Becoming a 'pageant girl'

by Audrey Scagnelli
Hatchet Reporter

Jennifer Beatty is proud to be a pageant girl and is excited to compete for the coveted title of Miss DC.

From no callbacks to calling the shots

by Ricki Maybruch
Hatchet Reporter

After a job offer fell through, GW graduate Zach Cutlere decided to create his own company - a public relations and business development firm.

Slice of Life: A whole new (G)World

by Josh Perlman

The GWorld touch pad might actually be the best thing since sliced bread.

Speaking out about suicide

by Andrea Vittorio

Since she was three years old, Amanda Uhme has been trying to wrap her mind around suicide. When she came to college, Uhme finally learned how to discuss it.

Delivering dorm-friendly dinners

by Lauren Katz
Hatchet Reporter

For the cooking-challenged among us: Have no fear, Cristina Roman is here to make you dinner. GW Bites, Roman's new culinary micro-enterprise, brings you homemade meals.

At Whit's End

by Whitney Hensler
Hatchet Reporter

On the outside, Farmers & Fishers is stark and contemporary, but inside it's surprisingly simplistic: a homage to the agricultural roots that gave the place its name.

Humanizing the homeless

by Maura Welch
Hatchet Reporter

While the University Police Department encourages students to exercise caution around the homeless, many remain unsure about how to interact with the homeless population on campus.

Wesley Thomas: A view from the street

by Miranda Green

Wesley Thomas wakes up at 4 a.m., grabs his belongings and makes his way through the rush-hour throng around the Foggy Bottom Metro to his final destination: a sidewalk on the corner of 22 and I streets.

Lorenzo T.: Homelessness from the other side

by Audrey Scagnelli
Hatchet Reporter

As Lorenzo unpacks the H street-based hotdog chart where he works, the crisp November morning reminds him of other mornings he spent on this street - when he lived there.

Making magic on the side

by Hyacinth Mascarenhas
Hatchet Reporter

On weekends, Lorenzo the Great, aka Professor Laurence Lipman, casts mysterious incantations, flabbergasting his fascinated audience at peewee birthday bonanzas.

McFadden's makes top 25 list of college bars

by Miranda Green

GW's favorite spot for cheap drinks, Lucky Charms and the occasional "Jersey Shore" cast member made it onto the "25 More College Bars We Love" list.

Bar Belle: Wading through crowds at BlackFinn

Flavors of India

by Scott Figatner
Food Columnist

When my friend and I walked into Tandoori Time with a craving for a rich and piquant Indian dinner, the slouching waiter greeted us with much anticipation.

Exploring her family tree at its roots

by Catherine Munkittrick
Hatchet Reporter

Sarah Jackson founded the Native American Student Association - GW's first undergraduate student organization focused on Native American culture - earlier this year.

Spotlight on: Steven Roberts

by Rachel Davidson
Hatchet Reporter

Professor Steven Roberts, a self-proclaimed "old white guy from New Jersey," has been named fourth most interesting person in DC by Spotlight, an online newspaper.