Sydney Erhardt: Trump's student loan policies could help students more than we expect

While some of Trump’s rhetoric may seem scary, what he has said so far about student loans should put students at ease.

Kendrick Baker: Student groups should focus on push for sanctuary campus

Although most of the demands made by student organizations last month were valid, students should focus first on establishing a sanctuary campus.

Staff Editorial: Students can make campus 'liberal bubble' less restrictive

We aren't going to be able to pop the liberal bubble – and that's OK. But students should actively try to make the bubble less restrictive.

Diana Wallens: Universities should fire professors for hateful online comments

If professors are openly intolerant of some groups online, they cannot be trusted to provide a welcoming environment to students.

Nate Muramatsu: Post-election student demands are unrealistic

Students are calling on administrators to make unfeasible and unrealistic changes, when they could have created a productive dialogue on campus.

Sara Brouda: Palestinian flag had no place at student walk-out

The Palestinian flag is a divisive symbol and shouldn't have been included at a walk-out to promote inclusivity.

Staff Editorial: Anti-smoking education would be better than ban

The smoking ban has proven to be ineffective. Therefore, It’s time for officials to be more realistic and slowly move away from the ban.

Kelly Skinner: GW should get creative to make housing affordable

GW should search for creative affordable housing accommodations for students forced to live on campus.

Sara Brouda: Housing and counseling offices must be able to work together

Mental Health Services staff should be able to intervene on behalf of students for housing accommodations.

Matilda Kreider: Environmental science department would confirm commitment to sustainability

If GW wants to effectively educate the next generation of environmental scientists, officials should create an environmental science department.

Sky Singer: GW's class registration system should consider students' majors, grade levels

A class registration system should give preference to students by class year and major, not a fast internet connection.

Staff Editorial: GW should stop asking applicants about felony convictions

There’s a stigma around the word “felony.” When people hear the word they might imagine a stereotyped image of what a felon is.

Shwetha Srinivasan: Adjunct professors should better utilize real-world experience in courses

Adjunct professors can mentor their students in applying classroom knowledge to the real world – but the University needs to standardize how they do this.

Emily Jennings: Lack of on-campus food options could trigger eating disorders

Just as academic stress can cause anxiety, a lack of food options can have a severe impact on those who have previously dealt with eating disorders.

Sydney Erhardt: How to make the most of your election night run to the White House

The GW tradition of running to the White House after a U.S. presidential election race is called is finally upon us.