Dan Grover: Many students at GW don’t fit the standard narrative

In reality, GW’s narrative revolves around more than just Capitol Hill and the White House.

Sasha Kobliha: If home is far away, make yourself at home in D.C.

For those of us struggling to decide whether leaving home was the right choice, it's helpful to think of GW and D.C. as a temporary home.

Raya Hudhud: Procrastination doesn't always have to be a bad thing

Procrastination gives us time – time to do what we want to do rather than what is expected of us.

Staff Editorial: Adding a J-term would give students more opportunities

Plenty of schools, and three of GW’s peers, have a January Term, or a J-term – a winter break that extends through the end of January.

Elias Economou: It's a privilege to receive help paying for college

When you have help paying for college, it’s easy to forget that not everyone does.

Nate Muramatsu: Students have a right to their families’ help paying for college

It’s no longer easy to “pay your own way” through school, but with college being so important, it is a family's obligation to help pay for school.

Randa Zammam: There's no place for bias in the classroom

We often hear that GW is a “diverse” school. To me, “diverse” implies a mix of people from all types of backgrounds and cultures with a myriad of views all coming to one school to learn together. But diverse doesn’t always go hand-in-hand with "open-minded.”

Essay: Religion and my not-quite-quarter-life crisis

Being both religious and inquisitive has made me a paradox of myself. But after a few life crises, I'm finally okay with that.

Sara Merken:GW should require a personal finance class

Millennials have inadequate financial knowledge, but GW could help combat this by requiring students to take a personal finance class.

Staff Editorial: What students should know about this year's SA elections

Around this time of year, it’s important for students to remember that they hold all of the power in the SA election.

Essay: My race is not yours to decide

It’s not my fault that you did not take the time to ask me about my race.

Jonah Lewis: Honorary degrees aren't worth the trouble

the controversy over Cosby’s honorary degree reveals a larger problem: Honorary degrees can bring with them huge public relations nightmares.

Staff Editorial: Right now, affordability isn't a reasonable goal for GW

It isn’t necessarily the case that GW is simply unwilling to lower tuition. In fact, the University cannot lower tuition right now.

Sarah Abdelkahlek: Changing your major doesn't have to be scary

While it may seem like you have to satisfy friends and family by following a certain major or career path, pursuing a passion is equally significant.

Jaggar DeMarco:The pros and cons of business cards

Coming to college signifies the beginning of one’s professional life. For me, that reality came when I made my own business cards.

Staff Editorial: D.C. Council should listen to students' concerns about UPD

Given students’ objections to UPD patrolling off-campus in the past, it’s a shame that the Council is ignoring what students have to say.

Margot Besnard:How to decide if the Grad2Grad program is right for you

If you’re thinking about going to graduate school, look at all aspects of the GW Grad2Grad program, not just the 10 percent tuition discount.

Teddy Clamp: 'College families' would be a home away from home for freshmen

It can be difficult for many students to build a support system when they get to college, that's why GW should create a 'College Family' system.

Sarah Blugis: The Keefer family's lawsuit shows bravery

Hopefully, the Keefer family’s courage will foster a more open dialogue about mental health on campus.

Dan Grover: Consider joining a 'cult of fitness' next year

As everyone’s trying to stay healthy, it’s interesting to see the rise of what I call the “cult of fitness.”

Staff Editorial: Semester in Review: From high-profile vacancies to Greek life

This week, The Hatchet’s editorial board reviewed this semester to look for trends and point out the most significant events of the last few months.

Sarah Blugis: GW can do more with its social media presence

It’s no secret that the University has been trying to modernize its internet and social media presence.

Claude Khalife: My experience in Paris opened my eyes to Syrian refugees' struggles

As one of the students in the GW Paris exchange program, my semester thus far had been idyllic.

Kendrick Baker: GW needs guidelines for grade distribution

Even within the classes that I’ve taken, each professor calculates their own curve differently, since the University doesn’t have a specific policy on grade distribution.

Melissa Holzberg:Peer mentorship program would benefit SMPA students

SMPA students are often left on their own to figure out courses during their freshman year. A peer mentor could help fill in these information gaps.

Randa Zammam: The fight to save the arts isn't over

Students should work harder to convince the University that they care about the arts and other creative programs at GW.

Staff Editorial: GW should be the first to speak out against harmful sexual assault bill

GW should take advantage of this unique opportunity and become the first school to publicly oppose the Safe Campus Act.

Irene Ly: First-generation students should take advantage of new support system

First-generation students experiencing culture shock should jump at the chance to participate in this organization to help ease their transition.

Varun Joshi: Graduate and undergraduate students need more chances to interact

GW should rectify the gap between undergraduate and graduate students by organizing informal campus events that benefit both groups.

Staff Editorial: Proposed class for resident advisers points to broader issues

GW’s sudden impulse to change resident advisers' responsibilities leaves us wondering whether RAs are valued for the amount of work on their plates.