Law professor reflects on his role in Nixon's resignation

A GW Law School professor was the first to suggest that a special prosecutor should investigate the White House's role in the Watergate scandal forty years ago.

University letter urges professors to keep online textbook deals off syllabi

The University sent a letter to faculty earlier this month asking them not to tell students about cheaper online resources to buy textbooks, insisting instead that they direct them to the bookstore.

Eckles Library director to step down

John Danneker, who has led Eckles Library for nearly a decade, will step down next week.

GW to keep marijuana policies intact as city considers legalization

Though D.C. will vote on legalizing marijuana use this fall, any success for legalization activists would have little impact on GW’s campus.

University replaces decade-old laundry machines

Officials installed 500 new washers and dryers across campus this summer, the first time the University has replaced some machines in nearly a decade.

D.C. officials raise concerns over handgun ruling

Top D.C. policymakers have raised concerns that a federal court's decision to strike down the city's ban on carrying handguns in public will endanger the nation’s capital.

Science and Engineering Hall builder searches for new contractor

Clark Construction is looking for new companies to finish electrical work at two multi-million dollar campus construction sites after the former contractor suddenly declared bankruptcy, threatening to delay the projects.

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Musicians thrive in West Hall's student-run studio space

The recording studio, which opened to students in 2010, is tucked in the basement of West Hall across from the Blackbox Theatre.

Slice of Life: The dichotomy of a summer in D.C.

Students who stay in D.C. develop a silent understanding that summer on and around campus has a dual purpose: partying and laying low, a mixture not often found during the academic year but that somehow comes together for three hot, muggy months.

Sarah Blugis: Why you should take a women's studies class

Spotting male students in these classes is fairly rare. Most have at least one or two men, who are consistently asked for “the male perspective” or need substantial warning before discussion of the menstrual cycle.

Staff Editorial: Keep the fundraising campaign focused on students

Student voices need to be kept in mind throughout the University's ambitious $1 billion fundraising campaign. Without them, we're concerned that GW will fail to operate as a learning institution and put business before the desires of its students.

Justin Peligri: In college, learning happens where you least expect it

Freshmen, your next four years will include a great deal of time inside the classroom. But if you do it right, those hours will only represent a fraction of your intellectual development.

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Women's soccer looks to set an even higher bar for 2014

After a 1-1 draw against American last week and a 1-0 win against Delaware in exhibition play Saturday, confidence is radiating from the team as it looks to build on the success of last year’s 7-5-5 season.

Freshman prospects to watch this fall

Here are five freshman to watch this year, ranging from exceptional players with the talent and experience to rise quickly as stars to athletes with specific skills that could improve their teams by meeting a need or tending to a weakness.

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    Nearby Escapes from GW

    If you're ever feeling trapped in the "Foggy Bottom bubble" here are a few nearby off-campus getaways. Video by Mu...

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