Staff Editorial: Stay tuned: Stories to keep watching this year

It’s tempting to block the University from our minds, but you should keep these issues on your radar while you’re lounging at the pool or fetching coffee as an intern this summer.

Andrew Costello: Make the results of course evaluations available to students

If students had as much information about classes and professors as possible while making their course selections, many of the problems that they experience with professors could be alleviated.

Familiar faces share their favorite college memories

Thankfully, our favorite college memories stay with us. This week, we asked some of GW’s administrators and professors to share some of theirs.

Dan Grover: Focus on opportunities to support the arts

As students, we need to encourage the University to host more events in support of the arts, and get more involved in the already existing communities on our campus.

Staff Editorial: Graduates, remember D.C.'s complicated past

Recent graduates making a home in D.C. should think of themselves as residents, and should consider whether they have a moral obligation to support the communities they’re moving into.

Margot Besnard: Avoid gender stereotypes when evaluating professors

When we read reviews on RateMyProfessor and fill out course evaluations at the end of the semester, we should remember that our perceptions might be influenced by gendered stereotypes that disadvantage female professors.

Sarah Blugis: To increase visibility, Knapp should teach a class for freshmen

Teaching a class would make Knapp much more of a friendly, familiar face on campus. Right now, students may only hear him speak briefly at an event or catch a glimpse of him through his car window.

Staff Editorial: The dos and don'ts of student advocacy

There has undeniably been an upward trend in attention-grabbing student advocacy that aims to change policies at GW or bring attention to important issues.

Jonah Lewis: What I learned from reading my admissions file

I filed my own FERPA request. I anticipated that, given classic GW bureaucracy, this wouldn’t be easy – and I wasn’t wrong.

Robin Jones Kerr: How I learned to root for the home team

When I head to the University-wide ceremony on the Mall, I can rest a little bit easier knowing that though I may not adore GW as an institution, the part of it that gave me my academic home for four years is still going strong – and that’s as good a reason to support the team as any.

Melissa Holzberg:Admitted students days don't give a real "inside" look at GW

We won’t know whether the revamp to GW's admitted students days was a success or a failure until high school seniors enroll on May 1. But in the meantime, it’s important to note that an elaborate five days in April are not a good representation of college life, and for most students, won’t be the reason they choose one school over another.

Sara Merken: How GW can make sustainability cool

GW can make sustainability a fun aspect of campus life that actually interests students, rather than a chore.

Georgia Lawson: Ease the transition for new freshmen from your hometown

As incoming freshmen from our hometowns prepare to start their college careers, we should personally try to help them transition by giving advice, answering questions and offering help.

Justin Peligri: Stop scorning my college degree

There’s nothing wrong with not going to college. There is, however, something very wrong when a neutral fact of life – that some people attend college – is belittled in the form of a political talking point, which I’ve seen echoed across cable news recently.

Staff Editorial: New UPD chief can repair damaged department, rebuild student trust

When a new police chief is chosen as early as next month, he or she won’t find the department in the best shape.

Robin Jones Kerr: Recognize the value of graduate student connections

Grad students can offer both graduating seniors and underclassmen valuable career insights, connections and resources, and it’s time we start putting real effort into our relationships with our more senior counterparts.

Felipe Chiriboga: To find the best students, GW should consider MOOC performance

Because MOOCs are designed by college professors and based on college courses, high schoolers can take them to show their mastery of a topic before ever enrolling.

Margot Besnard: Why GW should partner with Uber

The only advantage of 4-RIDE now is that it’s free – but that means students who can’t afford a service like Uber are left without a reliable, efficient option.

Staff Editorial: Don't abandon hope for GW's long-term plans

Students, faculty and staff should keep in mind that the headlines don’t always give the full picture of the state of GW – one that’s actually more stable than scary.

Shwetha Srinivasan: A mission to improve campus mental health should go beyond the UCC

It’s time to consider the adoption of a more holistic approach to tackling mental health issues.

Sasha Kobliha: Don't be fooled by Greek life stereotypes

From the outside, Greek life looks like a convoluted mess of foreign terminology and repetitive songs. For so long, I stubbornly harbored preconceived notions that clouded my understanding of Greek culture.

Staff Editorial: To ease J Street's problems, take a minimalist approach

All this talk is predicated on the idea that GW needs a large dining hall. Simply put, it doesn’t. It’s an unrealistic and unnecessary goal to strive for, and it’s time we give up on the idea.

One on One: Finding television's political takeaways

Two Hatchet opinions columnists discuss the idea of socially conscious television-viewing in the context of some of their favorite programs: “Looking,” “Girls” and “How To Get Away With Murder.”

Sarah Blugis: Why I quit the Republican Party

I don’t regret coming to GW as a member of the GOP. It has given me a unique perspective on the left/right divide, and if nothing else, has made me so much happier with the position I’m in now: I openly call myself an independent.

Staff Editorial: Music department cuts go against GW's commitment to arts

The Corcoran will surely bring benefits to GW over time, but these cuts to the music department have an immediate and drastic impact on students.

Melissa Holzberg: Student Health Service should expand hours to better serve students

Not all spurts of illness happen during business hours, and not all students are even able to make an appointment time during the workday because of classes and work schedules. We live in a 24/7 world, and it is time for our health clinic to reflect that.

Robin Jones Kerr: Finding value in the SA debate

Tuesday night, there was little real discussion about how the candidates would implement their platforms during either the presidential or executive vice presidential debates.

Hatchet endorsement: Andie Dowd for SA president

It was clear to us from reading Dowd’s platform, and from how she spoke about her research in her endorsement hearing, that she chose her priorities based on conversations with students about the issues that most trouble them every day.

Editorial Board: Vote no on fossil fuel divestment referendum

The problem with this bill is that it conflates two issues that should actually be addressed in two parts: disclosure and divestment

Editorial Board: Vote yes on sexual assault prevention and education referendum

This mandatory training would be another crucial box to check off, and would make a huge difference in ensuring that all students are educated about the resources available to them.