Thursday, October 9, 2008

Not your average freshman

by Amanda Crowe
Hatchet Reporter

This summer Sameera Al Bitar did something that no other freshman can say they did - she swam in the Olympic Games for Bahrain.

Alex Byers: Hobbs has the brains to call for new academic facility

by Alex Byers

Too often we focus solely on the athletic pursuits of the student-athletes we follow when we should be concerned with the exact opposite. Fortunately, GW men's basketball head coach Karl Hobbs seems to want to turn that around.

Back from West Coast, water polo falls to Navy

by Alex Smith
Hatchet Reporter

Preparing to play a nationally ranked team is hard enough for the GW men's water polo team. And coming off a six-day trip to the West Coast doesn't make things any easier for the Colonials.

Upcoming Games

Check out when and where GW squads will be playing in the near future.

From hell to the District

by Chloe Popescu
Hatchet Reporter

Comedian Richard Lewis of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" takes the stage at Lisner Auditorium on Saturday, Oct. 18.

University to cut CI sessions, hire more Cabinet members

by Sarah Scire

GW officials plan to expand the Colonial Cabinet by six members and cut down the number of Colonial Inauguration sessions from five to four starting next summer.

Mad libs! For money?

by Emily Katz
Hatchet Reporter

This weekend marks the year's first public fundraising event for Generic Theater Company, as they perform Mad Libbery on Friday and Saturday at the Lisner downstage.

Student Association senate tables financial transparency legislation

by Emily Cahn

A bill designed to increase transparency in the student organization financial process was sent back to committee when the SA adviser encouraged senators to allow the University general counsel to review it.

$5-$10-$20: A weekly entertainment guide for the cash-strapped college student.

A weekly entertainment guide for the cash-strapped college student.

City elicits plans for West End Library land development

by Amy D'Onofrio

After nixing the sale of a section of land containing the West End Library to a private developer last year, the city is putting out an open call for developers to propose new plans for the area.

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District Mixtape: "Charlie on Parole" creators

Ah, humor! "Charlie on Parole," the short film produced and directed by beast.Films, will premiere this Saturday, Oct. 11 in the Betts Theater.

Staff Editorial: Sink Juicy Campus

Juicy Campus appeals to the worst in all of us and it has no place on a college campus.

Staff Editorial: The SA's questionable ethics

Tuesday's Student Association meeting demonstrated, in a nutshell, why students become so frustrated with the SA.

Evan Schwartz: Freedom to drink 40s

by Evan Schwartz

America is a land built on freedoms: freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom to get drunk on anything we desire.

Letters to the Editor

LGBT center opens to students

by Caitie Daw
Hatchet Reporter

The GW lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community celebrated the grand opening of a new resource center in the Marvin Center Monday as part of National Coming Out Week.

Cartoon: Like, OMG!

by Robbi LeGrant

New gossip Web site draws concern

by Joe Mancinik
Hatchet Reporter

The controversial gossip Web site, which launched a GW page last month, encourages students to post anonymously about people and groups on campus.

Andrew Clark: Rumor has it...

by Andrew Clark

If you haven't heard by now, is the latest explosive gossip craze to hit The George Washington University.

Chris Merino: The age of irresponsibility

by Chris Merino

The pillars of indulgent corporate capitalism have collapsed, and the working class has been pinned by the rubble.

University lowers room rental fees

by Matt Rist

The University is lowering classroom rental rates for events involving non-GW participants, officials said this week.

Crime Log

by Lara Gori

Bookstore employee steals $14,000

by Bryan Han

A GW Bookstore employee is being charged with first-degree theft for allegedly stealing more than $14,000 from the store through fraudulent refunds, according to court documents.

Vietnam War victims seek compensation

by Rachel Barker
Hatchet Reporter

Dang Hong Nhut and Tran Thi Hoan, two Vietnamese women who suffered from exposure to Agent Orange during the war in their country, said Tuesday afternoon that victims of Agent Orange need compensation.

Council bans single sales

by Alexa Millinger

The D.C. City Council approved a measure Tuesday to ban sales of single containers of beer and liquor in two city wards, including Foggy Bottom.

Seniors can personalize gift

by Risa Langelo
Hatchet Reporter

This year's Senior Class Gift Committee wants to transform the way GW seniors give back to the University.

Building addition irks FB

by Alexi Dagan
Hatchet Reporter

A non profit organization plans to construct a seven-story addition on top of a historic townhouse near the corner of 20th and H streets, but the project faces resistance from the Foggy Bottom community.

GW hosts green symposium

by Madeline O'Connor
Hatchet Reporter

Passion and talent from the GW community will help propel the District's green movement, University President Steven Knapp said Monday at the D.C. Symposium on Urban Sustainability.

SJT promotes new book at SMPA

by Georgia Bobley
Hatchet Reporter

Now a professor of public service, the University's longest-serving president came to discuss his latest book, "Big Man on Campus: A University President Speaks Out on Higher Education".

Debate watch draws 200 Democrats

by Lauren Jacobson
Hatchet Reporter

It was a full house Tuesday night in the Marvin Center as the College Democrats assembled for the second presidential debate held at Belmont University in Nashville, Tenn.

SA gives student groups $350,000

by Emily Cahn

Nearly every student organization that requested additional initial allocation funds received them at Tuesday night's Student Association senate meeting.

GW veterans group hosts question and answer forum

by Michelle Bradbury
Hatchet Reporter

GW veterans were questioned on topics ranging from their experience in the military to their adjustment back to civilian life

Nobama vs. Oproma: Students make campaigining cool

by Tess Malone
Hatchet Reporter

Let's face it, Barack Obama has an easy name to pun. Think "Barack and Bowl" and "Obamania." And this fall, GW's own political organizations are playing along to get students to vote.