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Gifts for your business school friend gift guide

Help your friend who’s always coming to class in a suit and has their sights set on that corner office succeed with these practical gifts.

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Gifts to satisfy your Secret Santa gift guide

If you’re panicked because you have no idea what to get the person whose name you drew out the hat for a Secret Santa exchange, we have you covered.

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Gifts for your engineering school friend gift guide

If you’re wondering what to get that friend in the School of Engineering and Applied Science, we have you covered.

Best gifts on Amazon Prime for last-minute shoppers gift guide

Whether you only have two days until your holiday party, order these items on Amazon Prime.

Gifts for your art school friend gift guide

If you’re shopping for gifts to impress your camera or paint brush wielding friends in the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design, then look no further.

Gifts for your international affairs school friend gift guide

If you have friends in the Elliott School of International Affairs, you may find yourself scrambling to find a gift before they jet off.

Gifts for your public health school friend gift guide

If you have a friend in the Milken Institute School of Public Health, chances are they care about their health.

Gifts for your CCAS friend

Trying to find the perfect gift for a student in CCAS can be difficult because there’s a huge variety of majors within the one college.

Tips for flawless re-gifting gift guide

Whether for a birthday or holiday, we've all unwrapped a present and had to quickly hide our disappointment at the underwhelming gift underneath.

Mental Health Services offers special hours for post-election stress

After the presidential election, Mental Health Services created daily walk-in hours for students to discuss election-related concerns and reactions.

GW plans to open space for students to collaborate innovation incubator

An empty space in the basement of Tompkins Hall will soon be GW’s first innovation incubator.

With fewer admitted students choosing GW, officials focus on campus community yield rate

The yield rate, or portion of admitted students who end up attending GW, has dropped from 25.5 percent last year to 24.7 percent for the Class of 2020.

Officials uphold promised pay changes after labor law injunction

Officials said they will go ahead with plans to raise 55 postdoc salaries after a federal judge blocked the regulation that required GW to raise their pay.

No concrete opening date for District House vendors six months after announcement

Two of the building’s six vendors are set to open in the coming weeks, but others won’t be ready until next semester.

RAs push to be first union at private university

A group of resident advisers are petitioning to become the first student union at a private university.

Internship transportation grants to be permanently offered

Applications for grants for travel to unpaid internships will reopen on Jan. 17.

SA leaders plan affordability survey to identify hidden costs

The Student Association will be sending out an affordability survey Dec. 7 to determine students’ top financial concerns.

Fundraising campaign nears final goal with 90 percent raised

The University’s capital fundraising campaign has passed 90 percent of its goal, reaching $901 million.

Students consider career changes in light of Trump administration

President-elect Donald Trump’s administration promises a distinct change in the country’s political climate, which could affect numerous fields of study.

New smoking regulations unlikely to affect campus enforcement

Experts said most universities, including GW, are already smoke-free and would not be affected by new smoking laws.

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Snapshot: Georgetown Glow

Staff Editorial: Students can make campus 'liberal bubble' less restrictive

We aren't going to be able to pop the liberal bubble – and that's OK. But students should actively try to make the bubble less restrictive.

Diana Wallens: Universities should fire professors for hateful online comments

If professors are openly intolerant of some groups online, they cannot be trusted to provide a welcoming environment to students.

Sara Brouda: Palestinian flag had no place at student walk-out

The Palestinian flag is a divisive symbol and shouldn't have been included at a walk-out to promote inclusivity.

Nate Muramatsu: Post-election student demands are unrealistic

Students are calling on administrators to make unfeasible and unrealistic changes, when they could have created a productive dialogue on campus.

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Trusting the process, women's basketball sees improvement at Gulf Coast Showcase

The Colonials have won five of their last six games and now sit at 5-2 – the second-best overall record in the Atlantic 10.

Squash programs eager to prove themselves among nation's best

No. 11 men's squash and No. 13 women's squash look to prove their dominance in 2016-2017 as two of the top programs in the nation.

Offensive efficiency, bench depth key thus far for women's basketball

After more than a week of play and three straight wins, here are a few things to look for as the season progresses.

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    MetroCooking D.C.

    Celebrity chefs gathered to showcase their culinary talents at the MetroCooking D.C. expo. Video by Iliana Hagenah...

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    Florida State defeats GW 67-48 in BB&T Classic

    GW men’s basketball suffered a difficult loss to Florida State. Florida defeated GW 67-48 in the BB&T Classic at...

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    DC residents shop local at Christkindlmarkt

    The Heinrich House Museum hosted its annual Christkindlmarkt in celebration of the winter season. Inspired by trad...