Jonah Lewis: Millennials should realize their role in D.C.'s homelessness crisis

As college graduates and students begin to move into the city and drive up the cost of living, D.C.’s poorest residents are suffering the most, often winding up homeless because they simply cannot find affordable housing.

Staff Editorial: Sanctions website misses opportunity to serve students

Administrators assured us it would be a step toward making an unseen disciplinary process more transparent. Instead, the vague descriptions on the website create more questions than clarity.

Sarah Blugis: NFL fans: Keep tuning in, but commit to activism

As a feminist and football fan, my interests are at odds with one another. Every year, I observe the violent culture that my favorite sport cultivates both on and off the field.

One on One: Don't underestimate unpaid internships

As students begin to fill out applications for spring internships across D.C., two Hatchet opinions writers reflect on the major takeaways from their summer internships.

Robin Jones Kerr & Sarah Blugis: GW should take Corcoran veterans mishap as a warning sign

It’s time for those in charge to go back over every detail of the merger and make sure nothing else slips through the cracks.

Rachel Furlow: Remember Greek unity during recruitment

It’s not surprising that members of Greek life are competitive at this time of year, with each chapter vying for the best recruits. But unfortunately, and unsurprisingly, this competition is often manifested in gossip and trash-talking.

Robin Jones Kerr: Think about gender diversity before going Greek

If you’re thinking about joining Greek life this semester, I ask that you take a moment to consider whether a single-sex organization is the place for you and what it might mean for preserving diversity in your life.

Cartoon: The Greeks are coming

Media Credit: Cartoon by Sophie McTear | Design Editor

Staff Editorial: Thumbs up, thumbs down

The Hatchet's editorial board looked at some of the biggest news from the past week, including Program Board's initiatives, GW's application changes and men's basketball's television schedule.

Robin Jones Kerr: A swing and a miss for GW's new application questions

I was disappointed to see last week that not even the University’s admissions essays are safe from the buff and blue splash zone.

Kinjo Kiema: GW needs a student-staffed survivor advocacy program

Students and alumni want an administrator who will act as guide for victims. But why not go bigger?

Justin Peligri: Three cheers for anti-sexual assault student activism

It’s not just the sheer number of student groups at GW that is attractive: It’s the substantive change many of these students fight for that is truly worth writing home about.

Jaggar DeMarco: Graduate students need the weight of the SA

Graduate students need to be welcomed into the existing SA to avoid furthering the divide between the graduate and undergraduate student populations.

Sarah Blugis: Textbook debacle strains GW's relationship with students

Students are in a relationship with GW, not a marriage. What is ours is not theirs, and students shouldn’t be a quick source of cash if the University bookstore underperforms.

Staff Editorial: When it comes to sexual assault, GW must do more than cover legal bases

Choosing a lawyer before a student advocate implies that the University is taking care of itself before it takes care of survivors.

Staff Editorial: Corcoran merger promises bright future for GW's reputation

We still must wait to see how a once-autonomous college will function as a part of a whole. But we’re starting to look forward to the day when the Corcoran is fully integrated with GW.

Robin Jones Kerr: To underscore zero-tolerance policy, Knapp must condemn sexual assault on campus

I have no assurance that GW – the University, the institution, the administration – has any real commitment to ending sexual assault on our campus. And that’s because no one’s said so.

Claude Khalife: An opportunity for Knapp to demonstrate compassion

There’s no denying GW has a rich-kid reputation. The image has plagued the University for years. But it can be solved with efforts from the top down – and that starts with University President Steven Knapp.

Sarah Blugis: Why you should take a women's studies class

Spotting male students in these classes is fairly rare. Most have at least one or two men, who are consistently asked for “the male perspective” or need substantial warning before discussion of the menstrual cycle.

Staff Editorial: Keep the fundraising campaign focused on students

Student voices need to be kept in mind throughout the University's ambitious $1 billion fundraising campaign. Without them, we're concerned that GW will fail to operate as a learning institution and put business before the desires of its students.

Justin Peligri: In college, learning happens where you least expect it

Freshmen, your next four years will include a great deal of time inside the classroom. But if you do it right, those hours will only represent a fraction of your intellectual development.

Kinjo Kiema: Put gun violence on the divestment agenda

By appealing to our schools, students can start conversations about how to reduce gun violence. It’s one of the best ways to pressure the federal government to take action.

Justin Peligri: At CI, University lacks clear messaging about sexual assault resources

The University has yet to replace Deputy Title IX coordinator Tara Pereira, who stepped down from her post in December. That’s not something campus leaders are telling freshmen at CI.

Op-ed: Four lessons from your Student Association president

All incoming freshmen should know that you have elected representatives who are charged with connecting you to resources and improving your overall college experience.

Staff Editorial: Class of 2018, meet the editorial board

One of the only permanent fixtures of The Hatchet is also one of the most important pieces of content we produce: the staff editorial. Each week, this piece communicates the position of the paper on a particular topic.

Robin Jones Kerr: New students should make friends out of co-workers

I never expected that my on-campus jobs would give me a community of friends. Not only do we have a great deal in common, but we bond by working toward the same goal, under the banner of an institution that we hold dear.

Sarah Blugis: For freshmen, a healthy level of commitment to clubs means striking a balance

Some students dive into too many activities, becoming over-committed and overwhelmed. Others are too intimidated to join a single group, which might sabotage their overall GW experience.

Justin Peligri: For women in media, prospects aren't all rosy

The double standard we apply in conversations about female leaders versus male ones is something that all alumni, regardless of gender, should feel compelled to change in the profession they are about to join.

Jonah Lewis: Graduates should consider a year of community service

Students should consider full-time service as an option after graduation. Taking an entire gap year allows full devotion to an act of social change, a far deeper commitment than a few hours here and there.

Staff Editorial: Stay tuned: Five stories to follow this summer

Students must stay alert as these issues develop over the next few months. If we have major news to catch up on when summer break ends, the only way our complaining will be justified is if we've paid attention.