Sarah Blugis: Why I quit the Republican Party

I don’t regret coming to GW as a member of the GOP. It has given me a unique perspective on the left/right divide, and if nothing else, has made me so much happier with the position I’m in now: I openly call myself an independent.

Staff Editorial: Music department cuts go against GW's commitment to arts

The Corcoran will surely bring benefits to GW over time, but these cuts to the music department have an immediate and drastic impact on students.

Melissa Holzberg: Student Health Service should expand hours to better serve students

Not all spurts of illness happen during business hours, and not all students are even able to make an appointment time during the workday because of classes and work schedules. We live in a 24/7 world, and it is time for our health clinic to reflect that.

Robin Jones Kerr: Finding value in the SA debate

Tuesday night, there was little real discussion about how the candidates would implement their platforms during either the presidential or executive vice presidential debates.

Hatchet endorsement: Andie Dowd for SA president

It was clear to us from reading Dowd’s platform, and from how she spoke about her research in her endorsement hearing, that she chose her priorities based on conversations with students about the issues that most trouble them every day.

Editorial Board: Vote no on fossil fuel divestment referendum

The problem with this bill is that it conflates two issues that should actually be addressed in two parts: disclosure and divestment

Editorial Board: Vote yes on sexual assault prevention and education referendum

This mandatory training would be another crucial box to check off, and would make a huge difference in ensuring that all students are educated about the resources available to them.

Hatchet endorsement: Carlo Wood for SA executive vice president

In the end, Wood barely edged out Perry by picking issues for his platform that were more suitable to the EVP role.

Sydney McKinley: Establish mandatory diversity training for GW faculty

If GW is serious about improving campus culture, it must think carefully about “diversity” among the people we interact with most closely and consistently: professors.

Teddy Clamp: Academic sports, though under-appreciated, are valuable

Many of my friends at GW did academic sports in high school, but dropped out once they got to college. But these organizations can afford their members a wide range of benefits, from discovering a passion for public speaking to boosting resumes.

Staff Editorial: Students, get loud about MSSC's disrepair

Those who don’t frequent the G Street building should care for the sake of caring – to demonstrate that they’re allies. Most students here will never know the experience of walking into a classroom and not seeing anyone who looks like themselves, or of living in a building with few people from similar backgrounds.

Sean Hurd: Give GW women's basketball the respect it deserves

Despite impressive performances all season, seats remained vacant in the Smith Center for much of the regular season. The women’s team has still fallen victim to the same perception and disinterest that plagues women’s sports, and women’s basketball in particular.

Justin Peligri: Tim Cook is what we've been waiting for

The fact that GW can boast what is likely its first openly gay Commencement speaker at a time of intense campus activism and prominence for our gay community is just one reason it’s fitting he’s our pick.

Sarah Blugis: Freshmen, save yourselves from the sophomore slump

My sophomore year was a bust for one reason: I made bad choices at the end of my first year. But you still have time. Set yourselves up for next year right now, and you can avoid the sophomore slump.

Staff Editorial: Thumbs up, thumbs down

The editorial board looks at some of the biggest news stories from the past week, including cuts to employees' tuition benefits, sustainability efforts at J Street, discontent in the Student Association and speeches from well-known public figures on campus.

Kendrick Baker: To solve CCAS advising problems, utilize faculty

In a time of upheaval for the advising department, it would be prudent for CCAS to consider alternatives to the current system – and one solution might be hybrid professional-faculty advising.

Margot Besnard: Making the most of office hours

Students should be more proactive about attending, and it may be time for professors to try new approaches to encouraging in-person interactions.

Kinjo Kiema: Mandatory expulsion could deter sexual assault, improve campus climate

Instead of contriving methods to prevent people from being assaulted, we should focus on deterring that kind of behavior altogether by making expulsion the default consequence for those found guilty of severe types of sexual violence.

Staff Editorial: GW can prove its commitment to mental health by making all counseling sessions free

If GW wants to convince students that mental health is a priority and not a PR move, it should make all counseling services, not just the first six sessions, free – period.

Sarah Blugis: Take back your sex life

We can decide how much we participate in hookup culture, if at all. We can decide who we want to fall in love with, if anyone. And we can decide how much sex we want to have, if any.

Elinoam Abramov: GW should form a student union

The power of student political action would increase dramatically if we were to work together, advocating based on a democratically reached consensus. At GW, it could come in the form of a student union.

Staff Editorial: As GW aims for NCAA power player status, students stand to benefit

An expansion of the University’s areas of focus is a choice that will benefit future generations of students. And by inserting itself into the conversation, GW is paving the way for lesser-known schools in the sports world to do the same.

Staff Editorial: When it comes to sexual violence survey results, knowledge is power

This is something we have to deal with together because at the end of the day, the problems revealed by this survey aren’t the responsibility of any one group – not just the University, not just our professors, not just students or parents.

Georgia Lawson: Higher education can take a hint from TED

TED focuses on innovation rather than memorization. It’s a platform for individuals to present non-normative ideas and outline real pathways to change.

Robin Jones Kerr: Lack of follow-through on ambitious plans exposes GW's disconnect

It’s irresponsible to focus on the big picture without considering the day-to-day aspects, which, when mishandled, often fall hardest on students and faculty.

Jaggar DeMarco: 4-RIDE should better accommodate students with disabilities

GW should recognize that it’s inherently wrong to have differing services for two groups of students. It’s wrong to under-service a section of the student body while touting 4-RIDE’s benefits to everyone else.

Justin Peligri: Being honest about the role alcohol plays in sexual violence

Students, regardless of gender, should realize that they do have important choices to make. They should make the conscious decision to drink less if they know that alcohol consumption could land them in a dangerous situation.

Staff Editorial: Make the Marvin Center available for renaming

We have a history of activism on this campus, and that’s great. Although there’s no current movement to change the name of the Marvin Center, we have to respect the students who came before us who wanted it changed, the people Marvin discriminated against during his time here and any students who continue to be offended by GW’s adulation of the former president.

Sean Hurd: Tweak the offense to power GW past conference opponents

With two games against subpar competition remaining until they face their toughest three-game conference stretch of the year, the Colonials could benefit from a few tweaks to its offensive approach: move the ball, lean on junior point guard Joe McDonald to become a scorer and insert freshman forward Yuta Watanabe into the starting rotation.

Kinjo Kiema: University can better emphasize the dangers of mixing drugs

We should take steps to prevent student overdoses whether they’re on or off campus. That means proactively creating more comprehensive drug education programs for all students.