Sydney Erhardt: Releasing admissions data would make GW more transparent

If GW released its anonymous admissions data in full, it would be a valuable step toward transparency in light of its “data-gate” scandals in the past.

Jose Torres: MSSC diversity talks should include political topics

If the MSSC wants to develop a more inclusive campus community , officials should add sessions that address political diversity.

Arianne Noorestani: Classroom environments affect students' success

Officials might overlook just how important the classroom environment is – but windowless classrooms with chipping paint are a hindrance to learning.

Sara Brouda: Let students choose whether to use laptops in class

If students feel that taking notes on computers is the way they want to learn the information, then they should be able to make that decision.

Staff editorial: Humanities courses add value to our educations

Regardless of a student’s academic path, taking humanities courses expands a student’s mind and perspective.

Clare Otting: GW should consider Blackboard alternatives

Although GW’s history with Blackboard is financially advantageous, the University should find and utilize the best online learning site for students.

Staff Editorial: Colonials Weekend lineup lags without celebrity headliner

Colonials weekend is coming, and upperclassmen may notice something a little different about this year’s schedule: There’s no big-name celebrity headliner.

Melissa Holzberg: GW should improve communications during on-campus emergencies

Students should have gotten more consistent updates about the steps police were taking – even if they just told us that investigations were ongoing.

Gavin Derleth: It's time the Vex goes 'green'

GW should recognize that electric buses are a long-term sustainable solution to transportation. It's time that the Vex stops running on diesel fuel.

Avalon Potter: Microeconomics placement exam doesn't benefit all students

The current policy holds back students who might be capable of succeeding but struggle to recall basic math skills they haven't used since the eighth grade.

Staff Editorial: Changes in campus climate survey limit data's usefulness

The 2014 and 2015 climate survey results are incomparable. And university officials need to fill in the blanks.

Renee Pineda: Students should have access to free tampons, pads

A tax or a price tag that treats menstruation as a luxury rather than as necessity is restrictive and harmful to those who need these hygienic products.

Irene Ly: Food pantry strengthens GW's focus on accessibility

Opening a pantry demonstrates that officials are aware that some students have a hard time making ends meet – for short or for long periods of time.

Nate Muramatsu: GW students should guide D.C. high schoolers through college applications

GW students should guide students through the college application process to ensure that D.C. high schoolers have the tools to be competitive candidates.

Claude Khalife: GW should consider admitting Syrian refugees

With a driven administration and an involved student body, awareness about refugees can be translated into action.