As more than 80 schools personalize applications, GW sticks with Common App

by Jeanine Marie | News Editor

GW was not one of the 83 schools that pledged to revamp the college application process.

Duquès Hall lounges get a facelift with new furniture

by Lauren Kao | Hatchet Reporter

Lounges on four floors in the School of Business’ building will be fitted with a new set of furniture some time in the next couple of weeks.

On-campus rapes reported to police increase

by Robin Eberhardt | Assistant News Editor

Six on-campus rapes were reported to police officials last year, after all reports during the previous year were made to non-police.

Q&A: A researcher's journey to unlock the secrets of Machu Picchu

by Lila Weatherly | Contributing News Editor

Brenda Bradley, an associate professor of anthropology, is representing GW in the quest to answer the questions that Machu Picchu raises.

More than 570 women receive sorority bids

by Crystel Sylvester and Sage Wylie | Hatchet Reporters

Hundreds of students crowded into the Marvin Center and then sprawled out near the Lincoln Memorial Tuesday after receiving bids from one of GW’s 10 sororities.

Two sophomores 'Draft Biden' for presidential run

by James Levinson | Hatchet Reporter

Daniel Burke and Chris McCann started GW Draft Biden l​ast week, bringing the number of on­-campus groups rallying support for 2016 presidential hopefuls up to at least five.


by Keren Carrion | Hatchet Photographer

Media Credit: Keren Carrion | Hatchet PhotographerDuring Sunday's all-you-can-eat brunch at Pelham Commons on the Mount Vernon Campus, sophomore Connor Forsythe performed on behalf of student music label Searcher Records.

Multi-million renovations to begin at Kennedy Center this month

by Joseph Konig | Hatchet Reporter

The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts for the will get a makeover starting this month.

From mentoring to scholarships, SMPA starts career network

by Lillianna Byington | Contributing News Editor

SMPA launched a Career Access Network to facilitate networking events, assist students in unpaid internships, and start a student-alumni mentoring program.

Sustainability program grows with two new courses

by Ryan Lasker and Alex Bendyk | Hatchet Reporters

Students will get to dig into what’s behind growing the world’s food supply this spring.

Neurology professor to be featured on National Geographic

by Lillianna Byington | Contributing News Editor

Groundbreaking epilepsy research from Mohamad Koubeissi, director of the GW Hospital Epilepsy Center, will be featured on National Geographic next month.

GW student helps start region-wide group addressing domestic and sexual violence

by Mariana de la Maza | Hatchet Reporter

Senior Ariella Neckritz is helping to launch the first student-based coalition committed to raising awareness around sexual violence on college campuses in the region.

ZBT to teach consent with massive game of red light, green light

by Jeanine Marie | News Editor

The fraternity will host a large game of red-light, green light, in University Yard on Oct. 24 – part of its broader focus on sexual assault prevention.

Crime log

by Sam Eppler | Hatchet Reporter

Visualized: Gun violence in America

by Karina Hernandez | Hatchet Designer

Media Credit: Karina Hernandez | Hatchet Designer

On-campus burglaries fall 70 percent

by Robin Eberhardt | Assistant News Editor

The number of on-campus burglaries dropped 70 percent last year, bringing the total back in line with year’s past.

Federal officials streamline financial aid process

by Jeanine Marie | News Editor

The shift toward simplicity in the financial aid process could help the country’s neediest students apply for and receive aid.

Researchers in GSPM find how media influences the 2016 election

by Samantha Seiler | Hatchet Reporter

The PEORIA Project measures how members of the public discuss 2016 presidential candidates and how candidates’ messages affect mainstream and social media.

Senior starts petition to make dissection optional

by Regina Park | Hatchet Staff Writer

A senior started a petition asking GW to allow students to opt out of dissection in biology classes. As of this week, it's amassed more than 25,400 supporters from across the globe.

Since mid-August, city officials take 254 illegal guns off streets

by Jack Thomson | Hatchet Reporter

The D.C. Department of Forensic Sciences has recovered 254 illegal guns since Aug. 19, a spokesperson from the department said Friday.

D.C. emergency services turn to private companies to fill resource gap

by Henry Klapper | Hatchet Reporter

Officials are looking to resuscitate a troubled emergency response system in the District.

With sudden Delta Gamma closure, former president left 'blindsided'

by Jeanine Marie | News Editor

During that meeting, the now former Delta Gammas found out their chapter had been closed, but Elhence still doesn’t know exactly why her chapter was shut down.

Freshmen find new home in International House

by Natalie Maher and Jeanine Marie | Hatchet Reporters

Some freshmen said they enjoy living in the apartment­style rooms, though some students have noticed that their hall lacks security personnel.

Law professor finds key to unlocking rights to 'Happy Birthday'

by Regina Park | Hatchet Reporter

Brauneis outlined the complex history of “Happy Birthday” and followed a trail, nearly a century long, back to the owner of the song.

With nonprofit partnership, GW expands access effort

by Jeanine Marie | News Editor

Say Yes to Education grants are awarded to students in participant communities with a family income at or below $75,000.

GSEHD to add new doctoral degree

by Lillianna Byington | Contributing News Editor

The Graduate School of Education and Human Development will now offer a new doctorate in educational science.

With employee departure, Student Association sees adviser switch

by Jeanine Marie | News Editor

Lisa Rocco, former department operations manager of the Center for Student Engagement, recently left GW.

Fraud reports increase for first time in four years

by Sophie Kaplan | Hatchet Reporter

After a decline in the incidents of frauds in September for the past four years, the GW community has seen a spike in fraud on campus for the first month this year.

SEAS and European energy group partner to offer renewable energy seminar

by Caroline Haskins and Abigail Sledge | Hatchet Reporters

A new partnership at GW’s engineering school will give students and faculty a look at what really goes on with renewable energy.

Crime log

by Sam Eppler | Hatchet Reporter