Jaggar DeMarco: 4-RIDE should better accommodate students with disabilities

GW should recognize that it’s inherently wrong to have differing services for two groups of students. It’s wrong to under-service a section of the student body while touting 4-RIDE’s benefits to everyone else.

Justin Peligri: Being honest about the role alcohol plays in sexual violence

Students, regardless of gender, should realize that they do have important choices to make. They should make the conscious decision to drink less if they know that alcohol consumption could land them in a dangerous situation.

Staff Editorial: Make the Marvin Center available for renaming

We have a history of activism on this campus, and that’s great. Although there’s no current movement to change the name of the Marvin Center, we have to respect the students who came before us who wanted it changed, the people Marvin discriminated against during his time here and any students who continue to be offended by GW’s adulation of the former president.

Sean Hurd: Tweak the offense to power GW past conference opponents

With two games against subpar competition remaining until they face their toughest three-game conference stretch of the year, the Colonials could benefit from a few tweaks to its offensive approach: move the ball, lean on junior point guard Joe McDonald to become a scorer and insert freshman forward Yuta Watanabe into the starting rotation.

Kinjo Kiema: University can better emphasize the dangers of mixing drugs

We should take steps to prevent student overdoses whether they’re on or off campus. That means proactively creating more comprehensive drug education programs for all students.

Sarah Blugis: Faculty should take it upon themselves to learn GW's sexual assault policies

It’s very scary and completely unacceptable that some professors don’t know where to direct students who confide in them about sexual assault.

Staff Editorial: GW's information lockdown presents disturbing trend, limits progress

On numerous occasions, GW has decided to cut off the flow of information when circumstances took a turn for the worse. While this is an understandable reaction, it is hurting student trust more than helping maintain an image, and reduces everyone’s ability to find joint solutions.

Robin Jones Kerr: Four notes to my freshman-year self

Amid all the advice I know freshmen are getting right now, here are a couple off-beat, lesser-known tips from someone who’s been there.

Cartoon: An end to the confusion about 2020 K St. classes draws near

With the announcement last week that this semester will be the last for classes in the 2020 K St. building, students may feel a bit confused after finally determining its location.

Melissa Holzberg: Thurston is not essential to the freshman experience

When I applied for freshman-year housing, I figured one person’s freshman experience – however much he or she might have enjoyed it or how idyllic it seemed to them – didn’t have to be mine.

Justin Peligri: Housing integration strengthens Corcoran merger

The inclusion of Corcoran students in GW’s housing rules and processes is critical to completing the GW-Corcoran merger. Although it might be uncomfortable for students at first, this is the best move for a school looking to prove it has a diverse student body that functions harmoniously.

Cartoon: Decisions, decisions

Media Credit: Cartoon by Jay Fondin

Staff Editorial: Thumbs up, thumbs down

The Hatchet's editorial board looks at some of the biggest news from winter break, including the opening of the new Colonial Health Center and GW's decision to give City Hall residents a partial refund.

Cartoon: Time to emerge from winter break hibernation

Winter break is over and it is time to get back to work.

David Meni: Create a student board to bolster campus publications

By uniting under a board, student groups at GW that self-publish would be able to share the knowledge and skills they’ve accumulated, form a unified front to address similar problems and collectively increase readership.

Sasha Kobliha: In art history classes, students find novelty and flexibility

As spring 2015 dawns on us, full of new resolutions and schedules, students should act during the add/drop period and expose themselves to this debate – one that continues to rage on in the art world – by taking an art history class.

Justin Peligri: A year in Knapp quotes

Over the past year, University President Steven Knapp, the definitive voice on all things GW, shared his thoughts about top campus news, often in interviews with The Hatchet. Here’s what he said – and why it matters.

Sean Hurd: Watanabe's dependability off the bench is big benefit for Lonergan

For a men’s basketball team that has lacked consistent performance, freshman Yuta Watanabe has been a source of certainty through his first eight contests.

Claude Khalife: When spring rush comes, don't discount alternative Greek life

For anyone thinking about rushing in the spring, remember that your options do not stop at the traditional fraternities and sororities: The wealth of alternative Greek groups at this school should not be discounted.

Staff Editorial: Semester in Review: Recovering from blows to student morale

This is the second in a two-part staff editorial reviewing GW’s fall semester and evaluating the state of campus morale. In this installment, the editorial board looks at student life.

Robin Jones Kerr: Don't define post-grad success by the city you live in or the job you snag

As we close out 2014 and seniors begin to think about post-graduation options, we shouldn’t forget that success can be defined in ways other than finding work at a place with name recognition.

Cartoon: Buckling down between the holidays

Sometimes finals get in the way of enjoying your holiday feast.

Sean Hurd: Larsen's slow start spells trouble for the Colonials

Larsen must start playing like the player he claims to be and the big man the team needs him to be. The Armwood safety blanket is gone.

Staff Editorial: Semester in review: Boosting faculty and research morale

This is the first in a two-part staff editorial series reviewing GW’s fall semester and evaluating the state of campus morale. First up: faculty and research.

One on One: The promise and limitations of 'It's On Us'

Two opinions writers chat about “It’s On Us,” the sexual assault awareness campaign that just wrapped up its National Week of Action. They look at the campaign using a wider lens and analyze its potential impact on this campus and beyond.

Jaggar DeMarco: An alternative Thanksgiving to-do list

I want to avoid getting bogged down in work then entering that inevitable spiral of shame after I wind up not doing any of it. That’s why I've designed a to-do list to help all GW students make the most of their Thanksgiving – outside of schoolwork.

Cartoon: Mourning the passing of a dear friend

Last week, administrators announced a change in how GW will pay for the construction of the $275 million Science and Engineering Hall as a result of the untimely failure of an originally planned source: fundraising.

Kirby Dzurny: Don't give in to the pressure to study abroad

In a community that is constantly pressuring students to go overseas, we aren’t always informed about the negatives. I’ve come to realize that we only get a few years at GW, and this is not the time to leave.

Sean Hurd: Colonials can only go as far as their bench allows

GW’s starters, health permitting, have the capability to take this team far, but if the starting five’s production goes uncomplemented like it did for most of last season, the Colonials will struggle against the country’s better teams.

Staff Editorial: GW must enable the RHA to think bigger

GW's housing department needs to show the RHA that it will look to them as more than just a student organization that gives out free food in the lobbies of buildings. It should see the RHA as the single, major go-between for students and the University.