Metro Monopoly: Forty-five minutes to a real campus vibe

by Jeanine Marie | Culture Editor

The 45-minute journey is worth the time (and a little patience) because the University of Maryland has the college vibe GW lacks with its endless fast food, white-pillared Fraternity Row and student deals galore.

Slice of Life: Praise be to the fashion gods, we can dust off our Uggs

by Kelly Brand | Hatchet Staff Writer

That’s right, someone from the fashion heavens has performed a great miracle upon those confined to shamefully slipping on their sheepskin boots in the privacy of their rooms.

Students launch mentorship program for local girls

by Sucharita Mukherjee | Hatchet Staff Writer

The program matches female college students with middle school girls to discuss topics like sex education, sexism, female empowerment and bullying.

GW National Eating Disorder Week to focus on men, mental health

by Regina Park | Hatchet Staff Writer

To raise awareness of eating disorders, especially among men, a coalition of GW student groups is hosting events from Feb. 22 to 28 for National Eating Disorder Awareness Week.

Indie film fest brings the unconventional, controversial to D.C.

by Jeanine Marie and Samuel Pfister

DCIFF, which began Sunday, has brought unconventional flicks to the District for a week of workshops and special events since 1999.

Mardi Gras forecast: Hurricanes and Cajun cuisine

by Jeanine Marie | Culture Editor

District law forbids you from drinking on the street, but in this weather, why would you? Instead, take the masks and beads indoors and celebrate Mardi Gras near campus.

'She's Beautiful When She's Angry' comes to E Street

by Rachael Paul | Hatchet Staff Writer

The so-called first film of its kind to play in theaters, “She’s Beautiful When She's Angry,” is sometimes a glorified history lesson and other times an insightful peek into a events often lost in textbooks.

The V-word 'nobody wants to say' isn't Valentine's Day

by Sophie Ota and Sucharita Mukherjee | Hatchet Reporters

Over Valentine’s Day weekend, GW's Feminist Student Union tackled the V-word “nobody wants to say” in 19 short soliloquies that were humorous, uncomfortable and occasionally heartbreaking.

Artist Janine Antoni on her sweet, soapy sculptures

by Victoria Tellechea-Rotta | Hatchet Reporter

Paint brushes are replaced by her own hair and eyelashes, chisels are replaced by her teeth, and natural wear and tear is replaced by bathing or licking.

Morning-after brunch quiz

by Sophie McTear | Design Editor

Everybody knows that the age-old debate “sex vs. food” is impossible to resolve. But when the ultimate combo situation crops up, the morning-after munch, a whole new set of questions must be answered.

Tunes for getting it on, or getting them out

by Eva Palmer | Assistant News Editor

If you’re trying to get intimate, the right playlist can set the mood and break tension. But if you want the guy or gal you brought home to hightail it out of your space, a mix of less-than-sexy beats can help show them the door.

In the Buff: Losing it in South Hall

by Casey

Some girls dream of the magical day when they will lose their virginity to the love of their life. To say that my first experience with sex – in none other than GW’s finest, South Hall – was a magical experience would be a bit of a stretch.

Where whips and chains live: Inside D.C's only private kink club

by Madelyne Ashworth | Hatchet Reporter

While whips and chains may not be part of most people’s typical Friday nights, an intimate D.C. group prefers to mix pleasure with pain by bringing sexual fetishes to life in a club created by Frazier Botsford.

The Hatchet's 2015 Sex Issue

That's right, it's here. From losing it in South Hall to screening for STIs, here's everything you want to read.

Screening for STIs and the real value of $85

by Jeanine Marie | Culture Editor

As I waded through the waiting room full of sniffling students scrolling through iPhones, I remembered that one in four young adults has a sexually transmitted disease. Nobody looked particularly worried.

Visualized: The numbers of 'Fifty Shades of Grey'

by Anna McGarrigle | Senior Designer

Media Credit: Anna McGarrigle | Senior Designer

Head in the Cloud: No match for Tinder's curveballs

by Zach Montellaro | Hatchet Staff Writer

My phone is an alarm clock, notebook and map all comfortably situated in my pocket. But one thing I could not do from my phone when I tried was find a date through Tinder.

My escapade as 'college student seeking a crash pad'

by Justice Spencer | Hatchet Reporter

I signed up for an OkCupid account and called myself “homeless_heidi.” My bio stated that I was a female student looking to spend New Year’s in the city and needed a place to stay.

Slice of Life: My complex relationship with Cupid

by Kelly Brand | Hatchet Staff Writer

I am about to experience the dreaded day for single people, going stag for the first time since those awkward, braces-clad and bronzer-less years of middle school.

Let's talk about sex: An intimate dictionary

Defining terms from vehicular booty calling to GLP.

Q&A: How SASA hopes to create a 'positive sex culture' at GW

by Maddie Katz | Hatchet Reporter

The Hatchet sat down with two members of Students Against Sexual Assault to learn more about how they're promoting sex positivity on campus.

Let's order in: Four of Foggy Bottom's favorite deliverers

From greasy pizzas to vegetable samosas to salty wonton soup, delivery is the way to go as midterms loom and winter refuses to loosen its grip.

'Spotify for art': Museums move to digitize collections

by Tatiana Cirisano | Hatchet Staff Writer

With the works online, the galleries hope to further the “democratization” of art by enabling more people than ever before to see their collections. The majority of the art that’s now available online has never reached gallery walls.

What We're Watching: 'Song One'

by Eric Robinson | Hatchet Staff Writer

The movie’s pretentious take on grief and family only makes for some miserable viewing. Had the film actually explored those issues, its morbid tone might be justified.

Elle Lash Bar: Full, natural-looking eyelashes – at a price

by Tatiana Cirisano | Senior Staff Writer

Eyelash extensions have become more popular in the beauty market, with customers lashing out in salons from New York City to California and recently, the District. K.P. Murray opened Elle Lash Bar in 2012.

Escape Room: A spellbinding tourist attraction in Georgetown

by Regina Park | Hatchet Staff Writer

The clues only get more baffling. The clock is ticking. You rip apart suitcase after suitcase and book after book. You only have seconds left to crack the code on the safe. This is Escape Room Live D.C. – a tourist attraction in Georgetown.

What's the best music festival for you?

by Regina Park and Jeanine Marie | Hatchet Reporters

It seems like every year there are bigger, better U.S. music festivals to choose from. But for most music-lovers, the options dwindle as the costs add up: transportation, lodging, food and general admission wristlets can quickly ruin your budget.

Metro Monopoly: Finding unexpected charm in Takoma

by Jeanine Marie | Culture Editor

Takoma appeared to be an unfinished and unwelcoming suburb of D.C. But by the end of the evening – after visiting a vegan soup shop, seafood joint and tea shop – I was planning for a second trip.

Q&A: Law school alumna stirs legal knowledge into her 'cakepoppery'

by Christina Carpenter | Hatchet Staff Writer

Baked by Yael has found its home across the street from the National Zoo. Yael Krigman sells her two-bite cake pops as well as rugelach, cookies and bagels made from scratch.

Meat Week: Prepare for a 'Smoked Meat Smackdown' and 'Hogzilla'

by Jeanine Marie | Culture Editor

The week dedicated to the best barbecue-sauce-slathered meat returns to D.C. along with 12 other cities this week. Meat Week includes all-you-can-eat deals, extra saucy specials and the chance to pig out on brisket, beef and – of course – pork.