Trash exhibit mixes art with activism

by Jerome Dineen | Hatchet Reporter

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, as the old adage goes.

How to celebrate Valentine's Day if you're single and not ready to mingle

by Crystel Sylvester and Regina Park

If you're single, you might be dreading Valentine's Day. But you shouldn't be – you can have plenty of fun without a significant other.

How to celebrate Valentine's Day if you want to have fun with friends

by Crystel Sylvester and Regina Park

Get active or indulge in chocolate this Valentine's Day with your friends.

How to celebrate Valentine's Day if you're a romance junkie

by Crystel Sylvester and Regina Park

If you're in a relationship, or are hoping to cozy up to someone new on Valentine's Day, you're in luck – there are plenty of romantic activities happening across the city.

Crisp serves up affordable Southern fare

by Max McCrory | Hatchet Reporter

When the Uber first dropped my friend and me off at Crisp Kitchen and Bar, located near Howard University, we couldn’t even find the restaurant.

From rap to dreamy pop, D.C. musicians create a sound all their own

by Regina Park | Assistant Culture Editor

Here are three D.C. stars hitting nearby venues in the coming month:

Q&A: 'A famous Jeopardy loser'

by Regina Park | Assistant Culture Editor

Randi Kristensen, assistant professor of writing and director of Writing in Disciplines at GW, made Jeopardy history on the Jan. 18th installment of the popular game show.

Alumnus pedals a brighter future with bamboo bicycle startup

by Grace Gannon | Culture Editor

Wilkins founded Pedal Forward, a social enterprise company that employs homeless people to make bamboo bicycles, in 2012.

Alumnus' book explores the radical politics of comics

by Grace Gannon | Culture Editor

Alumnus Ramzi Fawaz has loved comics since he read his first X-Men comic as a teenager and finally identified with a piece of pop culture.

Where to get your burrito fix, sans E. coli

by Crystel Sylvester | Hatchet Staff Writer

Heartbroken by the news that Chipotle is shutting down on Feb. 8th due to the E. coli outbreak? Here are your alternatives to grab a burrito in the District.

Roasted. serves up coffee with an extra shot of satire

by Regina Park | Hatchet Staff Writer

Take a break from your daily grind at Roasted – the District’s newest club-turned-coffeeshop that’s using political satire as its best shot (espresso, not vodka) at breaking into the D.C. caffeine biz.

New student group will mentor local high schoolers

by Danielle Mahar and Tanvi Banerjee | Hatchet Reporters

The newest student group on campus is looking to improve the lives of local high schoolers.

To jumpstart adults' creativity, alumna creates coloring journal

by Grace Gannon | Culture Editor

Whether you liked to color outside or inside the lines, you probably have fond memories of coloring in coloring books as a child.

Metro Monopoly: Where to eat outside this winter

by Regina Park | Hatchet Staff Writer

Sick of staying inside during the cold winter nights, but don’t want to freeze to while having fun? Heated winter patios are the solution (s’mores optional).

Find vintage gifts for your old-fashioned friends

by Tanvi Banerjee | Hatchet Reporter

Analog sells trinkets that are too cool for this decade.

Turn up in style with gifts from The Hour

by Regina Park | Hatchet Staff Writer

From glassware to flasks, The Hour has all your party needs.

Find some not-so-basic gifts for your basic friend at Proper Topper

by Katrina Kagan | Hatchet Reporter

Don’t be fooled by its posh facade: Proper Topper isn’t just a clothing store.

Presidential presents for both sides of the aisle

by Jack Noland | Hatchet Reporter

Give your politics-loving pals what they really want this month.

Find cozy pajamas and sweaters your lazy friends will love

by Crystel Sylvester | Hatchet Reporter

Your friends will never have to roll out of bed with their gifts from Peruvian Connection.

Grab '#NoFilter' presents your artsy friends can post on Instagram

by Elise Zaidi | Hatchet Reporter

The Renwick's gift shop carries trinkets that are perfect for the person who decorates their dorm room with Christmas lights and colorful wall tapestries.

Don't sweat holiday shopping for your fittest friends

by Yueding Wang | Hatchet Reporter

While this store mainly sells workout equipment and weights, you can find smaller gifts for your athletic friend here as well.

Grab something for the friend who's caught up on everything at the NPR giftshop

by Max McCrory | Hatchet Reporter

If you’re looking for gifts for that friend who is always quoting the latest Washington Post article, raving about the new book that just came out or listening to the cool new artists, then head over to the NPR gift shop.

Love it or loathe it: JRINK juicery

by Grace Gannon and Victoria Sheridan | Culture Editors

JRINK, a health food-hub that opened in Foggy Bottom last month, sells everything from green juices to nut milks.

Alumnus transforms Post-Its into art

by Sarah Jurinsky | Hatchet Reporter

When he ran out of room for full-size portraits in his house, alumnus and artist Chris Locke turned to Post-It notes.

Corcoran professor's documentary turns the camera on Japanese war brides

by John Glasfeld | Hatchet Reporter

Corcoran professor Karen Kasmauski has photographed dozens of exotic locations for National Geographic. Her latest project is a little more personal.

Move over Chipotle, Chaia Taco offers fresh, seasonal fare

by Regina Park | Hatchet Staff Writer

Find tacos stuffed with roasted vegetables and unique spices at Chaia Taco.

How to survive Thanksgiving in the District

by Brigid Godfrey and Liam Wash | Hatchet Reporters

If you're stuck in D.C. for Thanksgiving break, don't despair – eat your way across the city.

Sophomore to take on climate change at Paris conference

by Sara Dougherty | Hatchet Reporter

Eric Beeler is one of 10 American students headed to the the 2015 Paris Climate Conference to represent the solar energy company Conergy.

Interview with alumna singer-songwriter Boh Doran

by Regina Park | Hatchet Staff Writer

New film festival spotlights women's rights

by Dana Pilotti | Hatchet Reporter

On Nov. 19 and 20, you can experience the stories of women from across the globe, without leaving the Marvin Center.