In presidential campaign, SA outsider emphasizes community service

by Jacqueline Thomsen | Assistant News Editor

If elected, Alex Cho, a sophomore studying political science and theater production, would be the first international student to lead the SA in recent history.


by Ellie Smith | Contributing News Editor

University releases inclusivity survey to assess campus climate

by Vaidehi Patel | Hatchet Reporter

GW released an email survey Thursday asking students about their social habits, relationships with faculty and how comfortable they feel on campus.

Tim Cook: Commencement speaker and future donor?

by Avery Anapol and Lainey Sidell | Hatchet Reporters

GW announced last week that Apple's chief executive officer will be this year’s Commencement speaker. Experts say it’s an important step in building a relationship with a multi-millionaire who could eventually give a large donation.

Students lobby Congress to continue foreign aid

by Ryan Lasker | Contributing News Editor

GW’s chapter of an international advocacy group will lobby U.S. lawmakers this week to continue to support foreign aid and provide electricity to underdeveloped African countries.

GW secures 2,300 foreign scholarship, research contracts in five years

by Colleen Murphy | News Editor

Experts say those contracts are for research projects or scholarships funded by foreign governments – two areas that have grown over the last several years as universities shift to a more global focus – and are key to raising a school’s international profile.

Students begin to see fruits of three-year career services overhaul

by Ellie Smith | Contributing News Editor

Forty-three students will travel to New York with GW for the first-ever Career Quest, made possible by the largest donation the Career Center has seen in its history. But officials say the program is just one of many that have rolled out across campus since the University began overhauling career services in 2012.

Visualized: @GWPeterK's month on Twitter

by Anna McGarrigle | Senior Designer

Media Credit: Anna McGarrigle | Senior Designer


by Kiana Robertson | Hatchet Photographer

Updated: March 2, 2015 at 2:58 p.m.

Crime Log

by Benjamin Kershner | Hatchet Staff Writer

RHA hopes to prevent heat, power loss during winter months

by Brandon Lee | Hatchet Staff Writer

More dialogue between students and GW’s facilities operators might help prevent the next early morning fire drill or heating outage. At least, that’s what Residence Hall Association President Ari Massefski hopes.

Students for Sensible Drug Policy leaders run for SA Senate seats

by Brandon Campbell | Hatchet Reporter

Now that the possession and private use of marijuana is legal in D.C., member Charles Spirtos and president Nick Watkins are joining the race with campaigns focused on changing GW's policies.

GW starts fellowship with California-based Native American tribe

by Henry Klapper | Hatchet Reporter

GW will offer a fellowship to Native American students from California starting next spring that will help cover the costs of spending a summer working and studying in D.C.

As budget crunch persists, GW delays parts of strategic plan

by Mary Ellen McIntire | News Editor

The University will delay rolling out parts of its decade-long strategic plan, setting back transformational programs officials hoped would boost GW’s presence, after missing its revenue target this year.

As GW investigates swastika vandalism, student leaders scrutinize response

by Ryan Lasker | Contributing News Editor

Members of GW’s Jewish community said they are concerned for their safety in light of an investigation into vandalism in International House, where three swastikas were drawn on walls.

Apple CEO Tim Cook to give Commencement address

by Ellie Smith | Contributing News Editor

GW graduates this May will hear advice from the leader of what many consider the world's most successful company.

Junior focuses executive vice presidential campaign on dining, counseling

by Jacqueline Thomsen | Assistant News Editor

Sen. Casey Syron, CCAS-U, said the focus of his campaign could come at an opportune time as the University’s contract with its food provider, Sodexo, will expire in 2016.

Student lobbyists to advocate on Capitol Hill for sexual violence education

by Ellie Smith | Contributing News Editor

Students Against Sexual Assault and other GW students will join Sen. Timothy Kaine, D-Va., on Capitol Hill next month to lobby for a sexual violence education bill targeting middle and high school students.

SA approves string of bills to expand resources for transgender students

by Victoria Sheridan | Staff Writer

The Student Association approved a package of four bills Monday that called on the University to expand resources for transgender students on campus, ranging from building up faculty training to publishing a list of gender-neutral bathrooms.

Through community college partnerships, SMHS looks to boost local presence

by Douglas Singer | Hatchet Reporter

The School of Medicine and Health Sciences is planning a partnership with Virginia community colleges that would bring students with associate's degrees to the school’s health sciences programs.

GW could lose as much as $450,000 from local firm's bankruptcy

by Ryan Lasker | Contributing News Editor

Experts say GW might not see even a penny of the $450,000 that a local cancer research nonprofit owes it since the firm filed for bankruptcy this month.

Shelters feel pressure as D.C. faces cold winter

by Eva Palmer and Robin Eberhardt | Hatchet Reporters

Local organizations for homeless people like Georgetown Ministry Center are feeling the pressure as the number of homeless families living in shelters could surpass last year’s total, with 900 families expected to stay in shelters by March.

GW looks to create master's degree in sustainable governance

by Ryan Lasker and Avery Anapol | Hatchet Staff Writers

Officials are beginning to plan out a master’s degree in sustainable governance to boost GW’s portfolio of sustainability-related graduate programs.

Rabbi who filmed alumna pleads guilty to 52 counts of voyeurism

by Colleen Murphy | News Editor

Barry Freundel, the former rabbi of Kesher Israel synagogue on 28th and N streets, could face up to 52 years in prison for the crime — one year for each of the women identified.

Columbian College turns to social media for graduate student recruitment

by Kiara Bhagwanjee | Hatchet Reporter

The Columbian College of Arts and Sciences is ramping up its Facebook and Spotify advertising, joining other schools and universities that are targeting potential new students on the social media platforms they are most likely to use.


by Sam Hardgrove | Hatchet Staff Photographer

Media Credit: Sam Hardgrove | Hatchet Staff PhotographerBencoolen, a band made up of GW students, won first place at The Capital Clash battle of the bands at Georgetown University. The competition was between bands from GW, American and Georgetown that performed in front of a student audience Friday night.

Visualized: D.C. isn't as expensive as you think

by Anna McGarrigle | Senior Designer

Media Credit: Anna McGarrigle | Senior Designer

Crime Log

by Benjamin Kershner | Hatchet Staff Writer


by Ryan Lasker | Contributing News Editor

Report: Research subsidies have barely grown over the last decade

by Colleen Murphy | News Editor

Last year, GW received about $23 million in money that the federal government gives as bonus funding for research that qualifies for a subsidy. That’s about the same amount it amassed in 2003 when adjusted for inflation.