Melissa Holzberg:Peer mentorship program would benefit SMPA students

SMPA students are often left on their own to figure out courses during their freshman year. A peer mentor could help fill in these information gaps.

Randa Zammam: The fight to save the arts isn't over

Students should work harder to convince the University that they care about the arts and other creative programs at GW.

Staff Editorial: GW should be the first to speak out against harmful sexual assault bill

GW should take advantage of this unique opportunity and become the first school to publicly oppose the Safe Campus Act.

Irene Ly: First-generation students should take advantage of new support system

First-generation students experiencing culture shock should jump at the chance to participate in this organization to help ease their transition.

Varun Joshi: Graduate and undergraduate students need more chances to interact

GW should rectify the gap between undergraduate and graduate students by organizing informal campus events that benefit both groups.

Staff Editorial: Proposed class for resident advisers points to broader issues

GW’s sudden impulse to change resident advisers' responsibilities leaves us wondering whether RAs are valued for the amount of work on their plates.

Andrew Costello:Student Association leadership needs to break new ground

It’s essential that SA leadership not only designs initiatives, but also takes decisive actions to see those initiatives enacted by the University.

Staff Editorial: It’s time to overhaul Colonial Inauguration

Right now, GW is doing its students a disservice by keeping Colonial Inauguration so separate from the rest of their freshman year.

Irene Ly: Stop asking, 'When am I going to use this?'

With class registration approaching, shoot for registering for at least one class you're interested in, even if it doesn't fulfill any requirements.

Margot Besnard:Students should re-evaluate their smartphone usage

If we establish rules about when to disconnect from technology we can work toward a balance between digital connection and a real-life presence.

Yusuf Mansoor: Make classes more interesting by incorporating technology

There a number of ways professors could add some life to the traditional class style through more innovative technology.

Staff Editorial: A Title IX investigation could benefit GW

This lawsuit could very well trigger an Title IX investigation by the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights – and that wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.

Shwetha Srinivasan: A domestic exchange program provides more chances to explore

Through study away programs, students can gain cross-cultural perspectives in diverse communities within the United States.

Cartoon: The scariest part of Halloween

GW created a responder program this fall for neighbors to report their complaints about off-campus student behavior, a perennial issue in the Foggy Bottom area.

Staff Editorial: GW should have revoked Cosby's honorary degree

What Cosby did is an affront not only to women, but in some ways to students and activists on college campuses.

Melissa Holzberg:Students, take advantage of the lull in political activism

I came to GW to express myself politically but also mindfully. In this political lull, reflect on why being “political” isn’t always better.

Elias Economou: It's time to re-evaluate campus lighting

GW needs to conduct a study that investigates whether campus lighting is sufficient, and look for improvements to make over the next few years.

Laura Castro Lindarte:GW should bridge the communication gap with international parents

GW needs language-specific liaisons for parents of international students to help bridge communication gaps between GW and international parents.

Sky Singer: New CCAS advising system is too impersonal

In such a large academic community, students need to develop a relationship with one adviser, which the new CCAS advising system does not allow.

Staff Editorial: We need to get serious about active shooter preparedness

Students need more formal, up-front training about how to respond in an active shooter situation, whether in person or through an online training.

Hillel Zand: Writing ability should determine placement in UW classes

The University Writing Program aims to bring all students to the same standard of writing, but every freshman arrives at GW at a different writing level.

Brooke Olefson: Confessions of a freshman who dropped out of recruitment

After getting to GW, I realized just how hard it actually is to find a home on campus – so I decided to sign up for recruitment.

Manuel Mas: Students returning from a withdrawal need more support

The GW community – including students, faculty and University officials – should do more to help students just returning from a temporary withdrawal.

Meghana Aghi:Go your own pace freshman year

There’s no harm in taking your first year of college to find yourself, rather than getting lost in the desire to overachieve.

Kendrick Baker:Preventing sexual assault requires more than just training

Students must be willing to actively change the culture of silence and hostility on campus – that starts with sexual assault prevention training.

Staff Editorial: What parents need to know this Colonials Weekend

It’s tough to keep up with everything happening on campus, especially if you aren’t here every day.

Elias Economou: Give students an incentive to use public transportation

GW should give students an incentive to leave campus through a credit on their GWorld cards, which can be used to ride the bus or the Metro.

Staff Editorial: Top-level departures show a lack of stability

It’s time for the University to get this turnover under control, and demonstrate a commitment to keeping its most important departments more stable – for everyone’s sake.

David Meni: GW needs to make campus more pedestrian-friendly

The campus streetscape is still lacking when it comes to making Foggy Bottom safer for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

Devon Fitzgerald: Students should treat international teaching assistants with more respect

When people talk about their discussion sections, if the teaching assistant's name is hard to pronounce, it’s met with a sympathetic sigh.