Uptown funk is a reality on U Street

by Aishvarya Kavi | Hatchet Reporter

Hundreds of D.C. residents will make their way to U Street on Saturday to discover their own definition of funk – and probably chili con carne at Ben’s Chili Bowl.

For tough topics like race, students share experiences on social media

by Victoria Sheridan | Hatchet Staff Writer

Over the past few months, students have turned to online groups to share their frustrations and talk about aspects of race that are often ignored or considered taboo.

Poetry with a competitive edge comes to campus

by Jeanine Marie | Culture Editor

Poetry Out Loud begins in high school English classrooms across the country. Poets, writers and educators, who will judge the competition, say it connects high schoolers to poetry at a time when STEM programs and standardized tests are overshadowing the humanities.

Splurge-worthy local fare at The Fainting Goat

by Jeanine Marie | Culture Editor

I ordered the octopus after the waitress' eyes lit up when I mentioned it. I could understand – it is chewy, charred and glazed to perfection.

Slice of Life: Sidelined for the District's first post-legalization 4/20

by Kelly Brand | Hatchet Staff Writer

Hyde is the type of person who lives for April 20. He buys a quarter just for himself. He makes sure his debit card has enough money on it for Nando's and Shake Shack.

Beefsteak: Love it

by Christina Carpenter | Hatchet Staff Writer

Beefsteak is a playful way to get a filling José Andrés fix without shelling out $15 for tapas.

Beefsteak: Loathe it

by Madelyne Ashworth | Hatchet Reporter

Beefsteak essentially throws a hodgepodge of relatively bland flavors into a bowl and calls it a “concept” that belongs in a contemporary art gallery rather than our stomachs.

Week-long campaign for inclusive bathrooms hopes to counter gender norms

by Kiara Bhagwanjee | Hatchet Reporter

Facilities Services began working with the D.C. Office of Human Rights in early February, and will label an additional 82 single-occupancy bathrooms on campus as simply “restroom,” rather than “men” or “women” starting with the Marvin Center on Monday.

Sophomore launches location tracking app to help friends connect

by Victoria Sheridan | Hatchet Staff Writer

For one sophomore, pulling an all-nighter means monitoring servers and video chatting coders in India.

Q&A: Drummer of Australian indie rock band The Griswolds talks touring the U.S.

by Ariana Mushnick | Hatchet Staff Writer

The Hatchet talked to drummer, surfer and self-proclaimed Beatles fanatic Lachlan West about the band’s quick ascent, party antics and criss-crossing the United States on tour.

Head in the Cloud: How to get more likes on your Instagram posts

by Zach Montellaro | Hatchet Staff Writer

We all share a lot of photos, and too many of them suck.

Metro Monopoly: On a mission to find the best waffles

by Madelyne Ashworth | Hatchet Reporter

Since the nearest Waffle House is an hour away in Virginia, I set out out to find the best D.C. joints for extravagant, atypical waffle dishes.

Graduate student captures memories of loss through photos

by Victoria Sheridan | Hatchet Staff Writer

The warmly lit photos capture her relatives in candid moments of self-reflection as they hold hands after a meal and wander the barren landscape around the new house.

Faces of D.C.

by The Hatchet Video Team

Click through Faces of D.C. and get to know the community figures who keep the District vibrant.

The 2015 Best of Northwest

From burgers to baklava: U Street's Local 16 revamps its menu

by Grace Gannon | Hatchet Staff Writer

Your new favorite international cuisine may be hiding under the guise of a typical pizza and burger joint.

Alumni bands, students rally around music department after budget cuts

by Jeanine Marie | Culture Editor

The members of Holychild credit their success to having a comprehensive education — an opportunity they say GW students who have a zest for music but different majors will now miss out on.

SEAS junior to take computer science talents to Silicon Valley

by Ruby Lee | Hatchet Reporter

This summer, one junior and computer science major will move from the city of political junkies to the nexus of techies for a dive into the world of startups.

'Peanuts' ditches comic strips for high school hallways

by Kiara Bhagwanjee | Hatchet Reporter

The iconic characters are all grown up in the first production that GW's department of theatre and dance will perform this year.

Alumna fights ‘the silence that kills’ through advocacy, teaching

by Christina Carpenter | Hatchet Staff Writer

When writer and activist Stacy Parker Le Melle was a freshman at GW, she wrote poetry in her room in Thurston Hall and took walks to the White House. A few months into fall 1992, that walk became her commute.

A dual identity: On-campus museums serve as cultural center and student hub

by Grace Gannon | Hatchet Reporter

A museum full of 5,000-year-old rugs may not be the first place that comes to mind as an ideal location for a student hub, but the University is hoping to convince you otherwise.

Metro Monopoly: Forty-five minutes to a real campus vibe

by Jeanine Marie | Culture Editor

The 45-minute journey is worth the time (and a little patience) because the University of Maryland has the college vibe GW lacks with its endless fast food, white-pillared Fraternity Row and student deals galore.

Slice of Life: Praise be to the fashion gods, we can dust off our Uggs

by Kelly Brand | Hatchet Staff Writer

That’s right, someone from the fashion heavens has performed a great miracle upon those confined to shamefully slipping on their sheepskin boots in the privacy of their rooms.

Students launch mentorship program for local girls

by Sucharita Mukherjee | Hatchet Staff Writer

The program matches female college students with middle school girls to discuss topics like sex education, sexism, female empowerment and bullying.

GW National Eating Disorder Week to focus on men, mental health

by Regina Park | Hatchet Staff Writer

To raise awareness of eating disorders, especially among men, a coalition of GW student groups is hosting events from Feb. 22 to 28 for National Eating Disorder Awareness Week.

Indie film fest brings the unconventional, controversial to D.C.

by Jeanine Marie and Samuel Pfister

DCIFF, which began Sunday, has brought unconventional flicks to the District for a week of workshops and special events since 1999.

Mardi Gras forecast: Hurricanes and Cajun cuisine

by Jeanine Marie | Culture Editor

District law forbids you from drinking on the street, but in this weather, why would you? Instead, take the masks and beads indoors and celebrate Mardi Gras near campus.

'She's Beautiful When She's Angry' comes to E Street

by Rachael Paul | Hatchet Staff Writer

The so-called first film of its kind to play in theaters, “She’s Beautiful When She's Angry,” is sometimes a glorified history lesson and other times an insightful peek into a events often lost in textbooks.

The V-word 'nobody wants to say' isn't Valentine's Day

by Sophie Ota and Sucharita Mukherjee | Hatchet Reporters

Over Valentine’s Day weekend, GW's Feminist Student Union tackled the V-word “nobody wants to say” in 19 short soliloquies that were humorous, uncomfortable and occasionally heartbreaking.

Artist Janine Antoni on her sweet, soapy sculptures

by Victoria Tellechea-Rotta | Hatchet Reporter

Paint brushes are replaced by her own hair and eyelashes, chisels are replaced by her teeth, and natural wear and tear is replaced by bathing or licking.