Top leaders defend counseling services in front of admitted students' parents

Administrators defended GW’s counseling services Friday after the parents of newly admitted students used the bulk of an hour-long session to ask about the recent string of suicides on campus.


Nicole Radivilov | Hatchet Staff Photographer

After student killed by car, officials tackle road safety in College Park

Since the incident that killed Pacanins on April 11, the city has stationed officers on street corners and installed temporary lights.

Student groups' budget cut after buying Google Glass

The Student Association finance committee slashed the MBA Association’s budget by 21.6 percent this year after the organization used its funding last year to purchase Google Glass for its members.

College Democrats' budget cut by half after botched paperwork

Next year's priciest student-run events

Visualized: Kepler-186f: Earth's Cousin

Staff Editorial: Capitalizing on sexual assault survey's well-intentioned first step

The University must use the results of the sexual assault survey to enact real change. It should be the first step in a longer, more expansive process – not a good-intentioned missed opportunity.

Kinjo Kiema: A heightened need for transparency surrounding controversial gifts

Even if you don’t know exactly why the Koch brothers are famous, you’re likely aware of the negative connotation their name carries. That might give you pause, and you might wonder – rightly so – the consequences of our school’s connection to them.

Justin Peligri: Why President Knapp should join Twitter

The most important leader – University President Steven Knapp – remains notably absent from the online conversation. That hurts Knapp’s and the University’s brand.

Media Credit: Cartoon by Jay Fondin

Cartoon: Sculpting the GW-Corcoran merger takes longer than expected

Ben Krimmel: Don't force student athletes to front their own health costs

If an athlete suffers an injury during an athletic contest in which ticket sales benefit the NCAA and GW, the unpaid college student and his or her family should not have to bear the burden of medical expenses.

Claude Khalife: Ignorance isn't bliss when it comes to marijuana's side effects

Sunday marked the high holiday of the stoner year: 4/20. And while the tide may be turning toward marijuana legalization in several states, even casual pot users need to be aware that the drug can take a toll on their minds.

Jonah Lewis: Why some become 'sugar babies'

I decided to become the 130th GW student to venture into the world of Seeking Arrangement. Maybe I could get a few funny tweets out of the whole experience.

Nicole Radivilov | Hatchet Staff Photographer

GW spreads the wealth across teams in growing athletics funding pot

While the success of GW athletics wavers across sports and years, one trend is clear: The University is putting more money into sports considered “non-revenue generating” than most in the conference.

Baseball looks to overcome inexperience and get back to playoffs

For most of the season, GW has struggled as one of the youngest teams in the country – one of two teams in the nation that has started seven freshmen in more than half its games. The team entered conference play with an 8-10 record and lost seven of their first nine Atlantic 10 games.

Men's tennis grabs revenge and third A-10 title in four years

Desiree Halpern | Hatchet Staff Photographer

Building a brand as a student DJ

In a promotional campaign called “Lean Quat-Easter” this week, DJ Lean Quatifah put 96 flash drives of his music in plastic Easter eggs and spread them across campus.

Used vinyls trump new releases on Record Store Day

Record Store Day is every hipster’s dream holiday – if you have a thick wallet.

Capital Funk pops and locks for 10th anniversary showcase

Capital Funk, a student organization dedicated to hip-hop dancing that launched in 2004, celebrated its 10th anniversary by hosting its 7th Annual Hip-Hop Showcase that was a kinetic celebration of hip-hop, slam poetry and dance.

Samuel Klein | Photo Editor

Nick Rice: Redesigning my college experience

Have you ever gotten on a roller coaster halfway through the second loop? Me neither, because that’s an absurd proposition. But, that’s pretty much what it was like joining The Hatchet midway through my junior year.

Cameron Lancaster | Assistant Photo Editor

Gabe Salkin: Here's to the crazy ones

Had you asked me freshman, sophomore or even junior year that one day I’d be writing this farewell piece in The Hatchet after leading the web team for an entire year, I’d laugh. I come from journalism, and I am not a formally trained web developer. But life, in so many ways, has the amazing capacity to surprise you.

Samuel Klein | Photo Editor

Jacob Garber: My Home on G Street

The Hatchet became my first “thing” in college. It was the first organization I truly felt that I was a part of, where I felt welcome, where people took me under their wings.

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    Record Store Day - Hill & Dale Music

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