Restaurant, distillery to use honey from GW bees

by Leah Potter | Hatchet Reporter

If you visit Farmers and Distillers, a new restaurant by Farmers Restaurant Group, and order a cocktail, you may be sipping on honey from GW’s bees.

Eatsa offers healthy lunches, automated ordering process

by Adam Jacobs | Hatchet Reporter

If you love the fast and healthy food from Beefsteak and Sweetgreen, Eatsa may be your new lunch spot.

Gifts for your engineering school friend gift guide

by Tanvi Banerjee | Hatchet Reporter

If you’re wondering what to get that friend in the School of Engineering and Applied Science, we have you covered.

Gifts for your business school friend gift guide

by Catherine Moran | Hatchet Staff Writer

Help your friend who’s always coming to class in a suit and has their sights set on that corner office succeed with these practical gifts.

Gifts to satisfy your Secret Santa gift guide

by Kayla Yee | Hatchet Reporter

If you’re panicked because you have no idea what to get the person whose name you drew out the hat for a Secret Santa exchange, we have you covered.

Gifts for your international affairs school friend gift guide

by Sarala Duckworth | Hatchet Reporter

If you have friends in the Elliott School of International Affairs, you may find yourself scrambling to find a gift before they jet off.

Gifts for your public health school friend gift guide

by Leah Potter | Hatchet Reporter

If you have a friend in the Milken Institute School of Public Health, chances are they care about their health.

Tips for flawless re-gifting gift guide

by Catherine Moran | Hatchet Staff Writer

Whether for a birthday or holiday, we've all unwrapped a present and had to quickly hide our disappointment at the underwhelming gift underneath.

Best gifts on Amazon Prime for last-minute shoppers gift guide

by Franco Caputo | Hatchet Reporter

Whether you only have two days until your holiday party, order these items on Amazon Prime.

Gifts for your art school friend gift guide

by Max McCrory | Hatchet Staff Writer

If you’re shopping for gifts to impress your camera or paint brush wielding friends in the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design, then look no further.

Gifts for your CCAS friend

by Bridie O’Connell | Hatchet Reporter

Trying to find the perfect gift for a student in CCAS can be difficult because there’s a huge variety of majors within the one college.

Ways to give back to D.C.'s community this Thanksgiving

by Ava Gondeck | Hatchet Reporter

Typically, Thanksgiving is about stuffing your face and doing your holiday shopping. If you’re staying in the District over break, it’s also a great way to give back to the community.

While you're doing homework, these students are building businesses

by Johnny Morreale | Hatchet Reporter

Most students’ schedules are already busy between classes, student organization meetings and internship but some students have added more to their plate by creating their own businesses while still in school.

Tips and tricks to help melt away post-election stress

by Regina Park, Crystel Sylvester and Grace Gannon | Staff Writers

From taking a hike to deleting your account, you should be feeling a little better by the time Thanksgiving break rolls around.

Fat Pete's BBQ brings simple Southern classics to Foggy Bottom

by Leah Potter | Hatchet Reporter

On a Friday afternoon, the area near 18th and H streets is a more subdued atmosphere than the bustling streets in the heart of Foggy Bottom.