Crime log

by Robin Eberhardt | Assistant News Editor

Liquor Law Violation

Native American fellowship nears end of selection process

by Travis Hahn | Hatchet Reporter

GW is reaching the end of its process to bring a new fleet of Native American fellows to campus.

Kickstarter for Phi Kappa Psi alumnus raises $23,000

by Crystel Sylvester | Hatchet Reporter

The GoFundMe page for the former finance major has raised more than $23,000, which will help fund treatments DiBona will undergo, according to the page.

GW signs onto White House pledge for climate change action

by Ryan Lasker | Assistant News Editor

GW has signed onto the White House’s step forward to support slowing climate change.

Neighborhood group protests liquor license for Allen Lee Hotel

by Andrews Goudsward | Hatchet Reporter

A neighborhood group protested the liquor license for a new hotel near campus last week, possibly preventing the space’s owner from obtaining a license.

Report: Tuition revenue nationwide will barely increase this year

by Ryan Lasker | Assistant News Editor

Tuition revenue nationwide has flatlined this year, the first time in a decade the revenue schools bring in hasn’t grown, according to a new report.

South Hall elevator outages are an 'annoyance' for residents

by Max McCrory | Hatchet Reporter

With workers repairing at least one of the elevators last week, the University is still trying to fix the elevators, while seniors are still complaining about the inconvenience the outages cause in the nine-story building.

D.C. office clears the homeless from Watergate site

by Rohan Shah | Hatchet Reporter

The city is breaking up a homeless encampment on Virginia Avenue.

Proposed bullet train could create 15-minute commute to Baltimore from D.C.

by Liz Provencher | Hatchet Staff Writer

Students from cities like Philadelphia and New York may get a much shorter trip back to GW in the next few years.

Visualized: The price of an average Thanksgiving dinner

by Karina Hernandez | Hatchet Designer

Media Credit: Karina Hernandez | Hatchet Designer

Students create group to help educate young refugees

by Jerome Dineen and Andrew Goudsward | Hatchet Reporters

The group will fundraise for partners that gather online educational content, place it in low-cost tablets and distribute them to refugees.


by Kiana Robertson | Hatchet Staff Photographer

Media Credit: Kiana Robertson | Hatchet Staff PhotographerThe Washington Harbor Ice Skating Rink in Georgetown opened this week to the public and will be open daily through February.

D.C. officials travel to China to promote city investment

by Robin Eberhardt and Caroline Haskins | Hatchet Reporters

D.C. officials went to China earlier this month, hoping to create jobs in the District by encouraging Chinese investors to consider putting money into D.C. businesses.

Student engagement office relocates residence hall offices to increase visibility

by Jeanine Marie | News Editor

The CSE relocated offices in at least two residence halls, to make housing staff more available and visible to residents.

New master’s program could make GW communication ‘destination’

by Janna Paramore | Hatchet Reporter

The Columbian College of Arts and Sciences will launch a new master’s degree program in communication management next academic year.

As administrators try to improve efficiency, faculty remain wary

by Ellie Smith | Assistant News Editor

Faculty said bureaucracy in the administration and schools has been a persistent issue, which will be the focus of a president's council this year.

In barricade incident, University and city police information conflict

by Robin Eberhardt | Assistant News Editor

GW sent a security alert to the community early Monday morning warning of an active shooter near campus, an hour after the Metropolitan Police Department stated there was not an active shooter.

Proposed faculty group would evaluate transparency among faculty leaders

by Ellie Smith | Assistant News Editor

Faculty members said an evaluation might help to improve inclusion in the Faculty Senate, which remains limited to tenured or tenure-track faculty.

Weapons violations on campus increase by 50 percent

by Robin Eberhardt and Liz Provencher | Hatchet Reporters

There have been six weapons violations on campus so far this year, the highest number of violations in at least five years.

Lacking funding to complete renovations, local school operates without kitchen

by Marissa Kirshenbaum | Hatchet Reporter

A local school hasn’t had a kitchen since the beginning of the school year.

Panhellenic Association president opposes controversial sexual assault bill

by Jeanine Marie | News Editor

Panhellenic Association President Mollie Bowman said she has been working with members Students Against Sexual Assault to best combat the Fair Campus Act.

D.C. increases police presence after Paris attacks

by Robin Eberhardt | Assistant News Editor

Almost a week after terrorists attacked six areas in Paris in one of the deadliest terror attacks since 9/11, D.C. officials have announced precautionary security upgrades.

Officials address racial climate on campus following nationwide outcry

by Jeanine Marie | News Editor

Officials at GW pledged their support for minority students after a week-long conversation about racial inclusion on college campuses across the country.

Crime log

by Sam Eppler | Hatchet Reporter

Drug and Liquor Law Violation


by Keren Carrion | Hatchet Photographer

Media Credit: Keren Carrion | Hatchet PhotographerSenior Arissa Morrell, center, plays a game of cornhole in the Lerner Health and Wellness Center during the men's basketball home opener tailgate on Friday.

Visualized: D.C. is full of snobs

by Emily Robinson | Design Assistant

Sure, D.C. has a lot of museums, theaters and private schools. But at least there's six cities ahead of us.

Health faculty have large presence at all-faculty meeting

by Ellie Smith | Assistant News Editor

Last Tuesday 23 percent of faculty from across the University participated in an assembly to vote on including non-tenured faculty in the Faculty Senate.

Student Association charged with tackling on-campus costs

by Aishvarya Kavi | Hatchet Reporter

Student Association Executive Vice President Casey Syron asked each of the student government’s committees to think of ways to cut everyday costs for students.

Senior fundraising campaign turns to Greek life for donations

by Lauren Gomez and Ryan Lasker | Hatchet Reporters

Students in Greek life are being asked to donate to more than just philanthropy events this year.

New database will make faculty experts easier to find

by Sera Royal | Hatchet reporter

Expert Finder, a new program that will bring multiple schools’ faculty databases into one simple searchable website, was introduced to the Faculty Senate.