Thursday, February 7, 2008

BJ Novak: Funny

by Ian Massar
Hatchet Reporter

BJ Novak, cast member and co-writer of the hit NBC television series "The Office," revealed what he believed to be the cornerstones of success in the entertainment industry: Index cards.

This month in live music

by Amanda Pacitti

Go on, GW heartthrob, light those candles. As you, me and Barry Manilow know, February's all about steamy-hot for-real-real love.

Movie Review: "In Bruges"

by Amanda Pacitti

Truth, reader, is in the contrast. As far as Colin Farrell is concerned, the recent film "In Bruges" finds depth without indulgence.

$5 - $10 - $20: An entertainment guide for the cash-strapped college student

Bar Belle: New York, New England and New Orleans spell 'New Liver'

Having the Super Bowl, Mardi Gras and Super Tuesday falling on the same weekend, I knew it was going to be a rough couple of nights.

Staff Editorial: Student theater deserves support

The recent debacle between GW student theater groups and the University administration has become the latest example of mismatched priorities in Foggy Bottom.

David Ceasar: Devolution of dining

by David Ceasar

If the food-service providers are spending millions of dollars to enhance campus dining they need to be improving our options, not worsening them.

Board of Trustees should promote affordability

This meeting gives University President Steven Knapp a chance to illustrate how his ideas will move from proposals into reality.

Letters to the Editor

Alex Eisner: Focus on issues, not just words

by Alex Eisner
Hatchet Columnist

There are fewer arguments more infuriating than those where an opponent refuses to even acknowledge, much less legitimately challenge, your beliefs.

Greek Brief: Three sororities to give presentations in hopes of coming to campus

by Alyssa Vincent-Hill

The Panhellenic Association announced the names of the three sororities to which it will consider extending an invitation to found a chapter on campus next fall.

Losing streak now at seven

by Dan Greene

"We came out real flat," head coach Karl Hobbs said after the game. "We could never really develop any kind of rhythm after that."

Snapshot: Revolutionary Rockers

Two members of guerrilla performance group Robbing Thieves jam together in Kogan Plaza Tuesday night.

Campus Calendar

Correction and Clarification

Ross Romano: Fans starting to be disappointed

by Ross Romano
Sports Columnist

The GW men's basketball team has had some seemingly improbably and impossible performances this season - but, unlike the Giants, in a bad way.

Fee increase approved for first time in 16 years

by Emily Cahn

Students voted Tuesday to increase the student fee from $1 per credit hour to $1.50, setting the stage to give the Student Association a $1 million budget for disbursement.

Loss to La Salle leaves GW out of tourney

by Joanna Shapes

Wednesday night, the GW men's basketball team fell victim to a "bottom feeder", La Salle, 80-58 at Smith Center.

Students excluded from sick leave bill

by Eric Roper

City lawmakers passed a watered-down version of a bill to give District workers paid sick leave Tuesday, while exempting local colleges who feared the measure would be a financial burden.

University invites Democratic candidates to campus

by Eric Roper

The University offered invitations to Democratic candidates as well as several national television stations to hold a debate on campus before three local primaries next Tuesday.

Icy intervention

by Alexa Millinger

If not for GW law student Jason Coates, Washington Post sports columnist Mike Wise thinks he could have been dead.

Super Tuesday: College Democrats in attendance energized by returns

by Danielle Meister
Hatchet Staff Writer

Hundreds of students gathered in two Marvin Center ballrooms Tuesday night to watch the election returns and cheer in support of their favored candidates.

Students debate, represent their candidates of choice

by Caroline Coppel

On the eve of Super Tuesday's primary elections, students put themselves in the presidential candidates' shoes and held a heated one-hour debate.

Tour guides stop showing Thurston Hall to visitors

by Nicole Gulotta

Few buildings on campus carry a more infamous name than Thurston Hall. And until recently, prospective students could experience their first taste of the 1,100-student, freshman dorm as part of GW's STAR Tour Program.

Protesters oppose FARC

by Amy Rhodin
Hatchet Reporter

Membership in a Facebook group was the catalyst that brought more than 1,500 students, families and activists together to rally against a violent Colombian terrorist organization.

SA candidates emerge

by Andrew Ramonas

With the temperature on the rise outside, the race for spots in the Student Association's executive branch is heating up as six candidates begin their runs for SA president and executive vice president.

Crime Log

by Amy D'Onofrio

Bolton criticizes North Korea

by Amanda Dick

Former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton discussed the politics of nuclear proliferation and his new book during GW's Security First Foreign Policy Roundtable.

Construction set to begin on new $75 million dorm

by Kaity Funk

Web Extra

Excavation for the new residence hall on F Street is largely complete, and work is now beginning on a foundation for the $75 million building.

U.S. senator hopes to make college more affordable

by Justine Karp

Web Extra

The ranking minority member of the Senate Finance Committee is hoping universities will find new incentive to dig millions of families - and GW is being used an example.

Documentary on a displaced community of D.C. African Americans draws more than 100

by Karelia Pallan

Web Extra

A screening of a documentary about the displacement of a community of African Americans in the District drew a crowd of more than 100 students and D.C. residents late last week.

Doctoral student makes discovery on Neanderthal eating habits

by Michael Moffett
Hatchet Reporter

Web Extra

A doctoral student studying hominid paleobiology has pioneered a method for analyzing reindeer bones, allowing scientists to understand cavemen's eating habits more thoroughly.

GW one of first to offer professional science degree

by Amy Rhodin
Hatchet Reporter

Web Extra

Last fall GW started a professional science masters program in response to pressure from industry and government leaders to expand the scope and size of the academic science industry.

Comedian Dave Barry elicits laughs at Lisner

by Jennifer Easton

Web Extra

Humor columnist Dave Barry is a matchmaker, but he probably did not know it when he performed before a happy couple at Lisner Auditorium on Wednesday night.

Board of Trustees announces steps to increase affordability

by Danielle Meister
Hatchet Staff Writer

Breaking News

Friday, Feb. 8, 4:06 p.m.

The University will raise tuition by 3 percent for the incoming freshman class, but there will be a $6 million increase in need-based institutional grants.

Witherspoon hits last-second three as GW upsets Dayton

by Dan Greene

Web Update Sunday, Feb. 10, 1:10 a.m. Junior Wynton Witherspoon hit a three-pointer with 1.9 seconds left Saturday to give GW a 57-54 victory over Dayton University, snapping a seven-game losing streak.