal arts-based education.

Piecing Together: Your CI experience

by Matthew Kwiecinski

Starting college life at Colonial Inauguration can be exciting and surreal. To make the most of your first few days on campus, keep The Hatchet's do's and don'ts list in mind. Some of these tips could make or break your first impression of your new home.