Justin Peligri: Add an LGBT history course to reflect the changing times

GW does not offer a baseline course that exclusively covers the history of the LGBT rights movement. That’s a big gap we must fill.

Justin Peligri: Make a pre-graduation to-do list that counts

If you want to get the most out of your time here, consider these less-than-conventional suggestions. I’ve had luck with them, and there’s still a chance to get them all in before Commencement.

Jonah Lewis: With City Hall, GW missed an opportunity to be proactive

It shouldn’t take dozens of complaints to get the University to understand that unannounced construction on a residential building is unacceptable. And you can’t undo the two months of annoyance residents have already endured.

Staff Editorial: An administrator departs, a budget falls short and a faculty code is up for review

The Hatchet's editorial board looked at some of the biggest news from the past week, including the departure of fundraising chief Mike Morsberger, the University's $20 million budget shortfall and the possibility of some standardized rules and regulations across GW's 10 schools.

Robin Jones Kerr: Even cynics should buy into Colonials Weekend

You may be great at keeping in touch with your parents with phone calls, Skype and email. But there’s nothing quite like having them physically visit campus to experience your lifestyle here, to roam your turf with you.

Melissa Holzberg: Colonials Weekend is for more than just parents

From my experience, being apart from a sibling can be just as, if not more, difficult than being apart from your parents. Colonials Weekend is a time for all of your people, not just mom and dad, to come visit.

Staff Editorial: Welcome to Colonials Weekend

You can sign up for as many parents listservs or follow as many GW Twitter accounts as you want, and attempt to pry bits of information from your kids, but you may still feel like you’re just getting scraps of news rather than the full picture. That’s our job: to provide context to the stories that call for it.

Sarah Blugis: UPD should wear body cameras to boost student trust

But when even I, the daughter of a cop, don’t have complete confidence in a police force, there’s a problem – and now we might have a way to fix it.

Staff Editorial: Faculty buyouts seem backed by good intentions

There’s no reason for students in the business school – or any other school – to panic over this news. The idea of buyouts may seem scary, but ultimately, it looks like the University does have students’ best interests in mind.

Jaggar DeMarco: For a Commencement speaker this spring, go small: Pick an Average Joe

The best Commencement speaker would be a person many of us have never heard of who can more accurately reflect the type of lives 99 percent of us will lead.

Jonah Lewis: To support advocacy groups, the University needs a women's center

A physical space would enable women's organizations to nurture a community through workshops, study hours, networking events and more – which they can’t accomplish working out of separate offices.

Staff Editorial: Cheer for GW athletics' commitment to sexual assault prevention

We’re thrilled our Colonials are taking up the issue of campus sexual assault. It will be important, though, that the University carries this momentum through the rest of the season, the school year and beyond so the message reaches as many people as possible.

David Meni: The University should expect more from the CSE

At a school where we often pride ourselves on student involvement, the CSE could do a much better job serving as a boon to student organizations instead of a burden.

Robin Jones Kerr: The contradiction of a 'fully-integrated' campus

A limitation to the ability to leave the Vern, get food while studying there or going shopping on the weekends is just one more strain on an already-tense relationship between Foggy students and the suburban campus.

Justin Peligri: All-female taxi service would improve student safety

For female students looking for a safe traveling alternative, the District should consider an all-female taxi service.

Sydney McKinley: Don't be consumed by personal branding

In this world of self-branding, we are constantly on trial for a job we haven’t even applied for yet.

Staff Editorial: Commercial rankings fail to fully capture GW

We shouldn’t waste time concerning ourselves with the tired U.S. News rankings or berate GW for its less-than-stellar position on the Times’ new list.

Jonah Lewis: Millennials should realize their role in D.C.'s homelessness crisis

As college graduates and students begin to move into the city and drive up the cost of living, D.C.’s poorest residents are suffering the most, often winding up homeless because they simply cannot find affordable housing.

Staff Editorial: Sanctions website misses opportunity to serve students

Administrators assured us it would be a step toward making an unseen disciplinary process more transparent. Instead, the vague descriptions on the website create more questions than clarity.

Sarah Blugis: NFL fans: Keep tuning in, but commit to activism

As a feminist and football fan, my interests are at odds with one another. Every year, I observe the violent culture that my favorite sport cultivates both on and off the field.

One on One: Don't underestimate unpaid internships

As students begin to fill out applications for spring internships across D.C., two Hatchet opinions writers reflect on the major takeaways from their summer internships.

Robin Jones Kerr & Sarah Blugis: GW should take Corcoran veterans mishap as a warning sign

It’s time for those in charge to go back over every detail of the merger and make sure nothing else slips through the cracks.

Rachel Furlow: Remember Greek unity during recruitment

It’s not surprising that members of Greek life are competitive at this time of year, with each chapter vying for the best recruits. But unfortunately, and unsurprisingly, this competition is often manifested in gossip and trash-talking.

Robin Jones Kerr: Think about gender diversity before going Greek

If you’re thinking about joining Greek life this semester, I ask that you take a moment to consider whether a single-sex organization is the place for you and what it might mean for preserving diversity in your life.

Cartoon: The Greeks are coming

Media Credit: Cartoon by Sophie McTear | Design Editor

Staff Editorial: Thumbs up, thumbs down

The Hatchet's editorial board looked at some of the biggest news from the past week, including Program Board's initiatives, GW's application changes and men's basketball's television schedule.

Robin Jones Kerr: A swing and a miss for GW's new application questions

I was disappointed to see last week that not even the University’s admissions essays are safe from the buff and blue splash zone.

Kinjo Kiema: GW needs a student-staffed survivor advocacy program

Students and alumni want an administrator who will act as guide for victims. But why not go bigger?

Justin Peligri: Three cheers for anti-sexual assault student activism

It’s not just the sheer number of student groups at GW that is attractive: It’s the substantive change many of these students fight for that is truly worth writing home about.

Jaggar DeMarco: Graduate students need the weight of the SA

Graduate students need to be welcomed into the existing SA to avoid furthering the divide between the graduate and undergraduate student populations.