Experts question GW's test-optional shift

by Eva Palmer | News Editor

When GW announced Monday that it would no longer require applicants to submit SAT or ACT scores, University officials pitched the policy change as a way to attract “underrepresented” students. But amid a rising acceptance rate and financial struggles, experts are skeptical the plan will be effective.

Fourth-year law student died of natural causes in November

by Colleen Murphy and Jacqueline Thomsen | Hatchet Editors

His cause of death was an abnormal heart rhythm known as a cardiac arrhythmia, which can occur when electrical impulses coordinating heartbeats don’t work properly, according to the Mayo Clinic. The arrhythmia was due to hyponatremic dehydration, the medical examiner said.

Recent alumnus remembered as compassionate, loyal and 'whip smart'

by Jacqueline Thomsen | Senior News Editor

Keaton Marek was found dead at 24th and M streets. His professors said he was a compassionate and eager student, who was not afraid to debate his classmates. Marek graduated from GW with a degree in political science in May.

What's the deal with the 'Superdorm?'

by Eva Palmer | News Editor

It’s a bird! It’s a crane! No, it’s Superdorm.

Most surprising crimes of 2014-15

by Robin Eberhardt | Assistant News Editor

The University's crime log documents some of the interesting and outlandish rule violations occurring on campus every week, in addition to giving students a heads up on the serious crimes that have happened.

Going Greek? Here's what you need to know

by Eva Palmer | News Editor

Got Greek letters on the brain? Always dreamed of singing “Wagon Wheel” on the patio of one of those townhouses you saw on your first tour of campus? Or just interested in learning the basics?

Emergency resources to be listed on back of GWorlds

by Eva Palmer | News Editor

The phone numbers of five emergency services will now be listed on the back of new GWorld cards, a key part of Student Association President Andie Dowd’s campaign platform from earlier this year and the first checkmark on her overall goals.


by Ryan Lasker | Assistant News Editor

Crime log

by Robin Eberhardt | Assistant News Editor

Officials rework CCAS advising to give students more options

by Ellie Smith | Assistant News Editor

Each student in the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences can now choose from a lineup of academic advisers.

With increased short-term programs, students have more opportunities to study abroad

by Ellie Smith | Assistant News Editor

Many of the trips are part of semester-long courses where students spend a week or two weeks in another country with their professor and classmates.

Officials to announce divestment stance this fall

by Ryan Lasker | Assistant News Editor

Two University officials said in a meeting with a Fossil Free GW student leader on Friday that GW plans to respond to the group's call to remove its investments in fossil fuels in the fall, the student confirmed.


by Nicole Radivilov | Hatchet Staff Photographer

Media Credit: Nicole Radivilov | Hatchet Staff PhotographerPartygoers dance to a preset playlist on their headphones in a "silent disco" in Dupont Circle, where the only outside noise came the shuffling of feet and the occasional giggle. The event was held by With Love DC, a self-described "movement to spread love."

As temperatures in the District rise, Cheh passes heat wave bill

by Robin Eberhardt | Assistant News Editor

Mary Cheh, a Council member from Ward 3, passed emergency legislation last week prohibiting Pepco from shutting down a resident’s power during heat waves. The power utility would not cease services the day before, the day of or in any part of a sequence of days with a predicted temperature of more than 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

With debt payments outpacing financial foundation payment, University's financial health faces scrutiny

by Ryan Lasker | Assistant News Editor

The University will pay about $83 million off its $1.7 billion debt next fiscal year, the highest-ever payment and an amount that outpaces the money it gains from its financial investments by about $11 million.

Officials expand CI trainings with focus on sexual assault prevention and adjusting to college

by Ellie Smith and Eva Palmer | Hatchet News Editors

For the first time this year, officials have expanded training for freshmen during Colonial Inauguration from beyond information sessions taking place over the summer into the first week of school.

Visualized: Not so egg-sellent news

by Anna McGarrigle | Senior Designer

Media Credit: Anna McGarrigle | Senior Designer

University announces month-long fundraising blitz for additional $50,000 gift

by Vaidehi Patel | Hatchet Reporter

If more than 2,000 alumni pull out their checkbooks before the end of the month, so will an anonymous donor — to write a five-figure check.

Top news from the last academic year

by Robin Eberhardt | Assistant News Editor

Been too distracted with senior year to keep up with your future college’s news? No worries — here’s a roundup of the biggest stories from the past academic year:

30 years later, Office of Parent Services founder leaves behind groundbreaking legacy

by Eva Palmer | News Editor

“It’s OK to say you love something, and I really love the George Washington University,” Johnson said.

Potential new housing options near campus could bring new businesses to Foggy Bottom

by Robin Eberhardt | Assistant News Editor

There is a push to make the area more “vibrant.” With the 3,000 business in the Golden Triangle, some say it would benefit the community to convert some of the spaces into apartment buildings, adding more residential buildings to the area and attracting new types of businesses.

Looser requirements and increased education for this fall's fraternity rush

by Eva Palmer | News Editor

Students looking to join a fraternity will be “strongly encouraged” to attend an informational session covering cover the basics of what a fraternity is, a description of rush and the “core values” of GW Greek life before deciding to go through the formal rush process.

Knapp's total compensation package dips by 13 percent

by Ryan Lasker | Assistant News Editor

Knapp was paid about $1.12 million overall in fiscal year 2014, $170,000 less than the previous fiscal year.

Decline in international fundraising spending signals more strategic global presence

by Ryan Lasker | Assistant News Editor

The University cut its spending on international fundraising almost in half last fiscal year, marking a possible shifting focus in fundraising, experts say.

What's next in campus-wide sustainability goals

by Ryan Lasker | Assistant News Editor

GW students are still seeing green on campus following a series of plans to continue making campus more sustainable.

Construction and renovation budget increases 12 percent for next fiscal year after Board vote

by Ryan Lasker | Assistant News Editor

GW’s budget to finance renovation and construction projects has increased by nearly 12 percent for next fiscal year, the Board of Trustees announced Friday.

Archaeology professor designs first online companion course for field work in Kenya

by Ryan Lasker | Assistant News Editor

Before GW’s archaeology students visit Kenya in person, they’re going to see it on their computer screens first.

Experts say incoming UPD chief brings skills to bridge gap between campus and city police

by Robin Eberhardt | Assistant News Editor

Experts say that her experience in the city police force in Pittsburgh could help Brackney fill the communication gap between UPD and the Metropolitan Police Department, a problem that has led to dangerous communication errors between the departments in the past.

After 18 years of service, SMPA professor retires to 'third chapter' of life

by Ryan Lasker | Assistant News Editor

After an 18-year stint at GW, a professor at the School of Media and Public Affairs is retiring to start what he called the third chapter of his life.

First-year law student remembered for friendly demeanor, willingness to help

by Jacqueline Thomsen and Eva Palmer | News Editors

James McFadden didn’t have much time for hobbies, his mother said. He was always too busy helping out anyone who asked.