Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Colonials crushed in Carolina

by Dan Greene

Overwhelmed. That was GW men's basketball coach Karl Hobbs's assessment of his team in Saturday's 69-51 loss at Charlotte.

Women beat Billikens

by Louis Nelson

The winning formula for GW's women's basketball team this season has been finding the right mixture of veteran experience in the frontcourt and underclassmen in the backcourt.

Women's lacrosse falls despite Donohue's dominance

by Alex Abnos

It's a new year and a new women's lacrosse season, but GW's team still seems to be dealing with the same problems.

Varsity Roundup

Studying with Shakespeare

by Tess Malone
Hatchet Reporter

Senior Liz Bettinger never knew that a chance course she applied for after its deadline would turn into her thesis.

Hatchet Checkup: Common cold myths

by Andrea Vittorio
Hatchet Reporter

With flu season in full swing, students need to reinforce their antiviral defenses in order to ward off the common cold. But a major step in overcoming a cold is differentiating fact from myth.

Sex Column: Losing your virginity

by Marshal Staggs
Hatchet Sex Columnist

Why lose your virginity? Because it's awesome.

Mraz and Folds draw thousands

by Geoffrey Middleberg
Hatchet Reporter

Musicians Jason Mraz and Ben Folds co-headlined a concert in the venue which drew crowds estimated at 3,800 and had students lining up early in the afternoon to secure prime seats.

Mitchell resident charged with possession

by Alex Byers

A student found in possession of ecstasy and marijuana in his Mitchell Hall room last month has been charged in Superior Court, according to court documents.

Ifill tackles race and politics

by Lauren French

Her book may be called "The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama," but bestselling author and journalist Gwen Ifill said she started her project thinking Barack Obama was going to lose the election.

SMHS accreditation plan approved

by Husna Kazmir
Hatchet Staff Writer

The School of Medicine and Health Sciences announced the details of a corrective action plan last week that they hope - once implemented - will convince their accrediting body to overturn the school's probation.

Professor under fire for water study

by Keegan Bales
Hatchet Reporter

A prominent professor in the GW School of Public Health and Health Sciences is under scrutiny this week because of allegations that he knowingly misled people about the safety of the District's water while under contract with the city's main water utility.

Tuition rises 3 percent

by Lauren Hoenemeyer

The Board of Trustees approved a 3 percent tuition increase at their meeting on Friday, as well as a $13 million boost to financial aid in response to the worsening economic climate.

Pelham Hall to include recording studio, gym, theater

by Madeleine Morgenstern

Only bulldozers and construction trailers are visible today, but Pelham Hall will soon be one of the school's most innovative residence halls.

Board OKs Kennedy for degree

by Lauren Hoenemeyer

The Board of Trustees approved Sen. Edward Kennedy as eligible to receive an honorary degree during their meeting Friday, a possible indication that the legislator could play a role in the spring Commencement ceremonies.

Student court rules to eliminate Student Association signature requirements

by Emily Cahn

After a two-week battle over registration requirements for the upcoming Student Association elections, the SA Court ultimately had the final say last week.

A burning passion

by Gabrielle Bluestone

Most students try to avoid dangerous situations in the District. For senior Imran Faruqi, it's all part of his job.

Campus Calendar

Snapshot: Ms. Asia

Josh Akman: Case not closed

by Josh Akman

In the past month, our campus has been assaulted with three high-profile robberies. In terms of information, transparency and action, the University Police Department has not met its obligations to students.

Staff Editorial: Jumping through legislative hoops

If the Student Association was this motivated about mandatory J Street dining, we would have at least a four-star restaurant in place of J Street Café by now.

Amanda Crowe: Leave it at home

by Amanda Crowe

I just can't tear myself away from Facebook, which is why I don't bring my laptop to any of my classes. It takes my focus off of the professor.

Justin Guiffre: More traditions, by George!

by Justin Guiffre

Our school has a strong tradition of having no traditions. This doesn't have to be the case for a University that has the full weight of a founding father and a revolution to draw upon for inspiration.

Letters to the Editor

GW sports, study abroad academics, a GW professor responds

What's the deal with C-3?

by Reva Singh
Hatchet Reporter

Sitting in a circle on the ground, a group of complete strangers from all over the world shared their thoughts and experiences on love and relationships in honor of Valentine's Day.

Top consultants advise students on job hunt

by Madeleine O'Connor
Hatchet Reporter

A panel of experts told a group of aspiring consultants that with the right skills, attitude and preparation, they can still land the job of their dreams.

Students urge action in Darfur outside State Department

by Louis Nelson

Members of the GW STAND student organization gathered in front of the State Department Friday to protest the genocide in Darfur in anticipation of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's trip to China.

LGBTQ group holds mock marriage event in University Yard

by Lara Kasten
Hatchet Reporter

Dozens of students were "married" Friday in mock ceremonies performed in University Yard to show their support for marriage equality.

Panelists examine history of black leadership

by Will Gotkin
Hatchet Reporter

Four scholars and leaders discussed the evolution of black leadership from the early days of slavery to the election of Barack Obama at a forum Monday.