Corcoran professor's documentary turns the camera on Japanese war brides

by John Glasfeld | Hatchet Reporter

Corcoran professor Karen Kasmauski has photographed dozens of exotic locations for National Geographic. Her latest project is a little more personal.

Move over Chipotle, Chaia Taco offers fresh, seasonal fare

by Regina Park | Hatchet Staff Writer

Find tacos stuffed with roasted vegetables and unique spices at Chaia Taco.

How to survive Thanksgiving in the District

by Brigid Godfrey and Liam Wash | Hatchet Reporters

If you're stuck in D.C. for Thanksgiving break, don't despair – eat your way across the city.

Sophomore to take on climate change at Paris conference

by Sara Dougherty | Hatchet Reporter

Eric Beeler is one of 10 American students headed to the the 2015 Paris Climate Conference to represent the solar energy company Conergy.

Interview with alumna singer-songwriter Boh Doran

by Regina Park | Hatchet Staff Writer

New film festival spotlights women's rights

by Dana Pilotti | Hatchet Reporter

On Nov. 19 and 20, you can experience the stories of women from across the globe, without leaving the Marvin Center.

How to land your dream internship

by Liz Provenchar | Hatchet Reporter

If you want to land your dream internship, don't be afraid of basic tasks and always remain professional.

Modernized Renwick Gallery doubles as new student resource

by Victoria Sheridan and Grace Gannon | Hatchet Editors

The Renwick Gallery re-opens with new innovative exhibit and as a new resource for students.

Got Milk Bar?

by Lacey Christ | Hatchet Reporter

Media Credit: Anne McBride | Hatchet PhotographerIf you head to Milk Bar bakery on I and 11th streets, be sure to try treats like the crack pie and compost cookies.

The delivery dilemma: Postmates vs. Seamless

by Grace Gannon and Regina Park | Staff Writers

After a long and stressful day when you're too lazy to grocery shop and you’re sick of eating from the hot bar at Whole Foods, that’s when you turn to Postmates.

GWTeach fosters STEM knowledge and trains next generation of teachers

by Victoria Sheridan | Culture Editor

For one hour on Friday afternoon, a Tompkins Hall room full of GW freshman and sophomores transformed into an elementary school science class.

For Corcoran alumnus, a picture is worth 1,000 gears

by Grace Gannon | Assistant Culture Editor

A Corcoran College of Art + Design alumnus created a robot to turn portraits into art.

Pour some sugar on Foggy Bottom

by Elise Zaidi | Hatchet Reporter

A new Foggy Bottom restaurant and bar hopes to serve government employees at lunchtime and host “noche de sexo” parties at night.

Ten01 serves up small plates and big flavors

by Max McCrory | Hatchet Reporter

While getting off to a rocky start, Ten01 ended up to be worth the trek all the way to the northeast sector of the city.

Q&A: JR JR talks about Motown, James Dean and playing in D.C.

by Grace Schaub | Hatchet Reporter

We spoke with band member Daniel Zott to talk about their Motown influences, changing the band’s name and why they love playing in D.C.

GW NAACP revives presence on campus

by Crystel Sylvester and Danielle Zukoff | Hatchet Reporters

From joining the Million Man March to meeting with congressmen on Capitol Hill, GW’s chapter of the NAACP is looking to revive its presence on campus.

Local church has roots in Foggy Bottom's German history

by Victoria Sheridan | Culture Editor

For the D.C. German community, the United Church is a symbol of Foggy Bottom's German roots.

Alumna's new book celebrates food and yoga

by Madeline Sklar | Hatchet Reporter

2006 graduate Kristen Taylor released a book touting the benefits of regular yoga practice and mindful eating in September.

Visit Central Asia at a Textile Museum exhibit

by Regina Park and Liam Wash | Hatchet Reporters

The Textile Museum’s newest exhibit “Old Patterns, New Order: Socialist Realism in Central Asia” opened on Oct. 10 and runs until May 29, free of charge.

Metro Monopoly: Find a meatless meal in the district

by FIona Byon | Hatchet Reporter

In the District, a handful of vegan restaurants have cropped up, so I set out to find a meatless meal that could change my mind.

At a Taylor Swift-themed maze, are we out of the corn yet?

by Grace Gannon and Anne McBride | Hatchet Reporters

In a picturesque family farm in Frederick, Md., one farmer looked out on his blank corn field and decided to write Taylor Swift’s name on it. And her face.

Colonials Weekend Guide

Parents’ weekend doesn’t come with an instruction manual, but our guide can help – from brunch to museums, here’s how you can fill a whole weekend with your folks.

Q&A: Singer BØRNS on his new album and reading Playboy for inspiration

by Mabel Kabani | Hatchet Reporter

Singer and songwriter Garrett Borns, better known by his stage name BØRNS, will be performing in D.C. at the Rock & Roll Hotel on Thursday.

GBD serves up deep-fried Southern classics

by Dana Pilotti | Hatchet Reporter

GBD serves up Southern-style cooking that will satisfy your comfort food cravings from early morning to midnight or later.

Hit the books – with your parents

by Isabel Pellegrino | Hatchet Reporter

Check out these classes with your parents, without the stress of a midterm exam.

Parents, listen to these songs on your drive to GW

by Deanna Charkewycz | Hatchet Reporter

Parents, too, need to get ready to see you as they visit campus this weekend. These tunes will entertain your folks on the trip to GW and help immerse them in college life for few hours.

Satisfy your barbecue cravings at Rocklands

by Jack Noland | Hatchet Reporter

Rocklands incorporates as much of the old-school Southern barbecue joint feel as possible. But, your folksy Midwestern heart will feel right at home too.

Travel like a local with out-of-towners

by Janna Paramore | Hatchet Reporter

It may not be the "party trick" you had in mind, but this Parents Weekend you can wow parents than by showing you are a native in your city on the metro.

Shop outside of your college budget this parents' weekend

by Jessica Jordano | Hatchet Reporter

While your parents are in town, check out these D.C. stores that are just around the corner from campus to spend quality time with your parents.

Activities you, and your siblings, will enjoy

by Lily Sperry | Hatchet Reporter

Whether you want to spend some quality time with them before the weekend ends (or just want to get them out of your hair), here are options for any age.