GW to consider real estate, stocks in Corcoran financial aid

The University will add a step the Corcoran did not have in its financial aid application process: Considering details about a family’s wealth like real estate and stocks.

Allied in Pride looks to emphasize diversity within the LGBT community

GW’s largest LGBT student group is promoting more programming to emphasize that queer issues don’t just apply to their members.

To improve budgeting process, University looks to better forecast enrollment

The University will create a system for schools to anticipate fluctuations in graduate enrollment up to five years in advance, helping officials better predict how much revenue each school will have.


Faculty Senate leader to create guide for handling tenure disputes

Faculty leaders are working on a guide to help administrators deal with disputes over whether a professor should be awarded tenure.

Whole Foods cracks down on shoplifting, theft

The Foggy Bottom supermarket will have a security guard watching over the entrance at most peak hours in an effort to combat thefts.

Local entrepreneur plans network for small business owners

After nine years trying to make a name for himself as one of Foggy Bottom's small business owners, Hart is expanding his reach.

University to close Mount Vernon Campus side entrance

Visualized: Average D.C. Household Spending

Garrett Mills | Hatchet Photographer

Metro Monopoly: Venturing off King Street

After a long morning of lectures, I was eager to escape the suits, politics and hustle of the District, so I caught a crowded 4 p.m. Blue Line train bound for King Street.

Q&A: Alumni duo Holychild on 9:30 Club memories and a new brand of pop

Since graduating from GW in 2011 and 2012, respectively, alumni Liz Nistico and Louie Diller have put all their energy into their brat-pop duo, Holychild.

Activists look to climate rally for political momentum

The People’s Climate March brought together businesses, labor unions and social justice groups, and 2012 alumnus Evan Feeney, a senior campaigner for the year-old divestment lobby DC Divest, was one of thousands advocating for sweeping energy divestment legislation.

Sydney McKinley: Don't be consumed by personal branding

In this world of self-branding, we are constantly on trial for a job we haven’t even applied for yet.

Staff Editorial: Commercial rankings fail to fully capture GW

We shouldn’t waste time concerning ourselves with the tired U.S. News rankings or berate GW for its less-than-stellar position on the Times’ new list.

Justin Peligri: All-female taxi service would improve student safety

For female students looking for a safe traveling alternative, the District should consider an all-female taxi service.

Cameron Lancaster | Photo Editor

Junior setter reclaims starting position after mental training boot camp

Timmer participated in a training program with an Olympic setter during the offseason, and has used what she learned to boost her confidence and reclaim the starting spot she lost to sophomore Emily Clemens last year after eight games.

Q&A: A-10 commissioner tackles changes in college sports

In the wake of more changes in college sports, A-10 Commissioner Bernadette McGlade talked about her work, the future of the NCAA and her relationship with GW Athletic director Patrick Nero.

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