Haitian student group finds ways to aid country after Hurricane Matthew

by Kayla Yee | Hatchet Reporter

Haitian students and members of GWU Haiti said that after the tragedy, they knew they had to find ways to help the country and support one another.

FoBoGro space trades sandwiches for sushi

by Catherine Moran | Hatchet Staff Writer

Your go-to sandwich spot in the basement of FoBoGro is serving up sandwiches no longer. In its place is Rolls By U, a sushi burrito shop.

Faculty see teaching opportunities in new African American history museum

by Crystel Sylvester | Staff Writer

Students and professors of any discipline can use the new African American museum in their studies focused on African American history and culture.

Alumnus's family moves into former provost residence

by Maggie Schwarz | Hatchet Reporter

The beautiful home once owned by GW on W Street has sat empty since its previous inhabitant, Provost Steven Lerman, stepped down at the end of 2015.

Must-see on-campus attractions during Colonials Weekend

by Meredith Hessel | Hatchet Reporter

Test out these three organized on-campus weekend events for a great Colonials Weekend!

Alternative eateries to popular restaurants near campus

by Max McCrory | Hatchet Staff Writer

Try these alternative options to popular restaurants around campus that show your parents that you do venture out of the Foggy bubble.

Experience fall food, activities with family

by Flannery M. Lawrence | Hatchet Reporter

Parent’s weekend coincides with cooler temperatures and fall foliage in the District.

Five bold activities to try with parents

by Bridie O'Connell | Hatchet Reporter

In lieu of the normal National Mall tour, visit these out-of-the-box locations instead – you'll be left with unforgettable memories.

Take this quiz to find out which museum you should visit with your parents

by Liz Provencher | Hatchet Staff Writer

One of your outings during parent's weekend is sure to be a trip to one of the many museums located on the National Mall.

Find your own Colonials Weekend headlining performance

by Leah Potter | Hatchet Reporter

Since GW announced there won't be a Colonial's Weekend headliner this year, you have to find your own way to entertain your parents.

Q&A: GW alumnus plans third annual D.C. music festival

by Isabel Pellegrino | Hatchet Reporter

Music lovers of all ages are sure to pack the third annual All Things Go Fall Classic at Yards Park this Saturday.

International students find their role in U.S. presidential election

by Victoria Sheridan | Senior Staff Writer

Though international students can't vote, they are finding other ways to get involved in the presidential election.

Aperto brings authentic Italian cuisine to Foggy Bottom

by Catherine Moran | Hatchet Staff Writer

Mouth-watering authentic Italian cuisine comes right next to campus at Aperto.

District's first distillery keeps drinks local

by Regina Park | Assistant Culture Editor

The Northwest’s first neighborhood distillery, District Distilling Co., is bringing connoisseurs and gourmands together in an industrial-yet-modern space.

'Live at 9:30' TV show spotlights D.C. music culture

by Regina Park | Assistant Culture Editor

The popular 9:30 Club has started documenting its performers and concerts on the new television show “Live at 9:30.”