Thursday, August 27, 2009

No new leases signed for Square 54

by Amy D'Onofrio

Though construction on Square 54 has stayed on schedule this summer and is slated for completion in 2011, no new leases have been signed for the property, the site's developer said.

Sorority rush, service event clash

by Lauren Jacobson
Hatchet Reporter

Scheduling conflicts have thrown a wrench into the plans of female students who planned on both rushing a sorority and participating in the Freshmen Day of Service.

Students speak out on Gelman system rooms

by Amanda Dick

The launch of the online Gelman Library room reservation system is spurring discussion about the best way to use the 30 Gelman study rooms before students have even begun studying for the semester.

Eger scores twice as women's soccer wins

by Dan Greene

At halftime of her team's season opener against Towson Monday, GW women's soccer coach Tanya Vogel knew she had to make some changes.

A presidential summer

by Keegan Bales
Hatchet Reporter

University President Steven Knapp spent the summer as many GW students do: working and finding time to escape D.C.'s legendary humidity.

Teams to return to Smith Center

by Dan Greene

GW's men's and women's athletic teams will be officially moving into their new locker rooms Monday, the athletics department said.

SMPA prof. to lead release of journalism encyclopedia

by Cameron Dux
Hatchet Reporter

A new "encyclopedia of journalism" is being released under the direction of School of Media and Public Affairs professor Christopher Sterling, and will include contributions from several other professors and SMPA graduate students.

Standout Stadler, a team player

by Dan Greene

The Hermann Trophy is a big deal. But GW senior Andy Stadler, one of the 38 men's players named to the award's watch list, has a bit of a different perspective on things.

Summer Stories

Study finds cocaine present on most bills

by Amy D'Onofrio

A GW chemist recently confirmed the basic premise of a study revealed last week that the presence of cocaine is very common on U.S. currency.

University has plan for 'active shooter scenario'

by Amy D'Onofrio

More than two years after the Virginia Tech shooting, most schools are still unprepared for "an active shooter scenario" and lack the basic tools to prevent and deal with a mass-casualty event, according to a study published in the latest issue of Radiologic Technology, a scholarly journal.

Sports in Brief

University ranks 53 in college list

by Carly Lagrotteria
Hatchet Staff Writer

University administrators shrugged off the U.S. News & World Report's annual college ranking this week, which listed GW as 53rd for the second year in a row, saying the rankings are not indicative of the value or popularity of a GW degree.

Woman arrested in Ivory Tower

by Gabrielle Bluestone

A woman was arrested this week in connection with one of more than 12 burglaries that have been reported in GW residence halls in the past two weeks.

Six SA senators resign from office

by Madeleine Morgenstern

Six Student Association senators have resigned from their elected positions before the start of the school year, leaving the Senate with a total of ten vacancies.

Group robberies increase near campus

by Gabrielle Bluestone

A GW student was walking down Pennsylvania Avenue near 23rd Street one June night when it happened. A group of about 10 juveniles surrounded her, shoved her to the ground, sprayed pepper spray in her face, grabbed her bag and fled.

FoBoGro owners aim for Nov. launch

by Gabrielle Bluestone

Foggy Bottom Grocery's new managers spent their summer going on tasting tours, planning ways to become more visible on campus, and overseeing expensive renovations in hopes of opening the shop in November.

Hundreds of outlets added to Gelman

by Emily Cahn

More than 480 new outlets were installed on the fourth and fifth floors of the Gelman Library this summer, University Librarian Jack Siggins said Monday.

Campus Calendar


Staff Editorial: A lesson in financial responsibility

After the economic events of the past year, it is imperative that both students and the University work to ensure financial responsibility.

At Bokamoso, theatre becomes therapy

by Amy Rhodin
Arts Editor

Can art change the course of a person's life? Professor Leslie Jacobson in the department of theatre and dance believes it can.

Juliette Dallas-Feeney: Young and invincible

by Juliette Dallas-Feeney

Young people across the country are beginning to realize that whatever health care bill passes through Congress will directly affect them, for better or for worse.

Spotlight on Dana Tai Soon Burgess

by Amy Rhodin
Arts Editor

Dana Tai Soon Burgess has grown from an ambitious karate kid in New Mexico to the head of his own contemporary dance company in the District.

Andrew Pazdon: Time to press reset

by Andrew Pazdon
Hatchet Columnist

I applaud efforts to remedy ageing and crippled infrastructure to ensure that the University's appearance is befitting of its reputation. I just hope that the University is more thoughtful in their priorities.

New eateries added to GWorld

by Charlotte Bigford
Hatchet Reporter

Students will be able to get more use out of their GWorld cards this fall as eight more eateries accepting Colonial Cash have been added in the last six months.

Connecting cultures, one art project at a time

by Matt Rist

In the midst of a bustling city in India, with streets full of cars, rickshaws and even cows, 15 GW graduate students washed away cultural and linguistic barriers this summer with little more than paint, brushes, chalk and a passion for the visual arts and psychology.

Get Your Game On

by Max McGowen

Some of the best action in Washington, D.C. can be found far from the Senate or House floor and at the numerous sporting events that the District has to offer. D.C. has all you need when it comes to getting your game on.

Get out of town and explore

by Miranda Green

Having no car at GW doesn't mean you are permanently stuck in the District. GW is at the perfect crossroads for any getaway in either Virginia or Maryland - whether it is for a whole weekend or just one day.

Farmers' markets offer fresh, local food options

by Remy Tumin
Hatchet Reporter

Tired of getting all your groceries from Safeway or Trader Joe's? Farmers' markets around the city are great places to find local farmers and artisans selling vegetables, meats, eggs, cheese, pasta, baked goods and flowers.

G-Dub Grub

by Remy Tumin
Hatchet Reporter

Whether you live in Thurston or Ivory, a great way to meet new people is by sharing a new dish. Consider these simple, farm-fresh, dorm-friendly recipes that are sure to impress. Bon appétit!

Dates that don't break the bank

by Miranda Green

The economy may be down the drain, but you still need a way to woo that cutie from your economics class.

See history happen at these D.C. landmarks

by Max McGowen

Going to school in the District is like being in a living museum. You do not have to go far to see plenty of history right before your eyes.

Sex Column: Girls: be original and don't be afraid

by Marshal Staggs
Sex Columnist

The Hatchet's resident sexperts bring you the naked truth of sex, relationships and everything down and dirty at GW

Sex Column: Guys: confidence, not cockiness is key

by Ally Pregulman
Sex Columnist

The Hatchet's resident sexperts bring you the naked truth of sex, relationships and everything down and dirty at GW

Before you graduate, you really have to go to...

by Hadas Gold

We've got seven D.C. cultural landmarks every GW student should experience before graduation.

A Fashionable Fall

by Hallie Mindell
Hatchet Reporter

It's a new year, with a new dorm, new freshmen and all those new clothes you spent your summer buying.

Sedaris, Atwood will speak at Lisner

by Sarah Scire

Bestselling authors Margaret Atwood and David Sedaris have been added to the long list of celebrity authors appearing at Lisner Auditorium in the fall.

School Without Walls reopens

by Gabrielle Bluestone

After a two-year, $39 million renovation culminated in an August ribbon-cutting ceremony, the School Without Walls has opened its doors to students.

GW endowment drops 18 percent

by Emily Cahn

GW's endowment lost nearly $250 million over the last fiscal year, an 18 percent drop, but University administrators maintain that GW is one of the lucky ones in higher education.

University touts quantity, quality in new class

by Matt Rist

This year's incoming class has more students, higher SAT scores and better class ranks, administrators said this week, calling the improvements indicative of the University's growing appeal to high school students.

Officials prepare for potential H1N1 outbreak

by Emily Cahn

With the start of classes less than a week away, University officials are creating strategies to prevent and handle a potential outbreak of swine flu this fall.

Head fundraiser resigns

by Sarah Scire

The University's head fundraiser resigned from her position Wednesday, leaving GW with an interim head of its Development and Alumni Relations departments as it ramps up efforts to fund several expensive projects.

Pi Kapp brothers bike across country

by Marielle Mondon
Hatchet Reporter

While many GW students opt for a summer internship close to campus, four brothers from the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity found themselves on the opposite side of the country this summer, ready to embark on a 67-day bike ride across the United States.

Fall Concert Series

by Caroline Coppel

So you've finally arrived in the District - but, you still need something to do during that precious free time away from class. Fortunately, D.C. has ample opportunities for you to get your music fix. The list we've compiled is just a fraction of the music events happening in and around the nation's capital over the next few months.

District Mixtape: Julie Bindelglass

The Student Association president gave Arts a peek at what she'll be listening to when she arrives this fall.

Cartoon: Kindred Queues

by Sara Fischer