Kendrick Baker:Students need weight room orientations

Orientations would serve as an important introduction to weight room equipment in the gym, and help minimize injuries and embarrassment.

Shwetha Srinivasan:GW should adopt new way for students to finance college with less debt

Income-share programs could make a GW education more accessible and let students graduate with less debt.

Staff editorial:It's time GW finds its footing in online learning

GW should invest in its future now and design standardized online programs before the University misses its chance to be a frontrunner in online learning.

Sarah Blugis: Students, don't get jaded by GW's unique location

We shouldn't forget to appreciate the opportunities we have by studying blocks away from the White House in a unique city with tons to offer.

Essay: My disability doesn't make me an 'other'

I don’t exactly fit the mold or the typical classifications of a student, no matter where I go. More often than not, I am an “other” on campus.

Stefan Sultan:Elliott School requires too many math, economics courses

Elliott students already take three semesters of economics, and a research methods course. The additional math requirement makes this major too math-heavy.

Staff editorial: Student engagement should still be a priority for UPD

UPD arrests on campus have tripled in one year. But the department's priority to engage with students feels stagnated.

David Meni: Graduate and undergraduate students should work to understand each other

Transitioning from being an undergraduate to a graduate student at GW is sometimes surreal.

Dan Grover: GW's campus doesn't foster community, and that's OK

People talk about the lack of school spirit here a lot. It's something I've discussed with friends, incoming students and even with family back home.

Meghana Aghi: Gap years can better prepare students for college

A gap year would have given me time to figure out my interests before coming to college, something that every high school senior should consider.

Sarah Abdelkahlek: Don't judge students who go home frequently

Students who commute from home or visit their hometowns often, they probably have reasons you're not aware of.

Staff Editorial: The future of GW, continued

Where do you see yourself in 20 years? Rather than ask ourselves that question, we decided to explore what GW will look like long after we’ve graduated.

Essay: The 'What I Be Project' acknowledged that I'm more than my anxiety

Writing “I can keep it together” across my forehead for everyone to see was my way of announcing that I am more than my anxiety.

Justin Caruso: Students should argue about politics more often

We rarely argue with each other in any substantial way – through facts, evidence and well-supported claims.

Sara Merken: Consider taking an exercise course next semester

If you take a look at the course selection, you’ll notice that no matter what type of exercise interests you, there’s an LSPA class for it.

Laura Castro Lindarte: Metro riders should remember that safety is in their hands, too

I’m a regular Metro rider in D.C. – a city that has long been threatened on terrorists’ hit lists.

Staff Editorial: The future of GW

Where do you see yourself in 20 years? Rather than ask ourselves that question, we decided to explore what GW will look like long after we’ve graduated.

Essay: Not your average progressive thinkpiece

When I decided to call myself a progressive, it was because that label embodied empathy and concern. But now, that empathy was replaced with indignation.

Felipe Chiriboga: When planning your study abroad, consider going for a year

Studying abroad for an academic year compared to one semester would help students abroad immerse themselves in their new school and culture.

Melissa Holzberg: Admitted students should consider more than just a brochure

Before committing to a university, students should consider two key ares: Return on investment and the reality of a school versus the brochure version.

Staff Editorial: Students, keep pushing to improve Mental Health Services

The spotlight is back on mental health right now, since GW is facing both a mental health related lawsuit and a licensing scandal.

Michelle Cohn: Students should take advantage of classes about race

With class registration coming up, students – especially white students – should consider taking one of the classes GW offers that are focused on race.

Sky Singer: GW should offer more classes focused on specific current events

GW should be bolder with the humanities courses it offers, and give students the chance to study current events in depth.

Claude Khalife: Don't forget that gender bias still exists in college classrooms

We, especially men, must figure out how to counteract the problem of unconscious gender bias.

Editorial Board: Vote yes on the WMATA referendum

An unlimited Metro pass could make a substantial dent in some students’ cost of living – especially those who commute to internships several days a week.

Hatchet Endorsement: Thomas Falcigno for SA executive vice president

Because we believe he has the personality and the drive to be a leader, The Hatchet’s editorial board endorses Thomas Falcigno for SA executive vice president.

Hatchet Endorsement: Christina Giordano for SA president

Though she demonstrated few of the qualities we look for in a candidate, The Hatchet’s editorial board endorses Christina Giordano for SA president.

Staff Editorial: GW students need comprehensive fire prevention and safety training

Take a moment to consider the last time you learned anything about fire prevention and safety.

Kendrick Baker: Students shouldn't pay for internship credit that exceeds the 17 credit limit

GW should reaffirm its commitment to providing students with real world experience by eliminating those extra charges.

Talia Balakirsky: Some schools have eliminated 8 a.m. classes, but GW needs them

For those who are highly involved on campus and also hold an internship, taking advantage of these early classes is essential.