Continue your hobbies from home in the District

You may be concerned when you move away from home that you’ll lose touch with your childhood or high school pastimes.

News to watch your first semester

As you get settled on campus, here are some stories to watch out for.

Perks of being a student in GW's different schools

Each of GW's four most common schools for undergraduate students have fun perks for their own students.

Things your CI leader won't tell you

There are some parts of life at GW that University-employed students won’t tell you.

Nostalgia food tour

Treat your taste buds to a nostalgic food tour that’ll take you back with the first bite, no matter how far away you are from home.

Most outlandish student organizations on campus

With over 450 active student groups, there are plenty of clubs at GW that are a bit more unique than what you'd find in most high schools.

Over the river, through the woods, away from campus

If you chose to come to GW, chances are that a sprawling, outdoorsy campus was not high on your list of priorities.

Names you need to know as a GW student

Overwhelmed by all the new names at GW? Check out this guide to the top six names to know when coming to the University.

The upsides of living on the Mount Vernon Campus

Living on the Vern might not be so bad. Don’t roll your eyes just yet: The Vern may not be as exciting as Thurston Hall, but it certainly has its perks.

Five types of students you're bound to meet at GW

With classes closer than you think, here are the five types of students you’re bound to meet in lecture halls and classrooms over the next four years.

Class registration do's and don'ts

Weeks before you step foot in a classroom, you’ll have to pass your first GW test - signing up for courses.

Freshman-proof recipes to make in your dorm room

You can dive into the magical and slightly horrifying world of college dorm cooking with the following three recipes. Microwaves are encouraged.

Delivery dilemmas: Dessert edition

Got the late night munchies? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Thankfully, the District’s delivery game is strong, especially for those with a sweet tooth.

Employees students most frequently encounter around campus

The most important faces on campus aren’t necessarily those of administrators or professors.

Top spots to replace a Foggy Bottom dining hall

With campus dining changes that will leave GW without a dining hall beginning next school year, a look at reliable dining and grocery spots near campus.

Nursing school hires for eleven positions as school grows

The School of Nursing is currently hiring for 11 faculty positions but experts in the nursing education field said it can take months to make those hires.

Knapp's compensation rises seven percent

University President Steven Knapp’s compensation reached nearly $1.2 million last fiscal year, a 7 percent increase from the year before.

Staff eliminations could rock remaining employees, experts say

After GW’s latest round of staff layoffs, experts said cutting of so many positions could have a negative lasting impact remaining employees’ morale.

Corcoran faculty, students call for more transparency after layoffs

After GW laid off 10 Corcoran faculty members last month, faculty and students said the cuts could impact the Corcoran's legacy in arts education.

Faculty, staff attend University-wide diversity training

GW's diversity office held a diversity summit May 25 for faculty and staff to address diversity at GW and support for a diverse student body.

Officials dissolve parent services office in student affairs division shuffle

Officials are placing parent services, Colonial Inauguration and the CARE Network in one department.

D.C. Council allocates $200,000 for new West End Library collection

The new library – set to open next spring – will have an additional $200,000 for a state-of-the-art opening collection.

SMPA halfway to fundraising goal for internship, mentoring program

Crime log

City officials consider adding bike, bus lanes on Pennsylvania Avenue

Melissa Holzberg:Be open to changing your opinions in college

Changing your beliefs in college can be messy, but it's a necessary part of growing up and becoming your own person.

Staff editorial: Class of 2020, meet the editorial board

The goal of the editorial board and our staff editorials is to call students’ attention to issues that they have a stake in.

Nate Muramatsu: A rising sophomore's advice on transitioning to college

If you feel like you’re having a particularly hard time adjusting to college, remember that you’re not the only one who’s dealing with the stress.

Dan Rich | Photo Editor

Q&A: Rizzotti talks season expectations, A-10 rivals

We sat down with coach Rizzotti to talk about expectations for the upcoming year, offseason activity and competition throughout the conference.

Class of 2020 athletes to watch

As a new class of freshmen descends on Foggy Bottom this summer, so does the next generation of GW athletes. Here are four Class of 2020 prospects who look poised to make an impact in their upcoming rookie campaigns.

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