Elle Lash Bar: Full, natural-looking eyelashes – at a price

by Tatiana Cirisano | Senior Staff Writer

Eyelash extensions have become more popular in the beauty market, with customers lashing out in salons from New York City to California and recently, the District. K.P. Murray opened Elle Lash Bar in 2012.

Escape Room: A spellbinding tourist attraction in Georgetown

by Regina Park | Hatchet Staff Writer

The clues only get more baffling. The clock is ticking. You rip apart suitcase after suitcase and book after book. You only have seconds left to crack the code on the safe. This is Escape Room Live D.C. – a tourist attraction in Georgetown.

What's the best music festival for you?

by Regina Park and Jeanine Marie | Hatchet Reporters

It seems like every year there are bigger, better U.S. music festivals to choose from. But for most music-lovers, the options dwindle as the costs add up: transportation, lodging, food and general admission wristlets can quickly ruin your budget.

Metro Monopoly: Finding unexpected charm in Takoma

by Jeanine Marie | Culture Editor

Takoma appeared to be an unfinished and unwelcoming suburb of D.C. But by the end of the evening – after visiting a vegan soup shop, seafood joint and tea shop – I was planning for a second trip.

Q&A: Law school alumna stirs legal knowledge into her 'cakepoppery'

by Christina Carpenter | Hatchet Staff Writer

Baked by Yael has found its home across the street from the National Zoo. Yael Krigman sells her two-bite cake pops as well as rugelach, cookies and bagels made from scratch.

Meat Week: Prepare for a 'Smoked Meat Smackdown' and 'Hogzilla'

by Jeanine Marie | Culture Editor

The week dedicated to the best barbecue-sauce-slathered meat returns to D.C. along with 12 other cities this week. Meat Week includes all-you-can-eat deals, extra saucy specials and the chance to pig out on brisket, beef and – of course – pork.

As cat café heads to D.C., founder readies to navigate city rules

by Kathleen Baltazar | Hatchet Reporter

A cat café is exactly what you think it is: A shop that combines coffee, tea and treats with furry companions, courtesy of the Washington Humane Society. Such a café, to be called Crumbs & Whiskers, is looking to open this year.

After 20-year fight, Congress considers National Women's History Museum

by Jeanine Marie | Culture Editor

The National Women’s History Museum is not an architectural marvel with ornate ceilings and Corinthian columns. In fact, the museum hasn't been built yet.

Spirits meet science at D.C.’s second distillery since Prohibition

by Sandra Loyola | Hatchet Reporter

Alex Laufer and Alexander “Sandy” Wood spent years working in law and biotechnology. Now, they say they've brought the skills from those professions to a new venture: Running D.C.’s newest distillery.

After unexpected string of complications, Captain Cookie looks to open doors

by Sucharita Mukherjee | Staff Writer

After what owner Kirk Francis called a frustrating and taxing process that began in March, Captain Cookie plans to open as soon as it sets up tables and chairs on its second floor this week.

Head in the Cloud: Four podcasts you need to listen to – besides 'Serial'

by Zach Montellaro | Web Editor

Since the early 2000s, hundreds of podcasts have entertained audiences on the commute home or while they shop for groceries. These are a few of my favorites.

D.C. punk scene preserved by library, bolstered by local blog

by Regina Park | Hatchet Staff Writer

The fossils of local punk concerts are not preserved by sand, dirt or pressure. Instead, they are carefully archived and digitized by librarians.

Trekkies, rejoice: Museum of Science Fiction hopes to open in D.C.

by Ryan Lasker | Hatchet Staff Writer

As soon as this fall, a D.C.-based nonprofit hopes to open a Museum of Science Fiction in D.C., featuring props from popular extra-terrestrial films alongside high-tech exhibits on sci-fi novels.

A 'concrete shell': Turning an underground fallout shelter into a D.C. arts center

by Morgan Baskin | Culture Editor

In the next five years, about 23,000 square feet of underground space will become the city’s greatest cultural and arts destination for fashion, film and music lovers alike, all to the tune of about $70 million. At least, that’s the hope for Julian Hunt and Braulio Agnese.

Metro Monopoly: Wind down or eat up on U Street

by Jeanine Marie | Hatchet Staff Writer

The 25-minute ride involved a transfer at L’Enfant Plaza to the Green Line, but my satisfying afternoon excursion was worth the diversion from my usual trips on the Blue or Orange lines.

During finals, campus gallery serves as respite from stress

by Emily Holland | Culture Editor

The newest exhibition, “Sensorium: The Art of Perception,” which opens Thursday, will transform the gallery’s normally still atmosphere into an interactive, multi-sensory space for meditation, yoga and relaxation.

The Hatchet's 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

Struggling with what to get your friends or significant other for the holidays? We’ve broken down the people in your life – the athlete, artist, chef, techie – to guide you toward the best gift at every price level. No last-minute gift cards or generic scarves needed.

Thai Place's upscale cousin offers spice and authenticity

by Emily Holland | Culture Editor

Operated by the previous owners of Thai Place, Soi 38 integrates the more basic Thai Place favorites, like the classic pad thai, with more elegant and adventurous Thai street food.

District Sound: Local punk record label focuses on D.I.Y.

by Maddy Pontz | Hatchet Staff Writer

Dischord Records was founded on the principle that the label would only release records by D.C. bands.

Online subscription services: Your solution to last-minute holiday shopping

by Zach Montellaro | Hatchet Staff Writer

Everyone’s heard of Netflix or Spotify Premium, so here are my suggestions for three subscription services that would make the perfect gift for someone on your list.

After a year of gigs, Bencoolen seniors make way for new band prospects

by Everly Jazi | Hatchet Staff Writer

Since their first show together last February, the alternative rock band has landed five sets at venues like the Black Cat and Rock & Roll Hotel.

Top college Indian folk dance teams to visit campus for Raas Chaos

by Ryan Lasker | Hatchet Reporter

The South Asian Society's 14th annual "Raas Chaos" on Saturday will celebrate the cultural and social aspects of Indian dance, bringing national teams to Lisner Auditorium.

From sci-fi to reality: Campus lab takes steps toward 3-D organ printing

by Tatiana Cirisano | Contributing Culture Editor

Bioengineer Lijie Grace Zhang is using three-dimensional printers to create tissue that replaces damaged parts of the human body, in a laboratory right on campus.

Order up: Classic burgers with a side of beer and patriotism

by Ariana Mushnick | Hatchet Reporter

Citizen Burger Bar, the self-proclaimed “people’s burger bar,” isn’t just embracing its patriotic reputation: It’s crafted a menu around it.

Students don capes and tights for Ugandan women's health

by Tatiana Cirisano | Contributing Culture Editor

Nearly 50 students clad in superhero costumes crowded the Georgetown C&O Canal towpath Saturday morning, where they ran a 5K in support of a nonprofit that aims to empower women in Uganda.

Slice of Life: A note from First Semester

by Kelly Brand | Hatchet Staff Writer

I know at this point you’re “so over” me, but before you go home for Thanksgiving then dive into finals, I just wanted to drop you a line. I would be remiss to pack up and make room for Second Semester without reflecting on our time together.

FotoWeek DC events for the budding photographer

by Tatiana Cirisano | Contributing Culture Editor

As the week-long festival wraps up this weekend, you’ll have the chance to chat with local artists, browse new galleries, attend workshops and even meet award-winning photographers like Bill Ingalls.

Creating a 'winter wonderland' on the waterfront

by Sucharita Mukherjee | Hatchet Reporter

For years, MRP Realty toyed with the idea of installing an ice rink along Georgetown’s waterfront. But it wasn’t until a 10-foot surge of water from the Potomac River flooded restaurants like Tony and Joe’s Seafood Place in April 2011 that the project became possible.

Spoken word poetry group strives to find 'spark' in every member

by Jeanine Marie | Hatchet Staff Writer

So last spring, Di Giacinto and a small group of friends assembled an executive board for an organization dedicated to social engagement through spoken word.

'The punk place': After 21 years, the Black Cat continues to fight for rock

by Morgan Baskin and Everly Jazi | Hatchet Staff Writers

When the Black Cat opened, the only large music venue in D.C. was the 9:30 Club, and Dante Ferrando, a restaurant owner and drummer in D.C. punk rock bands Gray Matter and Iron Cross, said he was dissatisfied with the city's music halls.