Top administrators out-earn Knapp

GW’s chief financial officer out earned University President Steven Knapp last fiscal year when he made about $1.41 million.

University attracts top administrators with housing deals

Those arrangements are a recruitment practice mirrored at top universities across the country as schools in pricey cities attract faculty and administrators with housing stipends or on-campus housing offers to make the transition more affordable, experts say.

University taps Wake Forest dean to lead law school

Blake D. Morant will take over GW’s No. 20-ranked school on Sept. 1, bringing expertise in media and administrative law to the school that has spent 18 months without a permanent leader.

With end of Sodexo contract looming, J Street's future unclear

Student leaders say J Street will be in a holding pattern for the next two years, as GW waits for the contract with its service provider to expire before rolling out major changes.

Experts say financial aid budget increase will have limited impact

Experts say though the boost to financial aid funds keeps them on track with tuition increases, it may not give enough opportunity to students who need aid.

Dean to enter business school with accreditation in question

When Linda Livingstone starts her deanship this summer, she will prepare to guide officials and faculty through a tense visit from the business school's accreditor, which has put GW on a path toward losing its recognition.

Zach Montellaro | Hatchet Staff Photographer

Where to find comfort food

Looking for some southern barbecue or Chicago deep dish? You don't need to go home to find your favorite comfort food.

Zach Montellaro | Hatchet Staff Photographer

Where to go when you need a break from Gelman

Finding a good table in Gelman can be tricky. Check out these spots for a great view or cup of coffee while studying.

A guide for when to FixIt

Here’s a guide for when to submit a request, when to try to take care of the problem yourself or when to ignore it.

Five cheap ways to fight off the Freshman 15

Family and friends always warn about the Freshman 15. You don't have to spend money to stay healthy.

The top five events you can only experience in D.C. or at GW

You chose to go to a school in D.C. for a reason. Here are some events you can brag about when you go home.

Must-have items for surviving Thurston Hall

Take a look at these tips for living in the University's largest freshman residence hall.

Last year's top news stories in 140 characters or less

The biggest news of the year – condensed into 140 characters.

What you can only do on the Vern

Living on the Vern next year? Here are a few perks that you can't find on Foggy Bottom.

Your roommate game plan: How to prepare for...

Make a game plan with your roommate during the first few weeks of classes. Talk about possible scenarios, and how you would want them to play out.

Infographic: Freshmen by the numbers

Media Credit: Sophie McTear | Design Editor

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Staff Editorial: Class of 2018, meet the editorial board

One of the only permanent fixtures of The Hatchet is also one of the most important pieces of content we produce: the staff editorial. Each week, this piece communicates the position of the paper on a particular topic.

Kinjo Kiema: Put gun violence on the divestment agenda

By appealing to our schools, students can start conversations about how to reduce gun violence. It’s one of the best ways to pressure the federal government to take action.

Robin Jones Kerr: New students should make friends out of co-workers

I never expected that my on-campus jobs would give me a community of friends. Not only do we have a great deal in common, but we bond by working toward the same goal, under the banner of an institution that we hold dear.

Justin Peligri: At CI, University lacks clear messaging about sexual assault resources

The University has yet to replace Deputy Title IX coordinator Tara Pereira, who stepped down from her post in December. That’s not something campus leaders are telling freshmen at CI.

Cameron Lancaster | Photo Editor

Men's basketball readies for comebacks and new expectations

While some focus on rehabilitation and others look to fit new roles, the team is beginning to mentally prepare for a new season with heightened expectations.

Nero sizes up teams, builds momentum for fall after standout season

Nero, who recently started his tenure as chair of the A-10 athletics director council, plans to stay just as active during the summer as he did during the academic year, working incessantly to capitalize on last season’s triumphs.

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    Commencement 2014

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