Slice of Life: The dichotomy of a summer in D.C.

by Kelly Brand | Hatchet Staff Writer

Students who stay in D.C. develop a silent understanding that summer on and around campus has a dual purpose: partying and laying low, a mixture not often found during the academic year but that somehow comes together for three hot, muggy months.

Musicians thrive in West Hall's student-run studio space

by Emily Holland | Culture Editor

The recording studio, which opened to students in 2010, is tucked in the basement of West Hall across from the Blackbox Theatre.

The top five events you can only experience in D.C. or at GW

by Tatiana Cirisano | Contributing Culture Editor

You chose to go to a school in D.C. for a reason. Here are some events you can brag about when you go home.

Last year's top news stories in 140 characters or less

by Colleen Murphy | News Editor

The biggest news of the year – condensed into 140 characters.

Where to go when you need a break from Gelman

by Emily Holland | Culture Editor

Finding a good table in Gelman can be tricky. Check out these spots for a great view or cup of coffee while studying.

Your roommate game plan: How to prepare for...

by Emily Holland | Culture Editor

Set ground rules with your roommate during the first few weeks of classes. Talk about possible scenarios, and how you would want them to play out.

The good news and bad news about local grocery stores

by Emily Holland | Culture Editor

Go easy on your Dining Dollars and buy groceries from one of these five stores. Each one has benefits and drawbacks.

Nearby getaways

by Emily Holland | Culture Editor

When you need a break from city life, check out these spots that aren't too far away.

Students and alumni bring spirit to pride week

by Emily Holland | Culture Editor

Students, alumni and even the University’s mascot George walked in the parade Saturday afternoon, which stretched from P and 22nd streets to the 14th Street corridor.

What you can only do on the Vern

by Emily Holland | Culture Editor

Living on the Vern next year? The 700-student suburban campus has a few perks that you can't find on Foggy Bottom.

Teens take the stage in D.C. slam poetry scene

by Emily Holland | Culture Editor

After her long career in slam poetry – kickstarting the Busboys and Poets team in 2008 and hosting weekly open mic nights – “2Deep” is now finding inspiration from a younger crowd.

Bocce league reinvents the game with glow-in-the-dark tournaments, social focus

by Tatiana Cirisano | Contributing Culture Editor

Dozens of competitors tossed small, glowing plastic balls down makeshift courts in the grass at Arlington’s Mosaic Park last Wednesday, drawing spectators to the stream of moving colors.

Where to eat this summer

by Jeanine Marie | Hatchet Staff Writer

After a cold winter spent ordering Chinese food or visiting the Whole Foods hot bar (again), it’s time to explore D.C. and the city's newest restaurants, with sizzling pizza, tender steaks and artisan breads on the menu.

Grilled cheese restaurant transforms childhood classic into gourmet sandwich

by Ana Cvetkovic | Hatchet Staff Writer

The grilled cheese sandwich is a dish that, while simple, can be difficult to master.

Police commemorate fallen officers in 5K run

by Tatiana Cirisano | Contributing Culture Editor

About 1,800 officers ran to raise awareness of the sacrifices that police make every day.

Corcoran senior adds flair to local brands

by Allison Kowalski | Hatchet Staff Writer

When the lead designer of the Sweetlife Festival saw Halsey Berryman’s work on display at the Corcoran Art Gallery, she immediately wanted to recruit the artist to the event's design team.

From grandparents to friends, places to celebrate with everyone

by Ruby Lee | Hatchet Staff Writer

Use our guide to piece together a weekend that will satisfy parents, siblings, friends and significant others.

Awkward family dinner conversations and how to avoid them

by Emily Holland | Culture Editor

Here are some ways you can weasel your way out of the uncomfortable conversations about your not-so-certain future and go back to talking about the food.

Making the transition from college kid to 'boomerang kid'

by Jeanine Marie | Hatchet Staff Writer

If getting your own place isn’t an option, use these tips to make the move back home as painless as possible.

Post-Commencement productivity: A summer survival guide

by Morgan Baskin and Tatiana Cirisano | Contributing Culture Editors

Here’s how to navigate the transition smoothly and feel more productive in the process.

Drinking your way through Commencement

by Victoria Tellechea-Rotta | Hatchet Reporter

Everyone knows graduation robes were invented to hide a flask, so use this drinking game to take the edge off your boredom.

Last-minute gifts for graduates

by Everly Jazi | Hatchet Staff Writer

We get it: Between cramming for finals and working out the logistics of graduation, finding gifts for your senior friends was the last thing on your mind. But just because you need to buy a last-minute gift doesn't mean that present can't be thoughtful.

Where to spend your last week in the District

by Tatiana Cirisano | Contributing Culture Editor

The bucket list of places to visit in the District is long and up for debate, but here are some opportunities you won’t have anywhere else.

D.C. Dosa brings Indian culture to Whole Foods

by Ana Cvetkovic | Hatchet Staff Writer

In India, dosas are a breakfast food eaten plain and served with potatoes and chutney, an Indian dipping sauce. Priya Ammu, however, converted the light breakfast food into a heartier daytime meal by filling her dosas with eggplants, potatoes, cabbage and other spiced vegetables.

Nike draws college women to second annual half-marathon across D.C.

by Olivia Kantor | Assistant Culture Editor

Runners sported Wonder Woman capes, tutus and fun-colored socks. The cheers, music and refuel stations kept participants motivated over the course of the 13.1 mile race.

Professor finds the faces of climate change

by Tatiana Cirisano | Hatchet Staff Writer

Sabrina McCormick serves as the producer and associate producer for two installments of the Showtime series, “Years of Living Dangerously,” which premiered earlier this month.

Kung fu professor inspires 'school of killers' tournament team

by Tim Palmieri | Hatchet Reporter

When senior Cameron Hopkins enrolled in a one-credit kung fu course this spring, he was just hoping to learn some self-defense.

Building a brand as a student DJ

by Karolina Ramos | Senior Staff Writer

In a promotional campaign called “Lean Quat-Easter” this week, DJ Lean Quatifah put 96 flash drives of his music in plastic Easter eggs and spread them across campus.

Used vinyls trump new releases on Record Store Day

by Emily Holland | Contributing Culture Editor

Record Store Day is every hipster’s dream holiday – if you have a thick wallet.

Capital Funk pops and locks for 10th anniversary showcase

by Eric Robinson | Hatchet Reporter

Capital Funk, a student organization dedicated to hip-hop dancing that launched in 2004, celebrated its 10th anniversary by hosting its 7th Annual Hip-Hop Showcase that was a kinetic celebration of hip-hop, slam poetry and dance.