Bon appétit: New eateries near campus

by Jeanine Marie | Culture Editor

For the latest in trendy eats and comfort foods near campus, check out these new restaurants in walking distance.

Freshmen dorms: The 'Zoo,' the Vern and everything in between

by Victoria Sheridan | Contributing Culture Editor

Here’s what you’ll love — and what will take some getting used to — at your first-year home.

Global food you don't need a plane ticket to try

by Victoria Sheridan | Contributing Culture Editor

Whether you’re gearing up to study abroad, or just hoping to widen your palette in college, here are the top spots for international food in the district.

Campus dictionary

by Ellie Smith | Assistant News Editor

Before you hit the books during your first semester at GW, study up on some campus vocabulary.

Stay social media savvy at GW

by Jeanine Marie | Culture Editor

Follow these accounts for the latest.

Ditch the District for a day

by Jeanine Marie | Culture Editor

With scenic hiking trails, historic neighborhoods and other cities at your fingertips, you should be reserving some Saturday afternoons for exploring before the breezy D.C. fall turns into blistery winter.

Head in the Cloud: The apps you need to survive freshman year

by Zach Montellaro | Hatchet Staff Writer

Well, welcome to GW. In just a few short weeks a big part of your life is going to change. I’m not talking about where you live or your friend group — I’m talking about your phone.

Dorm essentials just a walk away

by Jeanine Marie | Culture Editor

Once you’ve unpacked, met your roommates and said goodbye to your parents, you’ll begin to realize there’s a lot more to living on your own than doing your own laundry. (By the way, have you packed a hamper? Detergent pods? Dryer sheets?)

Last-minute ideas for creative new courses

by Ellie Smith | Assistant News Editor

Take a look to see what could be waiting for you in the lecture hall.

From M Street to U Street: get to know other D.C. college neighborhoods

by Victoria Sheridan | Contributing Culture Editor

From American University's art scene to Howard University’s nightlife, here’s how you can explore the best of the District's other university neighborhoods.

Repurposed train cars make an otherworldly art exhibit

by Jeanine Marie | Culture Editor

The spaces are called portals, a multidisciplinary art and technology project that will be in Woodrow Wilson Plaza from June 6 through June 21.

Gloria's Pupuseria: El Salvadoran food without frills

by Victoria Sheridan | Contributing Culture Editor

It was clear we had left behind a city known for its trendy eateries and entered a hub of Latin American culture, frequented more often by locals than by tourists.

Skip the long lines in Foggy Bottom this week

by Victoria Sheridan | Contributing Culture Editor

For underclassmen in the District who want to skip the long lines and wait times, it’s time to ditch the campus favorites for some alternatives outside of Foggy Bottom and Georgetown.

Grab low-priced gifts close to campus

by Victoria Sheridan | Contributing Culture Editor

From food to home decor, some of the most useful gifts for grads are also the cheapest – and you can find them just a few blocks from campus.

From Guatemala to Portugal: Graduating seniors explore the world

by Victoria Sheridan | Contributing Culture Editor

We spoke to five graduating seniors who are moving to interesting places after graduation. Here's a look at what they'll be doing next year.

While you ate in J Street, here's what you missed out on as an undergrad

by Victoria Sheridan | Contributing Culture Editor

Before your final year at GW is up, there’s still some time to check out the lesser-known D.C. history, art and entertainment venues that you might have missed when you were too busy cramming for exams or interning on the Hill.

Toss back a few before (or after) getting your diploma

by Jeanine Marie | Culture Editor

Graduation ceremonies tend to be long-winded and a little anti-climatic, so liven up the day with one of these happy hours before or after the ceremony.

A trip down memory lane – what was popular as graduates were growing up

From politics to pop culture, 2015 will be memorable for more than just your graduation. Here’s a look back at what happened at the same time as your other big milestones.

Quiz: How should you decorate your mortar board?

by Jeanine Marie | Culture Editor

How should you decorate your graduation cap? Take our quiz to find out.

Parent-friendly bars to make everyone feel at ease

by Jeanine Marie | Culture Editor

You don’t have to steer clear of happy hour just because mom and dad are in town – you just have to know where to go.

Head back to freshman year haunts

by Victoria Sheridan | Contributing Culture Editor

If you’re feeling nostalgic, grab those friends you met in Thurston and J Street to relive some first-year traditions during your last few nights as a student.

Slice of Life: Graduating but unemployed

by Kelly Brand | Senior Staff Writer

So when I hear of another one of my friends getting to that last round interviews or landing an offer they couldn’t refuse, I feel proud of them – but I feel a little sorry for them too.

Uptown funk is a reality on U Street

by Aishvarya Kavi | Hatchet Reporter

Hundreds of D.C. residents will make their way to U Street on Saturday to discover their own definition of funk – and probably chili con carne at Ben’s Chili Bowl.

For tough topics like race, students share experiences on social media

by Victoria Sheridan | Hatchet Staff Writer

Over the past few months, students have turned to online groups to share their frustrations and talk about aspects of race that are often ignored or considered taboo.

Poetry with a competitive edge comes to campus

by Jeanine Marie | Culture Editor

Poetry Out Loud begins in high school English classrooms across the country. Poets, writers and educators, who will judge the competition, say it connects high schoolers to poetry at a time when STEM programs and standardized tests are overshadowing the humanities.

Splurge-worthy local fare at The Fainting Goat

by Jeanine Marie | Culture Editor

I ordered the octopus after the waitress' eyes lit up when I mentioned it. I could understand – it is chewy, charred and glazed to perfection.

Slice of Life: Sidelined for the District's first post-legalization 4/20

by Kelly Brand | Hatchet Staff Writer

Hyde is the type of person who lives for April 20. He buys a quarter just for himself. He makes sure his debit card has enough money on it for Nando's and Shake Shack.

Beefsteak: Love it

by Christina Carpenter | Hatchet Staff Writer

Beefsteak is a playful way to get a filling José Andrés fix without shelling out $15 for tapas.

Beefsteak: Loathe it

by Madelyne Ashworth | Hatchet Reporter

Beefsteak essentially throws a hodgepodge of relatively bland flavors into a bowl and calls it a “concept” that belongs in a contemporary art gallery rather than our stomachs.

Week-long campaign for inclusive bathrooms hopes to counter gender norms

by Kiara Bhagwanjee | Hatchet Reporter

Facilities Services began working with the D.C. Office of Human Rights in early February, and will label an additional 82 single-occupancy bathrooms on campus as simply “restroom,” rather than “men” or “women” starting with the Marvin Center on Monday.