Sustainable laundry company added to University's janitorial services

A sustainable laundry service will soon be pedalling around GW’s campus to wash both Science and Engineering Hall’s — and your — dirty laundry.

Senior goes to Capitol Hill to present Department of Defense research

An intern at the Pentagon since her freshman year, it was clear to Michelle Shevin-Coetzee early on in her college career what she wanted to research during her senior year.

Corcoran building's historic designation adds layer to renovation process

Much of the interior of the Corcoran Gallery of Art is now considered a historic landmark, a move which could complicate GW’s plans for a massive renovation to the inside of the building.

Student Association finance committee helps fund music groups after cuts to department

The financial boost is one of the more prominent acts of student support for GW’s music programs after the cuts, following a month of student organized protests, including a 16- hour-long concert and a massive social media campaign.


Jordan McDonald | Hatchet Staff Photographer

Students partner with nonprofits and schools to launch new environmental programs

From placing lily pads in the Anacostia River to planting seeds with eager children, GW students are focusing on making D.C. more environmentally friendly, thanks to a kickstart from a University sponsor.

To build on international focus, University turns to South Korea

After pulling away from major plans to launch a campus in China more than a year ago, GW might be turning to one of its global alumni hotspots — South Korea.

Holmes Norton leads 'provocative' panel on campus sexual assault

Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, D-D.C., joined a panel of universities’ Title IX coordinators and other local sexual assault prevention advocates for a discussion about sexual violence on college campuses on Thursday night.

National Hindu organization criticizes Knapp's response to swastika postings

The group said the symbol may have been incorrectly connected to anti-semitism, because it is a sacred symbol in religions like Hinduism and Buddhism.

D.C.'s lagging economy magnifies local universities' revenue shortfalls

Three D.C. universities - GW, Howard and Catholic universities - have made significant cuts this month as part of university budget reductions.

Lydia Francis | Hatchet Staff Photographer

Poetry with a competitive edge comes to campus

Poetry Out Loud begins in high school English classrooms across the country. Poets, writers and educators, who will judge the competition, say it connects high schoolers to poetry at a time when STEM programs and standardized tests are overshadowing the humanities.

Uptown funk is a reality on U Street

Hundreds of D.C. residents will make their way to U Street on Saturday to discover their own definition of funk – and probably chili con carne at Ben’s Chili Bowl.

For tough topics like race, students share experiences on social media

Over the past few months, students have turned to online groups to share their frustrations and talk about aspects of race that are often ignored or considered taboo.

Robin Jones Kerr: How I learned to root for the home team

When I head to the University-wide ceremony on the Mall, I can rest a little bit easier knowing that though I may not adore GW as an institution, the part of it that gave me my academic home for four years is still going strong – and that’s as good a reason to support the team as any.

Staff Editorial: The dos and don'ts of student advocacy

There has undeniably been an upward trend in attention-grabbing student advocacy that aims to change policies at GW or bring attention to important issues.

Melissa Holzberg:Admitted students days don't give a real "inside" look at GW

We won’t know whether the revamp to GW's admitted students days was a success or a failure until high school seniors enroll on May 1. But in the meantime, it’s important to note that an elaborate five days in April are not a good representation of college life, and for most students, won’t be the reason they choose one school over another.

Jonah Lewis: What I learned from reading my admissions file

I filed my own FERPA request. I anticipated that, given classic GW bureaucracy, this wouldn’t be easy – and I wasn’t wrong.

File Photo by Zach Montellaro | Hatchet Staff Photographer

With access to outside revenue, athletic department expects continued growth

Athletic director Patrick Nero said that his department will continue to grow because the athletic department can do something that others can’t: Bring in outside revenue to cover the cuts and keep growing.

After trading his passport for cramped van rides, Dias closes a record-breaking career

While most seniors are enjoying happy hours and spring weather during their last weeks in college, Francisco Dias will be preparing for and competing in an NCAA Tournament.

Zach Montellaro | Hatchet Staff Photographer

Brianna Gurciullo: Finally learning to let go

Time is eventually up – even if we wish we could go back and do some things differently, or wish we had a little more time to make changes and fixes before we leave. Everything can’t be perfect.

Chloe Sorvino: Out of The Fear grows loyalty

Through those struggles, a deep loyalty to this institution grows.

Justin Peligri: Searching for a memoir title

I am one of the thousands of people over The Hatchet’s one hundred and eleven volumes to whom this pattern pertains. But at the start of my college career I wasn’t so sure that would be the case.

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